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Controller Settings for XB1

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by EMW SMILER, Sep 3, 2016.


    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I have been trying to calibrate the controller and am aware there are bugs being investigated. I have tried varied setups and at last attempt my settings 80, 0, 0, 100, 60, 100 are confusing... how can I be steering with 100% Steering Deadzone? Surely this is wrong. Can anyone shed any light on this for me..... please.

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  3. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    They seems to all fight eachover in funny ways
    Try from the top
    20 vibration I like that
    20 speed sens
    20 steering speed
    20 steering deadzone
    0 filter
    250 gamma

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks for your reply Beastmode - The question was how can the steering work with settings at 100 % deadzone - it doesn't make sense to me. I have got some settings that are working for me now but the question remains .......
  5. Beastmode

    Beastmode Rookie

    To me it's obviously broken somewhere. Hopefully they fix it. After getting half decent at the game I know think the default settings ain't too bad lol
  6. Rayco

    Rayco Rookie

    hi everyone, after search in many forums, watching youtube/twich, and hours spent playing, mine is like that, for practice, racing or drifting, well ballanced at least for me, for most of the tracks and cars (even for drifting). It's true that some parameters don't make much sense (like deadzone as you said)...and also drifting with the pad is sooo hard, but i got now some accracy and may have some fun at online lobbies with people using wheels.

    30 vibration (low value becuse is the only way i found avoiding the fact that car goes to the right, and i dont feel a lot difference with hgher values but for some reason the car spins to the right at higuer values)

    35 speed sens (because in fast turns you need it, or the car wont turn, but i don't suggest much more than that)

    5 steering speed (or even lower to avoid the crazy hands spining wheels animation)

    5 steering deadzone ( this parameter is crazy i get low values for slow turns and drift, but it works well with higuer values in fast tracks...)

    50 filter (but this value drives me crazy in some cars and when you drift...in fact i don't think is useful in pads)

    110 gamma (this is like this: higher value, the more time the wheel longs back into the initial position when you turn all the degrees. A small value, the wheel backs so fast to the initial position)

    (aproximated values)

    BTW so sorry for my bad english!

    I know many people in consoles using pad and they are really fast, obviously is not the best for games like AC, the wheel is waaaaay better (sensations, driving, times, simulation..) but a little expensive in my opinion and in my case i don't want to sell my G25 to buy a newer one for them make me buy another one in one yar or less...microsoft should give support to most popular wheels in the market, but they don't care too much of their costumers (my opinion)

    so share your pad configurations, lets find some well balanced settings!

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Bought a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider steering wheel for £70 and, I hate to say it but, OMG I'm taking off 4 or 5 seconds a lap I was doing with what I thought was a well calibrated controller. That's all folks - it is amazing and I can only imagine what this must feel like in a proper rig. On controller - Very hard - Steering Wheel - yeah whoopee huzzah thanks Kunos etc bring it on. Looking forward to new content and patches.....
    Deadzone question is irrelevant now. Thanks.
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  8. Try these. Spent a lot of time dialing these in after the 1.03 update

    Speed Sensitivity- 30%
    Steering Speed- 12%
    Steering Deadzone- 2%
    Steering Filter- 18%
    Steering Gamma- 4.0
  9. after the update to me is back to the first version of the game, a little frustating at the moment, before patch 1.03 i drived well in drifting and normal.. now.. well.. back the first bug of the controller steer .. very sad..
  10. after hours i setted in this way , not perfect 100% like was on previous patch but almost usable:

    steering sensibility : 5%
    steering spees : 15%
    deadzone : 5%
    steering filter : 10%
    gamma : 3.0
  11. giulianbu

    giulianbu Rookie

    the pad of the steering is buggy, you have disappointed me, also now the machines are unmanageable, Kunos shame !!!!
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  12. hello, I'm new in this world of simulation .. some set up for the g920 flyer on this date or for control in xbox one s ... sorry for my bad english .. thanks
  13. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    From what I know from another user that was using Controller in AC PC version, he went and had a setup for each car he drove .
    In the end @Shaddix was as fast as above good (sometimes even really close to alien levels) steering wheel users .

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