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Cosy racing community

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by SvenUilhoorn, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    On board footage from mr chip (in VR) from a race yesterday at Tor Poznan:

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  2. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    Highlights from ongoing series...

    Last two races this Sunday and next Sunday!
  3. offcorsa

    offcorsa Simracer

    this has been an awesome community. I am very glad I became a member of it. clean, respectful, fun, and not a lot of time spent setting up the cars, just show up and race. equal cars make for some great tight fields. teams are good to add to the friendly competitions. Go Team Jake!
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  4. I have only just remembered this, but I can't find the server.... :(
  5. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer

    Have you joined our forum? All the info is there and any help if needed.
  6. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    Yeah, that was because it was our race time, our server goes to private mode when we have our actual series' races. Outside of that it's mostly available from Tuesday/Wednesday on, but you'll have to become a member before you can race in the series.

    More info about joining here: http://www.cosyracingcommunity.com/misc.php?page=join
    Full series rules here: http://www.cosyracingcommunity.com/thread-205.html
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  7. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer

    A race from this week at Brands Hatch.

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  8. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

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  9. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer

    Series & community keeps getting better ......

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  10. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

  11. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    TV Cameras from Bossy (mid fielder), heat 2 last Sunday at Mugello:

    Red Bull Ring this Sunday!
  12. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    Our insert-a-lot-of-numbers' series is starting soon again, this Sunday we're having a series release party where the cars will be unveiled. Interested in joining us for series racing? Check this page
  13. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer



    A change of pace with the next midweek series. Utilising the excellent mod from Sean Clarke, the Seat Leon Cup, a true tin-top touring car, we are hoping to reproduce thrilling, close, door to door racing, that this FWD lends itself to perfectly.

    A five week series, racing on mainly Kunos' own tracks, with minimal adjustments available to fine-tune the car to your preference, will hopefully allow all levels to compete.

    We may well introduce the use of Ballast and/or Restrictor settings, in a attempt to keep the field closer.

    The emphasis will be on simple - Qualifying time will determine grid position for Race 1, then reverse grid (up to top 10) for Race 2.

    There are a number of (very), good skins already available for the car, and the template is also included for download, if you really want to make your own.

    Wednesday 5th July will see a Pre-Season "Appetizer" - a chance to try the car on some of the possible tracks to be used in the series. Newcomers and "slower" guys are especially encouraged to join the midweek series - it is much less pressure than the Sunday series, and we even talk a bit on Discord! Please come and join in the fun.

    For more information about our community, please look HERE

    The server will be open to everyone tonight (8pm UK), for some testing and fun races, please search for "cosy" in the server list and feel free to join.
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  14. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer

    A great night of testing, with some classic door to door racing throughout the field.

    The last race of the night, with numbers somewhat dropped, still resulted in 2 & 3 wide close racing encounters,

    NB - The white car that nudges me off, and then into 2 other cars, was a random member of the public. This behaviour is definitely not condoned with the "cosy" ethos, and he would have been spoken to/reprimanded if it was not a "free testing session" :)

  15. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer

    The Seat Showdown will now move to a bi-weekly series, starting 19th July.

    Another testing session is planned for Wednesday 12th at 8pm UK, and will involve a few short qualifying and race sessions. All welcome - search "cosy" and join us!
  16. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip Gamer

    Round 1 from Brands Hatch saw some great battles throughout the field, with Race 2 being particularly good IMO :)

  17. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    On board footage from last Sunday at Grobnik, the fourth race of the Compact Sports Cup, Sundays @ 8 PM UK

    Compact Sports Cup in short: fixed setups, limited practice due to three track slots; one randomly drawn at race time, custom skins, 15m qualifying and 3x 15m racing heats, top eight reverse grid for heat 2 and heat 3, only ABS allowed..

    Full series rules: http://www.cosyracingcommunity.com/thread-501.html

    If you want to become a member or would like more info on our general series, go to http://www.cosyracingcommunity.com/misc.php?page=join
  18. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    Some footage from the last race in the series a few weeks back:

    We're preparing for our next series now, GT Club, which starts next week!

    The Nissan GT-R Nismo, Audi R8 Plus, Porsche 911 (991) Turbo and Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera have been balanced to be competitive over the various tracks we'll be seeing.

    What you need to know: fixed setups, limited practice due to three track slots; one randomly drawn at race time, custom skins, 15m qualifying and 3x 15m racing heats, top eight reverse grid for heat 2 and heat 3, only ABS allowed..

    Still interested? Good :D Then check out www.cosyracingcommunity.com
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  19. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    Our next series is coming up in a week, but first we're visiting Bathurst for a longer race than we usually do. And you can join! If you want to, use the sign-up form linked below.

    Bathurst Download (beware that RaceDepartment downloads at some times are members only, it's free): http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/bathurst.8677/

    **Race Format:**
    Practice: from Friday the 27th, 24/7 (separate server, search "cosy")
    Qualifying: 30 minutes
    Race: 25 laps (about 1 hour)

    **Eligible Cars:**
    Audi R8 Plus
    Nissan GT-R Nismo
    Porsche 911 (991) Turbo (Porsche Pack 3)
    Lamborghini Gallardo SL (Dream Pack 3)
    Mentioned DLC is required to join the server
    Locked entry list, so please only take the car you've requested (when you've been confirmed by email)

    Tire wear: 100%
    Fuel: 100%
    Damage: 70%
    ABS: Factory (CTRL+A to disable)
    Traction control and Stability Management: Forced off
    Free choice: virtual mirror, auto/manual clutch, view/camera
    Off track penalty: on during practice, qualifying and racing heats; two wheels within track limits
    Weather as in in practice mode with slight variation.

    Full thread: http://cosyracingcommunity.com/thread-563.html

    **Sign-up form:**
    Requires Steam ID64 (https://steamidfinder.com/), email address and definitive car choice
    If you're accepted, you'll receive an email at least two hours before start of the event
    Search "cosy" to find the server.

    Maybe race you Sunday!
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  20. offcorsa

    offcorsa Simracer

    this is going to be a fun series!
    judging from the first couple pre-season meets, all four cars are very evenly balanced. Each has different strengths which will show on varying tracks and will make the racing very interesting.
    Really looking forward to this one.
    I did fairly well last time I drove an AWD Nissan.
    shout out to Sven for the hard work and keeping everything organized.
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