1. Do you need support for Assetto Corsa Competizione? Please use the proper forum below and ALWAYS zip and attach the WHOLE "Logs" folder in your c:\users\*youruser*\AppData\Local\AC2\Saved. The "AppData" folder is hidden by default, check "Hidden items" in your Windows view properties. If you report a crash, ALWAYS zip and attach the WHOLE "Crashes" folder in the same directory. Do not post "I have the same issue" in an existing thread with a game crash, always open your own thread. Do not PM developers and staff members for personal troubleshooting and support.
  2. When reporting an issue with saved games, please always zip and attach your entire User/Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Savegame folder, along with the logs and the crash folder (when reporting related to a crash).
  3. If ACC doesn't start with an error or the executable is missing, please add your entire Steam directory to the exceptions in your antivirus software, run a Steam integrity check or reinstall the game altogether. Make sure you add the User/Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione folder to your antivirus/Defender exceptions and exclude it from any file sharing app (GDrive, OneDrive or Dropbox)! The Corsair iCue software is also known to conflict with Input Device initialization, if the game does not start up and you have such devices, please try disabling the iCue software and try again. [file:unknown] [line: 95] secure crt: invalid error is a sign of antivirus interference, while [Pak chunk signing mismatch on chunk] indicates a corrupted installation that requires game file verification.

Generic Console Customer Support Info

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by AC_CM505, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member


    Hi everyone!

    In response to community feedback, we're looking at ways to improve how console bugs are handled...

    Bug Reports Forum
    We've opened a new area of our forums for our players to tell us about bugs, in an organised fashion. While we cannot offer one-on-one support on the console forums, the teams at Kunos and 505 Games can oversee issues that get submitted and step in where needs be.

    If you wish to submit a bug directly to Kunos, you now can, using our bug submission form below. Whilst you won't get a reply directly from the team, this method will ensure that your bug is seen by Kunos...

    BUG SUBMISSION FORM - https://fs30.formsite.com/505games/form18/index.html

    Console Customer Support
    Just as a little reminder, should you wish to speak to speak to someone directly regarding any issues you're having with the console edition of Assetto Corsa, please reach out to our dedicated Customer Support team. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support to everyone within the console forum itself. We understand it's a little confusing given that the PC forum is used as a support forum but for the console edition of AC, we have a Customer Support team that can investigate any issues you may be experiencing > https://support.505games.com/support/signup

    Hope this helps!
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  3. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    It's good that explanation. It was a bit confusing and I didn't know if the console forum was part support part chit chat forum or just the last part.
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  4. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Alien

    Why you 505games guys being here, and that the Kunos team are those that do the "port" and fixes we have to go to report in other forum.... It's ridiculous.

    Easy as copy the reports seeing here and pass them over to the development team.

    Even devlopers like Luca Sondano are around here (he closed a tread some minutes ago) so they can also look directly to the reports.

    Making a pined tread with all issues and bugs that the development team is working on would also be grateful, so the console users now what to report o not.
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  5. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    We apologise for any confusion caused! :( Hope all is clear now! :)
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  6. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Morning! Firstly, thanks for the feedback, this is something we'll take on board! With regards to how reports are handled, our CS team have a ticketing system so it's easier for the guys to manage when reports of issues come through. Hope you understand.
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  7. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    When the responses from your dedicated 505 support is nonsense and does not work as with the Xbox One save game/car setup issues what do you expect us to do then? When the same issue remains unsolved for months what then? This 'support' forum is here so it should be usable as such. After the recent buy out the statement issues clearly said 505 games had no part in making the console version of the game, therefore it seems unlikely that contacting 505 games will be of much help.

    Clear attempt to silence the issues with the game, and now forum bans for members who highlight existing problems in threads. Forcing us to go through a call centre style algorithmic loop to get answers is going to help no one, it's the breakage system used by many organisations hoping people can't be bothered with the hassle. Action like this will ultimately force the issues into the more general gaming press and consumer rights organisations.

    We know the threads here get seen by the devs even if they are rarely acknowledged. If we were viewed as customers helping to identify key issues and problems in the same way the PC area works all would be well.

    I would not be at all surprised if the people manning the 505 games contact and the AC_505 account are the very same people - hoop jumping for the sake of it.

    If this forum is just a fan club make it clear and we will seek other ways to make views about the still unfinished nature of the console game known.
  8. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Hi! Our Customer Support team use a ticketing system and not the forums to work with players on issues.

    With regards to Xbox One setups not saving, the developers are aware and are working on a fix!
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  9. myimac

    myimac Alien

    Hi 505,

    I'm taking this statement as a no to my earlier thread suggestion to track bugs. I think where some user frustration may be building up is that it's unclear what bugs have been confirmed and will be worked on.

    I propose that as users we still track the bugs to verify the issues we have identified and their resolution status.

    Perhaps one of the things that is helping build the lack of confidence in the current bug tracking process is the repeated failure to season pass content to unlock. It occurred on the Japanese pack, the red pack and both Porsche packs.
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  10. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Alien

    Yes, apologies... First at all good morning to you also!

