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Cockpit View questions - FOV vs Performance and Headmotion vs TrackIR

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by GCCRacer, Apr 19, 2020.

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  1. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Simracer

    Two observations I made today, as I tried to get a better view setup in the 720S, now that it got the big rear view screen... would love to hear some input to validate my testing or some solutions, as I couldn't find any pertinent previous threads.

    1) TrackIR disables cockpit movement. I actually had never noticed that, but the "bumpy motion" (for lack of a better term) where the camera reacts to braking, acceleration and suspension bumps doesn't happen when TIR is active. Is there a setting I missed, or is that just the way it is? I find it a bit of a shame, since I like that feeling of the car "being alive". I tried disabling X/Y/Z axis in the profile, didn't help.

    2) Surprisingly, a narrower FOV costs more performance - surprising to me, since I would have assumed that fewer objects on screen should increase performance. There's more than 10% FPS lost between default 54 degrees and 36 degrees (which would be the "mathematical correct" thing). This should be something of note to all those who advocate narrow FOV settings... you are definitely giving up frames. Again, would love it were different, as I quite liked the 36° one but can't afford the framerate.

    Anything I'm missing here, or making setup mistakes?

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