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Career League at Flag-to-Flag.com

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by rjeady, May 24, 2018.

  1. rjeady

    rjeady Gamer

    So, your dream is to become an F1 driver?

    At Flag-to-Flag we are planning a new concept: a Career League following the road to F1.


    In 6 events we will sample 12 great tracks and cars - beginning with karts and road cars, you will graduate to GT and open wheel categories, and finally compete in the legendary 24 minutes of Le Mans and a Formula 1 Grand Prix.
    • Events will be on Saturday evenings, starting at 20:30 CEST on Saturday 2nd June
    • Each event will feature a series of sprint races.
    • The difficulty will increase each week with fewer assists allowed, stricter damage and ballast added depending on previous results
    Regardless of your skill level, you are more than welcome to participate. Flag-to-Flag is all about having fun and fair racing.

    To sign up or ask any questions, just leave a comment on our website: https://flag-to-flag.com/2018/05/ac-career-league-starts-2nd-june/

    See you on the track!

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