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Community poll historic Spa

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Ace Pumpkin, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Historic Spa is in the grapevine since ages, now Marco revealed in Stefano's last stream Kunos already acquired the laser scan data for the track. But he also said he isn't shure if this huge task is worth doing, he fears it won't get much track time in the community. And investing six month into this project would not pay off.
    What do you think. I created a straw poll:


    Very interested in the outcome.

    Have a nice day.

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  3. A better poll question would be 'which DLC would you rather buy' with the two answers being 'mostly laser scanned Spa' (because you know people will point out that parts of it are not scan-able) or 'laser scanned other'
  4. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    The Kurzanbindung ( short cut) at Nürb short isn't laserscanned also. No drama at all.
    And for shure there is no complete lap left of historic spa. But I strongly believe that even driving on the now public roads with the scanning aquipment would give a much more precise depiction of elevation changes, etc. than the top iteration of the track as of now: rF2.
  5. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    He said it would require 6 months development time and Simone would kill them if he's forced to do it.
    Of course "more tracks" sounds good but since they have limited staff, it would be away from something else. Tbh I don't even know what are the differences between modern and historic Spa version, that is in question
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  6. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Get Grand Prix Legens asap and enjoy historic Spa. ;)
    It's a night and day difference.
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  7. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    Its a niche track, better have some uk track which will be more pooular.
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  8. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

  9. some1pl

    some1pl Alien

    To me, Marco yestarday sounded like historic Spa involves as much work as 2-3 "regular" tracks. So the poll question should be "which other two tracks do you want to ditch in favor of historic Spa".
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  10. There was actually a decent amount of drama, but whatever.

    As it is now your poll simply asks if people would like to have it, which of course the vast majority of them should. How many of those would actually rather pay for it than for the modern track whose creation time it would replace is info that would be of much more importance to Kunos. Just sayin'
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  11. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    I'm a huge fan of historic stuff but yeah, to be fair that question should be asked.

    "Would you prefer historic Spa or a modern track"....

    The answer for me is easy, but then I can't speak for everyone :) Couldn't this be subcontracted if Kunos's full time track maker Simone isn't into it? Someone that worked on the very nice GPL version would seem ideal.
    vegaguy 5555 and Ace Pumpkin like this.
  12. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    I agree with kunos. rather have a million other better tracks imo.
  13. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    I simply assume that ppl read the full op. And make an educated descicion based on that, but yeah...:cool:
  14. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    The good stuff starts at 1:25... :D

  15. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    How dare you... Now I must watch this fabulous movie RIGHT NOW :mad::confused::D

    I'm off...
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  16. leon_90

    leon_90 Hardcore Simmer

    Just imagine this in AC (btw the cockpit he uses is made by me :rolleyes: even though it is an old and not accurate version, newest one is much more historically accurate)

  17. LOL.....I am the first person to select "Against". The reason for this is that I am not interested in big historic tracks, and it would take a considerable amount of time to build the historic version of Spa for Assetto Corsa. Time that could be spent on a track that I am interested in.
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  18. leon_90

    leon_90 Hardcore Simmer

    I was wondering why nobody did already say "pff, why spend time on _insert anything here_ instead than on actual and needed features _in my opinion_"
    Congrats :D
    vegaguy 5555 and Ace Pumpkin like this.
  19. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    It would be immense. That GPL track still looks pretty good, especially the long view distances that would be difficult in any graphics engine.
    It would be immense.

    That GPL track still looks pretty good, especially the long view distances that would be difficult in any graphics engine.

    I think it'd be a difficult even with a modern gfx engine, there's no cover screening the view over the rolling countryside over most of the lap, the view distances are huge. No wonder Simone 's having nightmares about it.

    Once again, can't the work be contracted out?
  20. Sean

    Sean Simracer

    I trust the developers choice....
  21. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    i think my opinion isnt in sync with the majority but id much rather see a load of (perhaps cheaper to license) obscure tracks than a few big name ones. most of us have raced the big name tracks to death on other titles anyway. a few exciting tracks with lots of elevation would be great. id never driven some of the mod tracks we have in AC before like Bilsterberg, Mas Du Clos & Grobnik. I think we have a lot of slightly dull tracks atm tbh (just my opinion.)

    give us some less mainstream tracks from Italy that noone has tried on a sim before :D

    id love to see unscanned historics and unscanned additions in general using talented modders work where possible but it isnt going to happen (Tom Cruise confirmed in the latest stream they wouldnt do this again considering the feedback they got after Zandvoort... i still think a lot of that was because it hadnt been mentioned before release)

    that said im going to vote in favour :D id rather see historic Spa than Laguna or Suzuka or COTA etc.
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