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Champion motorsports gt3 series - saturdays uk primetime usa afternoon

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by davidantx, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. davidantx

    davidantx Gamer


    CAGS is the all new CMS GT3 series based on Assetto Corsa. The races will be a combination of endurance events and sprint races. Endurance events are two hour races, while a sprint night consists of two races: 20 min and 30 min. Champion Motorsports is one of the most mature, longest running simracing leagues in the world. Established in 1999, we have over 500 members, and a very vibrant community. We welcome all skill levels.

    You can sign-up to join us for this series at http://cmsracing.com

    Platform and Cars
    Assetto Corsa GT3s: Mercedes, BMW, McLaren and Nissan - DLC pack 1 required

    July 18: 120 min Endurance at Nuerburg GP (AC game track)
    Aug 8: Sprint at Eastern Creek (GP layout - 3930 meters) (Eastern Creek 3.0)
    Sept 5: 120 min Endurance at Imola (AC game track)
    Oct 3: Sprint at Misano
    Oct 31: 120 min Endurance at Korea GP circuit
    Nov 28: 144 min Extended Endurance (Track to be determined)

    Note: Currently AC does not support timed races, so event length will be recaculated to a corresponding number of laps.

    Race start
    Sprint races: Standing start with Orange zone
    Endurance races: One formation lap and roling single file start with orange zone

    Race day format
    Endurance Events
    Practice (90 min): 1:00pm-2:30pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 20:00-21:30 CET
    Qualifying (20 min): 2:30pm-2:50pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 21:30-21:50 CET
    Race Start (approximately): 2:50pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 21:50 CET

    Sprint events
    Sprint event schedule: 45 min practice; 15 min Q; 20 min race; Server reset (Approximately 10 min break) then 15 min practice; 15 min Q; 30 min race. Total: 2h 30 min
    Practice 1 (45 min): 1:00pm-1:45pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 20:00-20:45 CET
    Qualifying 1 (15 min): 1:45pm-2pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 20:45-21:00 CET
    Race 1 (20 min): 2:00pm -2.30pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 21:00-21.20 CET
    Server reset
    Practice 2 (15 min): 2:30pm-2.45pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 21:30-21:45 CET
    Qualifying 2 (15 min): 2.45pm-3.00pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 21.45-22:00 CET
    Race 2 (30 min): 3:00pm -3.30pm Central Daylight Time (US) - 22:00-22.30 CET

    Points System:
    All drivers will have to deduct one race nights (no shows included) points from the final score

    Sprint races/Endurance
    28th and below = 1/2
    Must complete 25% race distance to score
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  3. Niki Đaković

    Niki Đaković Hardcore Simmer

    What sense does it make to post season info after the season has started. Very Unprofessional!
  4. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Maybe it is more about informing people that there is a race and allow others to join, not like you are going to win a trophy and a million pound bonus. It's only a sim race, or six. :)

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