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COMPETIZIONE CP Calendar - March 2020

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by moneypizzle, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. kidmaciek

    kidmaciek Rookie

    I never had a problem with joining a CP server. SA 90+ and you have a certain spot, I guess.
  2. Maciej Malinowski

    Maciej Malinowski Hardcore Simmer

    I have SA 99 and entered A LOT of CP and never had that issue, probably SA thing
  3. Yes i bet its a SA thing. I had this issue only one time, when i was close above the minimum requirements. Now as i am on 94 SA i could join every time i wanted to.
  4. Yossa

    Yossa Rookie

    happened to me today, my sa is 90.
    but my cp is 14, i did 3 races or so. not so smart to reject new user base?
  5. I think they will (or need) to expand the servers soon. I could join every single race so far. Usually the 45 at 1600 and 60 at 1800. my TO score was 9300 before CP races and now is 9750 with 61 CP. my SA, RC, TR, are all 99 and my CN/CC vary between 72-93 all the time, PC 83. I think they should tighten the penalties a little more...because I’m definitely not 99 SA or RC :)
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  6. Totally agree with @nebuchadnezza here. I've been on 99 SA for god knows how long now and would rank myself as a 75-80 driver.
    I'm not saying I am a dirty driver by any means but I sure as hell can improve my decision making at times.
    Feels like you have to be involved in a tremendous amount of carnage to even make a dent in your rating.
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  7. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    In the past people complained about SA being too hard to gain, now people say its too easy. If you are a clean driver of 99 and you make a bad decision, does that change your previous record and make you an unsafe driver all of a sudden? Everyone is allowed to make the odd mistake, but if you are a clean driver you will still be a clean driver after that incident. So it makes sense that you need several indicents in a close sucession to lose some SA.

    But as Minolin explained once, the one of the problems of the SA rating is that you can see what the exact value is. And that can lead to (some) people racing more aggresively because they know they have a buffer of points.
  8. I can totally get behind this. Just tell me if I'm clean enough to sign up or not, a much better solution to the problem than making it harder to gain SA tbf.
  9. schhh_78

    schhh_78 Rookie

    What about April Calendar?
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  10. RWa

    RWa Racer

    It seems since clock went 1 hour forward last weekend now 22:00 race is 23:00. Too late in my opinion.
  11. Yeah they should change it to fit the change to summer time. It doesn't affect me thanks to the situation we got on around the world right now but 23:00 is too late for many people.
  12. Ris8

    Ris8 Gamer

  13. RWa

    RWa Racer

    I think now it is corrected. Start time is 22.00 again.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G955F met Tapatalk
  14. planinggg

    planinggg Gamer

    Someone know the april CP calendar?
  15. Taken from Reddit, posted by moneypizzle

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  16. hahahahahahahahahahahaha :D :D :D good one
  17. He posted yesterday as April Fools
  18. pons

    pons Simracer

    Is there a possibility to get an offical race-calendar? I am getting older and need to train the car-track-combo the days before ;)
  19. Wouldn't mind having a calendar in game *hint hint*
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  20. Do you use different cars for different tracks? I'm still new to this, I guess that's why for me I'm trying to settle into one car to begin with. So for me it's just a case of practicing all the circuits.
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