PS4 Crash error Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by fbetes, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. fbetes

    fbetes Racer


    1.17 downloaded

    Practice, Laguna Seca, Chevrolet C7R = CRASH ERROR

    Uploading a video with the crash...


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  3. fbetes

    fbetes Racer

    Unable to race at Laguna Seca with C7R (weekend race included).

    Same fatal error with other cars....
  4. peppetod

    peppetod Gamer

    does it every time?
  5. fbetes

    fbetes Racer

    Yes. Always

    I'm testing other cars:

    Mazda MX-5 Cup works fine
    BMW Z4 GT3 works fine

    Porsche GT3 2016 crash, Audi GT3 crash...
  6. Dave53

    Dave53 Racer

    Hi, game crashing with Lamborghini Sesto.

    Colour issue with red Carrera 911s. Rendering as black.

  7. peppetod

    peppetod Gamer

    Sad news. Does it works online?
  8. fbetes

    fbetes Racer

    Be aware with this update.

    In my case it crashes every time. The issue is reproducible in other tracks!

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