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Generic Change AI difficulty from Easy/Medium/Hard to a % like the PC

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Borez, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Borez

    Borez Gamer

    It's becoming quickly apparent ( from these forums ) that easy mode in some races is far from easy in this Sim ( career mode ) seemingly it's around 85% of the PC difficulty which IMO will put off a lot of potential console users and relegate this release to the "bought it, played it a few times, way too hard, forgot about it" pile.

    So it should be a difficulty % like the PC to bring some users up to speed at their own pace.

    Yes some of us love the challenge of a difficult AI and are constantly striving to up our race craft and track times against the AI and ( eventually once private lobbies open ) against fellow humans.

    But, as console users, some like to be king for a day on track.

    However when the AI is already off into the distance after only a couple of corners in "easy" mode ( in some races ) it's not easy to do this. Especially for someone new to sim racing.

    So "easy" should either be "easy," or it should be a % slider.

    Apart from that, thanks for all the hard work you've put into this sim, the car physics are second to non and make the cars a ton of fun to drive.

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  3. I would like to see this implemented too if at all possible - not so much because of the AI difficulty per se but because some people playing on PC and consoles do actually talk to one another and like to run things like hot lap competitions for example, with videos uploaded by the players for a bit of friendly competition and rivalry. Being unable to use or compare "like for like" settings renders this redundant.
  4. MagikGT1980

    MagikGT1980 Rookie

    When I race on easy mode i don't get the gold medal

    Wysłane z mojego D6503 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  5. Keith Bonham

    Keith Bonham Rookie

    Yep totally agree. I love a challenge but I'll be damned if easy is... easy lol. Its so frustrating. So far I havent enjoyed it because of this. I spent soo much time on 2 races in N1 and N2 and still havent beat them I gave up. Tried everything and every configuration I could. Im using the ds4 by the way. I finally got it to handle a bit better but just cant keep up. One tiny little mess up screws you for the rest of the race... thats if you even have a good start.
  6. If they do implement the % slider in the same way as on the PC (which is all I want to see them do) the lowest difficulty level (I think it's 85% from memory) is likely what has been called "Easy" on the console release. For me, the slider option isn't about making "Easy" easier, but would give better fine tuning options for drivers and enable to set their opposition level more precisely.

    I think the AI in certain career mode races might be a little buggy and if that's the case, I'm sure Kunos will try to patch things. Outside of fixing any issues that may exist in career mode though, I certainly wouldn't want to see the AI "dumbed down" - I waited a long time for this release and I want the same experience offered on the PC, not a watered down version in terms of physics, options or the AI opponents.
  7. afafure

    afafure Rookie

    please change the difficulty, in easy is very hard, jaaja, is not logical, is frustrated play this game, a lot of people in the spanish people think this, is bored play when we know never win a race in mode normal difficulty, the game is amazing but please check the difficulty.

    cheers from Spain
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  8. Silato

    Silato Rookie

    In most races I've found easy level beatable, it seems a couple of races are bugged. The older BMW against the moderns N2 and the KTMs at Imola N3.
    Once they sort this and the AI pitting on the last laps of races it'll be sorted.
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  9. Skemekos123

    Skemekos123 Racer

    I'm totally fine with the easy difficulty myself, as it's just right for me for the most part.
    But I'd really like the % meter included from the PC version too, for various reasons. It will also help people who are less skilled as well.
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