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XB1 Close to impossible Special Events?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AntonioR, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. jayd_10

    jayd_10 Gamer

    In this particular case I really believe it's actually impossible.

    Others are just difficult, but this... The fact that on PC the required time for gold is 3.5s slower(!!) makes me believe that there was some kind of error in that event on consoles.

    I've archived gold in a couple of events considered to be "difficult" in consoles like the Z4 at imola or M4 at magione but the F40 al mugello...
  2. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I think those who say it's impossible should also post their lap times, because so far I haven't seen anyone saying he would get gold on PC with his time but he can't get it on consoles. But I saw people saying they are at 2:0x mark. It might sound harsh, but if you can't get below 2 minutes (which is gold on PC), it's you, not the game. Even if consoles version would be on older tyre model than on PC, it still won't make you 5+s off the pace.

    And like I said earlier, maybe they did those challenges on PC when consoles version was under development and simply put on consoles what is achievable here without testing again on consoles. Like I said, on PC I'm 0.088 off the time in the F40 and 0.8xx off the M4 time. I mean I'm off your consoles times, not the PC ones.

    I admit that the M4 console time is too much for my skills, but again like I already said, there are guys who will do that kind of lap times. Which is fine by me because I know I'm not the fastest guy around and I don't expect to get gold on everything I touch.
  3. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    I am at a 1:59.362, video posted in this thread...Whilst I don't think that the 1:56.500 time is impossible to beat, it may be too fast for me...

    We also have a different tyre model on console I believe, no idea if that is faster or slower, but it will be interesting to see it develop.

    I shall keep plugging away as my skills improve my lap times should drop,I hope.

    @V8_KB You should post a time to the RSR leaderboards, you would smash the current record ;)
  4. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I'm not using RSR for over 2 years now, because since MP was released I didn't have any motivation to do hotlapping as I used to. That's why I'm not going to download it just to prove someone that I did that lap time without cheating or something. I know you didn't say it Graveltrap but I saw couple silly posts from clueless people about cheating on PC. I can post a replay though.

    I'd smash the current record only because non of the well known fast guys posted a time (yet?). A lot of people got fed up because of RSR resets, but it's justified because when there's an update for AC that makes certain cars slower then reset is needed, because old times are no longer valid. And here's another correction from another thread, RSR doesn't reset leaderboards because of cheaters, only because of the physics updates.
  5. jayd_10

    jayd_10 Gamer

    I haven't seen anybody in console or PC going below 1.56.5 with that car in that circuit. Not even getting close to It.

    The thing is that after three weeks NO ONE has earned the trophy of winning gold in all hotlap events (PS4)

    That may mean something...
  6. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    Tried the 3rd gear strategy, good little improvement actually :eek: Still miles away from silver let alone gold!

    Now got my h-pattern up and running so no more strange sequential and clutch behaviour ;)

    Car setup, numbers refer to what you physically change in game.

    Brake Balance 63
    Fuel 8
    Pressure 25 Front, 24 rear
    Camber -2 Front, -1 rear
    Toe -12 Front, 15 rear

    Next target to get under a 1:58.500!
  7. AntonioR

    AntonioR Rookie

    Justifying bad quality as function over form sounds like someone has ran out of arguments. I have driven some sports car ranging from a miata to a cayman (on the track), both of which are praised amongst car journalists and motor enthusiasts. Not that it matters anyway.
    Look I have had enough of this. You can either agree to disagree with my opinion (like a civilized humam being) even if you think its wrong or stupid or you can shrug it off and move on. I´m not going to keep diverting this thread anymore.

    Thanks, will give that a go tonight. It crossed my mind to start slowly but since I was running soft tyres I figured I would kill them in first few laps and then have no pace to achieve gold at the end.
    I will also do some laps in the F40 tonight.
  8. L2D Godzilla

    L2D Godzilla Racer

    You're seriously going to put a Miata and Cayman in the same category of pure sport/racing derived 'track' cars and then talk about function over form? Now i've heard it all, Enzo would be turning in his grave at that comment my friend. I'll praise them both to for what they are, a clubman sportster made for those not able to afford or handle a Ferrari and a powerful motor hidden under a ton and a half of luxury and attention to detail. Nobody in their right mind would judge the F40 compared to these based on how they were built, two totally different approaches. FYI there's still cars today built with glue and probably still just as visible unless some super duper machinery has gone over it though unlikely as it's more of a niche market thing.