    Thanks to take in consideration the feedback of doing a pinned tread with the known issue and bugs on consoles and their status... It would be very useful for the console community.

    With regards to the reports... Well i'm sorry...i really don't understand why being the same core development team in PC and console... One have to make a ticket and others is direct report in this forums...and even receive feedback from the dev team... It's a really no sense to me.
    More having the knowledge that you, the community manager of 505Games and devs look to the console treads and even replies..

    Or tickets for us all if its easier for the dev team or suport forum for us all...and that's why the forums,sub forums and console sections are made for in my opinion.
    And so have an equal treatment all the users of the game from the 3 platforms.

    Have a nice day
  11. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    Tickets duly submitted, can't help but feel it's a waste of everyone's time though and I'm now basically stuck in this type of system:

  12. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    I don´t get the hostility?
    First of all, it´s a ticketing system, not a call center. A ticket system is to make sure every SINGLE created ticket gets attention and is answered personally. So, when you get your answer, you just wait till the issue is fixed, somewhere down the line. It doesn't matter who has filed the same issues or not.

    Second, give them some space. Of cause 505 is buying time, but at least they´ve said what is being worked on more than once, so even PC players acknowledge this.

    Find an issue? Simply create a ticket and let it go. You did your job. Then you can talk about it here, if you like.

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  13. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    My time wasnt wasted

    I told the guy the AI wasnt moving. He told me to reinstall the game. I did it and the bug was still there. I told him. He told me that he comunicated the problem to the team. In the next patch the problem was solved.

    That works all the time? Probably not, as the game is flooded with bugs. But dont say it doesnt work: it does.

    By the way, you are by far, the most toxic member I have ever seen in a forum. Congratulations
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  14. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Guys, PLEASE calm down before this escalates into an argument!
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  15. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    No hostility, you are reading that in. There are some truly sensitive souls here when a comment about using generic centralised approach gets such a response.

    Sadly the 'advice' being given out by this ticketing system is algorithmic and often nonsensical. We've been following this loop for months to no avail. The call centre video is an analogy...oh deary me everything needs to be explained here doesn't it.

    6 months not enough space for basic fixes? Remember this was not released in Early Access as it was on PC, it was released as a full game release. Plenty of time to push out paid DLC but no time for basic bug fixes is a bad show.
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  16. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    Yet so many of us have wasted our time reporting the flood of bugs you correctly identify. You might want to consider that not everyone is on an unlimited use broadband connection and uninstalling and reinstalling might well be costing people money and a lot of time for no fix at all.

    Oh yes I'm viewed as toxic by those who can and will see no wrong in Assetto Corsa. We've been fighting them off denying the truth that there are serious bugs and flaws in this game from the console launch. The fanboys they just wanted to believe (and tell vociferously) that everyone who owned a console was a useless player and should 'git gud'. Sadly a little time looking at the evidence showed something quite different - multiple problems many of which still exist today. If they've been able to stay in the PC forum and avoid comments on things they didn't understand none of these problems would have occurred. When you've got nothing else of value to add just attacking the person is the default here.

    This is a support forum not a popularity contest and as long as the Xbox One version actually gets fixed in short order the job is done.
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  17. DatNoiseV12

    DatNoiseV12 Simracer

    Ive been told that if we've already posted the issues here on forums, chances are the 505 team has already seen them.
    so. . the 505 guys check the bug threads ? is it still useful to log a ticket and send them a report ?
  18. fedepino

    fedepino Racer

    Per me dovreste Sospendete lo sviluppo della versione PC e buttatevi anima e corpo a correggere la versione console, che è un compito ingrato ma per una questione di correttezza e credibilità dovete portare al medesimo livello di quella PC. Non ha senso tenere un doppio binario una doppia comunity e lamentarsi che quest ultima è tossica, è tossica a causa delle disparità che voi avete creato, Abbattetele e la tossicità scomparirà, chi ha orecchie per intendere...

    IMHO the developer have to stop the pc version develop and focus on the console one, after the division and the difference will be eliminated the console comunity will be no longer toxic, it is unfair and also stupid to have two different community and at least two different game under the same name but with lot of disparity not only in the game but even in the support
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017
  19. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Absolutely! We keep an eye on what's said across the forums, but of course, we may miss the odd issue. That's why we suggest you contact our support team if you encounter any bugs or issues. By logging a ticket, our team can then investigate each report case by case. Hope this helps! :)
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  20. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    More nonsense advice being handed out from 505 support games tonight, giving people the instruction to delete locally saved Xbox One games to solve issues within Assetto Corsa. If users do so they delete all locally saved games and every game the user owns then has to synchronise again - the Xbox One gives a warning about this before the user selects to do so. Some games can take several hours to synchronise again on slower connections, even on a fast connection this can be 45 minutes.

    This is a reversal of cause and effect. If the issue lay within Xbox One locally saved games all games would suffer the same issue. No other game has these issues, including cross-play, with the local save game and cloud interface.

    If you are in doubt speak to Xbox One support before you take any action.
  21. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    And could be possible in the future to get the same system of reporting issues as PC users (by the forums only)?

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