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-clean racer list- trying to fill the gap between league and public racing

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Hagen, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Hagen

    Hagen Hardcore Simmer


    in January 2015 I formed a Steamgroup called
    "Clean Racer List".
    Membership has to be obtained by proving your racecraft online.
    Visit Minolin´s public server, or get recommended by an established member.

    "How is this group supposed to work?"

    This whole group idea is supposed to be independent of timezones and is not restricted to the groups own servers.
    1.: Visit the groupsite and go to the members tab. There you can see who is online, at the time you want to race.

    2.: Add those to your friendlist.
    (Use the same name in Steam and in Assetto Corsa for this to work, otherwise people that know your AC-Name wont find you in the memberlist which shows Steam-Names))
    3.: Now you can invite them via Steam messages to any public server, which provides good ping values for you, for a race.

    4.: Use empty servers feat. nice combos, as they will come to live once you start populating them.
    Start your own server if you cant find suitable ones in your part of the world.
    5.: Race the guy/s you invited clean and fair (see "Requirements") and ask them to recommend you inside the groupforums "Recommendation-thread" .

    6.: Once you are in the group you might get invitation messages yourself.

    ■Awareness (knowing where others are and where they will be)
    ■Skill (able to keep your car in control, while glancing and checking mirrors)
    ■Respect for others (giving right of way, not blocking, braking to avoid contact, save rejoining)
    ■Fairness (not divebombing, respect blue flag, not cutting, give positions back you gained by mistake)
    ■Manners (be polite in chat, try to explain others your view of the incident, stay calm)
    ■Chat-app enabled (You should apologise in case you messed up/ accept apologies. Write/read warnings like someone is standing on grid, blue flag, lag, ...)
    □Laptime (no need to be fast, however you should be able to drive predictable)


    Wondering why you dont meet the group members online?

    This group won´t work as efficient as it could, because most members
    don´t use the same name in Steam and in Assetto Corsa.

    For example: If I know, that "Minolin" (In-Game AC) likes the F40 just as much as i do,
    I will invite him (and others) to a public server feat. F40s, if I can find him in the memberlist under the same name (or combination of both).
    If his steam name would not be "Minolin", but "G3R-xyz" i won´t be able to invite him.

    I do realise, that some already built up a reputation inside the AC Servers with their ingame name and don´t want to loose that reputation.
    Changing the Steamname is not an option, because of the friends
    they may have in other games. Maybe those could add their
    steam-name to the ingame-name ("Minolin-xyz") as a compromise?
    This is of course NOT mandatory...just food for thought.
    Groupserver Password:
    The password can be found inside the group-site.
    Click on the discussion-tab and scroll that page down until you see the subforums on the right side.
    There is a subforum called "passwords". It is readable for members only.
    Server List.png
    Improve your online experience:
    I would love to see Hosts promoting their servers inside the group. Hosts will get moderator rights, which enables them to invite new members to the group.
    You can display your current Car/Track-Combo under the announcement tab, aswell as having your own subforum for suggesting/voting combos, meeting, ect.
    Hopefully you will enjoy your own servers even more as groupmembers will help pointing out wreckers/cutters which should make live as an admin easier.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015

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  3. Leemstradamus

    Leemstradamus Hardcore Simmer

    Looks cool! I'll try and join now.
  4. Leemstradamus

    Leemstradamus Hardcore Simmer

    Was cool racing until that idiot who was just using < as their screen name spun me. What an idiot! He ballet did any laps and mostly just ran in bro people. All in all great racing and boy I got some practice to do with getting comfortable with the F40 on that track. Man does it keep you on your seat!
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2015
  5. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Sorry to hear that. < is clearly a rookie, does a lot of mistakes and is 6s slower as the field. He does not show a bad attitude. Beeing a rookie is not enough to be kicked (which is a perma ban).

    .. but this name is. And if he isn't responding to the chat soon I will consider this as a reason.

    @Hagen please add the chat app as some important requirement.

