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Cockpit hand animations

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Roundlay, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Roundlay

    Roundlay Rookie

    Seeing as the game is still in pre-alpha, I figured this'd be an okay time to make a polish/aesthetic/inconsequential feature request: fleshed out hand animations while in cockpit view. I.e., small shifts in hand position after/into corners or when not shifting gears, that kind of thing. Might be tricky to pull off, and I'm sure little things like this will always exist far down on the todo list, but they can really add to a game's perceived polish and realism.

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  3. chksix

    chksix Racer

    I was thinking about that too when watching the pre-driving scene where the car has the driver door open. Looks odd that the driver is holding the wheel instead of resting his hands in his lap or adjusting the helmet etc...
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  4. i just hope the broken wrist syndrome is fixed

    was super weird in VR to see your wrists go at right angles
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  5. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I usually have driver turned off so the hand animations are kind of irrelevant to me. I do wonder, when it comes to people using VR will they show the head movements in game? It's probably not as advantageous with GT cars as it would be with older open wheeler but it would be cool.
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  6. RamjetX

    RamjetX Rookie

    If they want to take animations to the next level. Leap motion for VR hand tracking would be incredible and they already support the unreal 4 engine with API support.

    1 : 1 hand tracking is what will take this from a good VR experience to an amazing and truely immersive VR experience.

    It would feel like mixed reality but keep the cost down to a leap motion which are cheap.

  7. RamjetX

    RamjetX Rookie

  8. It would work perfectly if your steering wheel is same diameter as the in game steering wheel, I doubt it will be the case.
  9. RamjetX

    RamjetX Rookie

    True, however scaling and latch points that approximate the wheel hand position within a Radius of the real wheel can pin your hands to the virtual wheel. Deviate from the wheel holding dead zone so to speak can allow the hands to unlatch and free move. There's lots of techniques for making sure hands are sticky to certain objects.

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