    As to your problem with the time trial, funny in that 3 years of AC and even 'tech previewing' it you didn't find out what I found out in the first couple of days playing from others in the PC arena. The system of timing has not been adjusted correctly in some akin to the AI in races.
  9. AntonioR

    AntonioR Rookie

    @L2D Godzilla You stated I have never drove a true sportscar. I did. Both the Cayman and Miata can be considered pure since they have a stick, are RWD and have naturally aspirated engines. By my definition, and others, they qualify as such. You do not agree then I respect your opinion. I did not put these in the same category, I never said such thing.
  10. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    Will you pair stop bickering and run some laps?

    This lap actually made me sad :( So close to that silver medal, yet so far! 1:57.686 Ran out of talent after that one...

    Pressures increased to 26F 25R, Rear Camber -0.7 Rear toe 13

    I do wonder if the track comes to you a little if you spend some time in the event?

    Next target silver!
    V8_KB likes this.
  11. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    There you go, finally someone who understands that practice is the key, not moaning about something that is impossible while being 10s off the pace. Good job and keep going.

    Here's my take on that time on PC, 0.1s off the time. You can see I lost a lot of time in one particular corner. I did couple more laps but they were 0.1-0.3 off my PB and I just gave up. After all I don't get any achievement for that. ;)

    jayd_10 and Graveltrap like this.
  12. L2D Godzilla

    L2D Godzilla Racer

    I wish I had a lap counter for the amount of times I ran Mugello back on Forza 2 in the Ferrari F50GT to get into the top ten chasing down the Forza god at the time Daveyskills. Anyone remember those days haha? Not much has changed with this track, I still only have the same issue coming over the crest after the right hander at the top of the circuit. Not even sure what my time is because the bug I was experiencing hindered my progression but now i'm just getting over the sheer enjoyment of this car handling properly before I get some attempts on higher medals.
  13. MrDeap

    MrDeap Hardcore Simmer

    The biggest question is why the time requirement on console is 2 sec lower generally. I don't want to offend anyone, but I suspect the console version have better grip overall(road car mostly).
  14. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    My guess is because it's too damn easy to get sub 2 min with that combo on PC and that gives you gold. And although I'm not into doing those achievements and I do some of them now just to compare if those that console guys describe as impossible really are impossible on PC, I already noticed that they are very unbalanced.

    With the two I did in the past few days, it's visible, I got silver in the M4 within 3 laps or so and had to put another 10-15 to get gold. With the F40 I was done in 2-3 laps and that's not something that gives me feeling that I just achieved a gold medal and I deserve it.

    The M4 on consoles is 1s faster than on PC, 599 @ Monza is the same (or maybe 0.2s difference if I didn't mix it up). So it's not like all challenges are 2s faster.

    Kunos said they won't dumb down AC's physics because it's going on consoles (as many PC players were crying about that) and judging by the general feedback it seems to be true now.
  15. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    The thing is why only change a couple of events and leave the rest the same as on the PC?

    I am currently also fighting the E30 M3 Group A at Silverstone GP, target for that is a 2:21 something which looks to be the same as on the PC...

    Grip is odd in the console version of the game especially with mid engined cars, I really have no idea if the rear of the car is going to stick or try and overtake the front, this isn't so much under power, but more a result of getting braking wrong, I guess it is momentum coupled with a lot of weight transfer onto the front wheels...
  16. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    Again I'm just guessing, but it's the only reasonable explanation to me. They wanted to make it more balanced and changed (to faster times) those events that have been to easy in their opinion.

    There are sub 2:20 times on RSR for the E30 DTM (that at least on PC is called Gr. A 92 since they changed its name sometime this year) and sub 2:21 for the Gr. A.

    About rear stepping out in MR cars, like you said it's due to weight transfer, rear wheels get unloaded and lose traction. Try to use left foot braking and also balance the car with throttle, give it a little throttle in the corner and the rear will be planted again.
  17. jayd_10

    jayd_10 Gamer


    Amazing lap, that really makes me change my mid about the event. Could you please post the setup used?

    I would like to give It a try, and more important, understand what's the key of the setup for this car
  18. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    I attached the file. You know where to save it right?

    Or if you are "scared" of downloading files from the internet here's what you can copy&paste into notepad and save it as an ini file.















    Attached Files:

    jayd_10 likes this.
  19. jayd_10

    jayd_10 Gamer


    I have to copy the values manually because I use the console versión :p

    One thing that surprised me is the fuel, did you make that time with 30l?
  20. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    Since you have Steam account assigned with valid AC on it I thought you are on PC only. From what I saw in some cars there might be differences between setup values on PC and consoles, so you might want to load it on PC first and note real values (those on the right tab). Then see if they are the same on consoles.

    Yes, 30l. I just don't lower the fuel, even in MP. If anything I add fuel on Nordschleife or when there's needed more than 30l in MP. There's no trick behind it, I just don't do it.
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