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Casual Australian / Asia Pacific league?

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by K77cns, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. K77cns

    K77cns Rookie

    Hi all. Well I'm totally new to ACC and have just switched to it on PC after playing GT Sport for quite a while and I'm loving it.

    I'd like to get into a casual league not only for the racing but also the community. I've noticed that most leagues that I have found race on weekdays or have long races (40 minutes and up). Unfortunately this doesn't really suit my availability.

    I'd love to know if there are any leagues or communities in this region that offer casual racing on the weekend - ideally sprints.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

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  3. Mal Whitt

    Mal Whitt Gamer

  4. Mal Whitt

    Mal Whitt Gamer

    Sorry Just seen your location, check us out anyway, you might be tempted. regards Mal

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