    Edit: Kicked. People, please have a look at the chat, at least between sessions. We can talk about everything, but you have to give us some chance.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2015
    Leemstradamus and paulieGTR like this.
  6. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    ok im try that server out i want to be on the special list as well :)
  7. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    So uhh..Anybody who know me are in the group? :D Otherwise I don't think I will be doing public racing any time soon...First corner everybody brake, everybody crash GG...And then when you are no longer in top 6 get ****ed by a random who just feels like ramming you off the road in the most sly way possible...
    Leemstradamus likes this.
  8. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Just try it. We still have bad times (especially after posts like this *cough*), but we're 2 admins for 11 drivers so this should be doable.
    Leemstradamus likes this.
  9. Leemstradamus

    Leemstradamus Hardcore Simmer

    The room started filing up when I had to leave for work :(.
  10. Leemstradamus

    Leemstradamus Hardcore Simmer

    Understandable, still no less frustrating. From the few I was in there with, everybody had respect for the most part. No getting on to the teaching line after an off. I tried staying out of the day also. Had a few offs with cold tires. Damn that F40 is fun!
  11. Alanra

    Alanra Gamer

    I joined you guys to see and test myself as Tatto, tonight. 2 cars I have never driven before around the circuits chosen, as a current (hopefully not for long) controller user, I had a lot of fun. There were quicker guys, I expected that, however they were very respectful. And the standard was mixed, some really good others just need more experience, I only got touched a few times, and they were light as drivers were trying not to. I won a race, came high up in some others, but not as I'm mega, players make mistakes (just like we all do) the nice thing was, no one tried to make a silly move recovering from their mistakes, instead they bided their time.

    The highlight for me was coming 2nd while leading for a few laps (again others quicker just over extended and there I was in the lead) around Nuremberg GP, A player quicker than me was closing the gap lap after lap, I then went defensive (and I hope fair) he crossed the line something like 0.028 in front of me at the chequered flag, I asked him questions and not once did I fear being taken out, a real pleasure and joy to have such racing.

    All I can say after my limited experience is that more should give these servers a go. You may see parked cars on the side, they are watching, nothing to worry about for the fair minded. They asked questions of others, asked members to check a drivers standard, but they also gave credit where it was due too, not harsh just lovers of racing.

    Oh and special mention to WildStyle*, ty man.

    Thank you all involved.
  12. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Yeah this is definitely worth it, way more fun than anything else I have done so far. Nobody is trying to win, nobody doing anything silly at all, a guy spins out everyone slows down avoids the guy and move along in their lifes.

    Tatto you definitely left me enough room at the end, a tight squeez, but just enough. You actually got a bad exit because of that and so I won. Was fun all the way Thanks!

  13. Leemstradamus

    Leemstradamus Hardcore Simmer

    I need to grab the chat app. Any team speak servers to join.
    Bazdc2 likes this.
  14. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    man that sounds like a lot of fun
  15. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    I'd join, but everytime I check it's full! Must be really good fun there :)
  16. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I can explain that. We usually restrict the server to 11 slots, after we experienced the stress level of 24 players. It's neither fun nor possible to ensure a fair and clean race for our guests in this scale.
    So sorry, but if we opened more slots this server wouldn't be any different compared to all the other public servers.
    Leemstradamus likes this.
  17. baboon

    baboon Hardcore Simmer

    That makes sense, be sure I am happy for any moderated public server. This is the ideal way of public racing in AC at this point.
    Leemstradamus likes this.
  18. Alanra

    Alanra Gamer

    Thanks WildStyle On the last corner I had a choice, I could off tightened and denied you any momentum. However such was the joy of the battle, the last thing I wanted was to spoil your race, so I gave that room and you were the quicker between us on lap pace, I was not disappointed I was elated. For me if we had been going for something serious like a championship with meaning, I would of denied you momentum all over the place. But you were better for pace and I was just so pleased to be part of a great battle, I kind of wanted some more laps:)

    And that picture oh man, how close!!! pinching myself to know I was in that freeze frame :)
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2015
  19. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Oh yeah, I was well aware of the situation. I breaked early enough, so that we do not make contact if I do manage to squeez on the inside and just in case slowed myself down some more, so I can quickly switch to left and have a better exit, But didn't have to(Hard to say if I would have had a better one that way). Managed to slam the throttle on the exit and get a rather suprising exit knowing where I was trough the corner.

    Yeah was trying to get the picture just right in the replay. I think I did well. :)
    Leemstradamus and Alanra like this.
  20. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    What a wonderful description of the spirit we'd like to have inside this group :)
    Alanra, Leemstradamus and Hagen like this.
  21. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    If you say so. Sounds like logic to me, simply being aware of the situation.

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