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cmsracing.com Monday Night GT3 Series! North American Based

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by davidantx, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. davidantx

    davidantx Gamer

    Hello Everyone! I am excited to share that Champion Motorsports https://cmsracing.com has a Monday Night North American Based ACC league! You can sign up at our website or discord which is at https://discord.gg/4ckmjPX

    We are one of the most established, well run simracing communities online, since 1999. We have a vibrant community with a lot of members and GREAT Racing.

    Races are on Monday nights at approximately 8pm CST (Chicago Time Zone).

    Come check us out and let me know if you have any questions.

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  3. davidantx

    davidantx Gamer

    We are having a Fun/Test Race Monday Night 6/17 at Spa to test the new 1.0.4 functionality with regards to improved multiplayer, saved results, etc. Come out and join us to help test and get to know the group. Details are in the Monday Night ACC section of our forums at https://cmsracing.com including race password and we will be getting started at 8pm CST (Chicago USA timezone). Thanks.
  4. davidantx

    davidantx Gamer

    We have Races starting for our final pre season testing and classification on July 15th!!! Come and join us.

  5. baakstaff

    baakstaff Racer

    In just over one weeks time we'll be holding the first of our pre-season test races! The focus will be on preparing to sort drivers by split, and ensuring the game can give us what we need to keep thing efficient. Drivers of any skill level are welcome to join at cmsracing.com.

    Our discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/4ckmjPX

    ACC Monday Pre-Season Testing.png
  6. We need more active memebers
  7. eracerhead

    eracerhead Racer

    A US-based ACC-only league is just what I’m looking for at the moment, but I’m watching for session on another weeknight to open up; Monday’s just aren’t possible for me at the moment.
  8. I registered recently on your website but I'm not in the US I'm in Canada am I allowed to join?
  9. baakstaff

    baakstaff Racer

    Yep, we're happy to have you! Also a reminder to everyone, we have our first pre-season test race tonight at 8:00 PM CST; make sure you're in discord as we'll be discussing some rules regarding the start procedure before we begin.

    Barcelona Poster.png
  10. if your times are concurrent with us (which i think they are ) you should be fine!
  11. Just a shout out to the few guys that a "driving" the CMS site, servers and races. Very friendly and accommodating. Good group of folks racing too. Nice range of skill; definitely something for everyone. Very clean racing.

    If you are in north or south America, and timezone works for you, I'd encourage you to check it out.
  12. davidantx

    davidantx Gamer

    Thank you Keith!!!!!
  13. Elcoco11

    Elcoco11 Rookie

    Discord invite is invalid
  14. kingkabong

    kingkabong Rookie

    You can get to the Discord from the link on the website here: https://cmsracing.com/ I just joined up, hope to join for the Monday series!

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