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Changing the drift challenges point scheme

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Sprout, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Sprout

    Sprout Rookie

    If you want to skip the intro the TL:DR of suggestion is below. So the main reason I love Assetto Corsa is the drifting. Constantly drifting different cars in different conditions and attempting the challenges by Kunos. However, I can only take drifting for so long with one car on one track, but these challenges can take a very long time for even one attempt. Which brings me to something I'd would love to have changed/implemented.

    At the moment the majority of the drift challenges require you to hit a very large number (100k points total). Now I've only ever bothered doing this on one challenge (KS Approved). Ever since doing this, it has burnt me out and I no longer have the intention of trying the challenges similar as that particular one took a solid 45mins. That's not including the attempts I failed before hand. It becomes exhausting.

    The more recent challenge with the DLC 2 pack 'Screech and Smoke' is a lot more bearable but possibly too easy for the more experienced drifters (I managed that in about 10minutes without adjusting anything on the car except changing to street tyres.) But it's more what I like, short and punchy.


    I personally like to perfect the individual laps. So would be amazing if challenges were set in similar suggested ways, to make things more interesting and to challenge people in other ways:

    - Hit the various clipping points in order (while maintaining a drift)
    - Achieve 1 lap records i.e. Gold: Reach 9k points in a single lap on 'x' track (My personal favourite as It doesn't require me to intensely concentrate on chaining 3 laps together to hold an 'x' amount of points as the timer has run out).

    Would love to hear other peoples input.

    Thank you.
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  3. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Yup would be cool :)

    Personally, working with whatever we have possible in sim >right now< , I'd make the challenge time based, in one of the two different variants:

    1) Make it best score per given time limit of drifting, counted only during drifts, or in reverse lowest time it until given score - first idea is limited by chosen time base possibly not fitting every situation, second would have better flow at the cost of being less intuitive.
    - This would put value on sharp and controlled entry and exit (good), long continuous drifts due to point per second looses on entry (good), it would make it possible to pick good places to drift - not drift 24/7 which is more problematic with in new tyre model (good), it would also make sense of drifting the Audi Quattro (good). The only "bad" i can think of would be that it could be exploited doing one corner over and over in some excessive 90deg handbrake entry from super high speed - but current system is pretty robust to that atm anyways.

    2) Simpler, make it time limit based starting when leaving pits, or when crossing start-finish line for the first time (counted normally), again could based on fixed time or "time to fixed score".
  4. LetsTestDrive

    LetsTestDrive Simracer

    Yep, I'd have to agree. I spent so much time drifting yesterday that I was literally starting to get exhausted and dizzy. Hitting 100,000 points would take 45+ minutes. I like the idea of a 1 or 2 lap point system.

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