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Choosing a Z390 Motherboard Help

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Turbo_Dad, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Turbo_Dad

    Turbo_Dad Racer

    Looking to upgrade my pc and unsure of which motherboard to pair with i7/ i9. Have read a few of good reviews of the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro, but to be honest some of the info goes straight over my head. The conclusion from the last review:

    If you choose to make the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro WiFi or any Gigabyte board for that matter in the Z390 lineup the platform for your Z390 build there are a few things you must know.

    • The Intel spec (ICCmax, Turbo duration, etc) are not followed so your chip will always be at 4.7GHz+
    • If you want to disable MCE to get intel stock operation you cant, same activity as above
    • If you choose to enable MCE (Advanced Turbo) you will be met by 5GHz solid all core which is awesome
      • Until you run an AVX load or any heavy load.
      • I will have very high temps and VCORE.
      • This issue may be exacerbated with a lower quality chip than mine and I will follow up as soon as possible to confirm this.
      • It may also be less prevalent in a better lower VID chip, once again I will test as I can to see if it follows suit.
    • Power draw overall will be a bit higher
    • Ring ratio will be higher than other boards at default (4.7GHz vs 4.3GHz)
    Is this an end all tell all bad situation? Absolutely not but it is my job to inform potential buyers when I see something amiss. This definitely qualifies as strange in my book.

    Is this good or bad lol?
    Looking at buying another overlooked bundle from Scan (5ghz i7, 4.9ghz i9)with aio water cooling and running with RTX2080ti

    Full review https://www.bjorn3d.com/2018/11/gigabyte-z390-aorus-pro-wifi-review/

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  3. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Ignore my post.
  4. Turbo_Dad

    Turbo_Dad Racer

    @Rudski, sorry dude you misinterpreted just looking for advice ,I'm clueless with this level of tech, not selling anything, apart from my soul to the devil to pay for it all!

    (Overlooked /overclocked auto correct)
    Rudski likes this.
  5. Talkie Toaster

    Talkie Toaster Hardcore Simmer

    It honestly isn't going to make any difference whatsoever, especially if you're not going to be trying to break records overclocking. I thought people only bought the AORUS stuff for the RGB lights anyway? I'm running an AORUS "XTREME" 1080Ti at the minute and it's a pile of ****, won't even run the basic factory overclock in most titles without crashing on me so it's something I'm going to avoid in the future.

    In my experience MSI and ASUS boards are pretty decent, and even the cheaper models do exactly the same things as the expensive models for the average user.
    Turbo_Dad likes this.
  6. alex bonner

    alex bonner Racer

    I just got refunded on a Z390 Aorus Master.
    The voltage would go from 1.3v to 1.5v for no reason over heating the CPU even with the voltage set in BIOS to 1.35v. The apps were complete BS and none worked fully. It arrived with a broken primary BIOS. It took me a while to work out why it would always need to boot twice. After a month the 2nd BIOS went bad too. I had to argue to get it refunded but after quoting consumer law they had little choice.

    I swapped it for a MSI MEG Z390 ACE. The difference is night and day and a real pleasure to use compared to the Gigabyte. The ASUS Hero Z390 seems very budget compared to the ACE.
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