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Controller settings INTERESTING !!!!!

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Keith Quinn, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    So as many of us have been doing for months now adjusting the damn controller to get it right playing with all the settings and still we are tinkering ! Well I did something quite interesting today and turned everything to "0" except the gamma which I was playing with and currently have it at 3.2! What I noticed is the rest of the settings do little to nothing turning them all to "0" made handling feel much better! Gamma is all you really need why the other setting are even there makes no sense! They just make the car either to twitchy or non responsive! Try it for your selves I was shocked that the car actually felt better with these setting than adjusting all the other needless ones!

    Some of you will debate on speed of steering etc but I'm telling you put everything to "0" and just play with the gamma and you will see it handles great! So much time waisted why didn't I do this before lol
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  3. sitinduk

    sitinduk Rookie

    Wow! these settings have made a massive difference to me. I liked the feel before but this has just moved the game to a different level. Cheers!
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  4. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    This is funny as i did this exact thing just a few days ago. It's not bad but iy it isn't great on every car for catching slides, especially on the lotus 49. No good for but people who dont use that car should be fine.
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  5. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    Yea I noticed the same thing. Funny part is that I played on my laptop with the controller and have my settings as follows
    Speed 75%
    Dead zone at 5% I think
    Filter at 82%
    Gamma at 2.2
    It's perfect no issues but on PS4 that setting is horrible lol gotta love it
  6. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    So I went to project cars forum looking for controller set ups and came across a nice one for the ds4 figured let me try it for AC see if it works and low and behold it does and it's great! Below is a video of me drifting using the controller and 3 different cars! It's a bit long but worth a watch! I could never get drifting right in AC UNTIL NOW I'm still not good but it ain't bad

  7. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    So here are the settings I'm using courtesy of this guy in the PJC forum

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    B0SSH0GG 1 year ago#5
    I felt theses settings held me back too.

    Urinal2001 1 year ago#6
    Yep, just tried these and they arent all that. They are driveable.... but the stock settings are driveable. Its just that neither of them are very good.

    utarefson 1 year ago#7
    Im almost positive I saw Yorkie post on YouTube the following:

    There are 3 pre-decided settings created by SMS.
    Even if you change all the individual sliders to be exactly the same on preset 2 and 3 for example. You will still get different handling.

    Maybe people are not taking this into account?

    witchfinder_dil 1 year ago#8
    I found another setting on the Project Cars forums. Seem to be abit better

    Thanks to PuntNL who came up with this

    Controller Input Mode - 3 (Change first)

    Steering Deadzone - 10
    Steering Sensitivity - 30
    Throttle Deadzone - 10
    Throttle Sensitivity - 40
    Brake Deadzone - 10
    Brake Sensitivity - 30
    Clutch Deadzone - 10
    Clutch Sensitivity - 45
    Speed Sensitivity - 65
    Controller Filtering Sensitivity - 35
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  8. MrStef85

    MrStef85 Rookie

    Im gonna try these settings.
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  9. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Which imputs relate to AC? All i can work out is steering sensitivity lol.
  10. Keith Quinn

    Keith Quinn Racer

    Dead zone
    Steering sensitivity
    Steering speed
    The game I move from 2.2 to 2.5 depending on the car
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  11. t1m5

    t1m5 Rookie


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