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Creating custom championships/career

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by SvenUilhoorn, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. SvenUilhoorn

    SvenUilhoorn Racer

    Today I've tinkered with setting up a custom career series for a friend. Some stuff works very odd, so I'm wondering if there are people who can share on the dark arts! :)

    If possible, I'll make this as informative as necessary, so I'll make my post as broad as possible..

    Folder structure
    1) In the career folder, create a new folder (I don't think this has any requirements, aside from no weird characters).
    2) For every event in your series, create a new folder, starting with event1, adding up to event(x); for example event1, event2, event3 for a series with three events
    3) There are a couple of files in every other career series folder; opponents.ini doesn't seem to do anything, other than being a general resource? (I've not really bothered with racing in the career at all myself) Preview is the large preview image when opening that series. Start is the smaller square icon in the career menu.

    (in the series folder)
    CODE= ;this appears in the career menu, best to keep three or four characters?
    NAME=;name of the series
    DESCRIPTION= ;description of the series
    REQUIRES= ;series that need completing before unlocking this one
    POINTS= ;I've seen people use this to set points the way they are in real series, for example 25,20,17, 15 etc, but this breaks the series for me
    MODEL= ;kunos says the cars names will only show up when they are all listed here, so I just did that

    POINTS=0 ; setting this tends to break the entire series (it will show the Abarth event's banner and pressing start ends up starting a replay of my latest online race :O )
    TIER1=0 ; couldn't get this to work neither, even checking the other Kunos events

    (in the series folder, seems a general resource)
    MODEL= ;car folder name
    SETUP= ;guess this is for fixed setup, didn't check yet if it really works as it does online
    AI_LEVEL= ;from 80 to 100, if I'm correct
    SKIN= ;exact skin folder name
    DRIVER_NAME= ;name of AI driver
    NATIONALITY= ;country
    MODEL_CONFIG= ;left blank, unsure if required at all

    (Inside the event1, event2 and event3 folders, or however many there are)
    NAME= ;any name
    DESCRIPTION=Description. <br /><br /> works to create breaks (HTML).

    TRACK= ;track folder
    CONFIG_TRACK= ;configuration is it's there, otherwise leave blank
    MODEL= ;necessary here
    CARS= ;not sure whether it has to be specified exactly, likely cannot be less
    AI_LEVEL=100 ;also possible to change by player
    FIXED_SETUP=0 ;not sure if actually works
    PENALTIES=1 ;penalties on (1) or off (0)
    DRIFT_MODE=0 ;likely for drift points
    RACE_LAPS=10 ; doesn't matter I think, duplicated below in SESSION
    SKIN= ;skin folder, unsure if necessary, duplicated below

    [GHOST_CAR] ;still need to check if this can be left out

    SUN_ANGLE=48 ;time of the day, also explained in kunos server manual

    [GROOVE] ;adds tire marks?

    [LAP_INVALIDATOR] ;track limit rules (kunos uses motorcycle rules, officially kerbs are not part of track per FIA rules)

    [TEMPERATURE] ;temp settings, also explained in kunos server manual

    [DYNAMIC_TRACK] ;track settings, also explained in kunos server manual

    [REPLAY] ;guess it's necessary for a replay, have not checked

    [REMOTE] ;this entire part does not do anything?

    [SESSION_0] ;if you only want a race or qualifying, always start with SESSION_0
    TYPE=1 ;use 1 for practice

    TYPE=2 ;use 2 for qualifying

    TYPE=3 ;use 3 for race, 4 for quick race
    LAPS=10 ;set to zero if you want to use timed races, then set DURATION_MINUTES to time

    [CAR_0] ; players car, cannot be switched
    MODEL=- ;I don't really know why, but this seems to work, where leaving MODEL aboven with =- doesn't
    SKIN= ;exact skin folder name
    DRIVER_NAME= ;isn't used by the game anyway
    NATIONALITY= ;same
    MODEL_CONFIG= ;left blank, unsure if required at all

    [CAR_1] ;this is where you enter more cars, so for every car make a slot, make sure you have all the subsequent numbers (CAR_1, CAR_2, CAR_3, etc)
    MODEL= ;car folder name
    SETUP= ;guess this is for fixed setup, didn't check yet if it really works as it does online
    AI_LEVEL= ;from 80 to 100, if I'm correct
    SKIN= ;exact skin folder name
    DRIVER_NAME= ;name of AI driver
    NATIONALITY= ;country
    MODEL_CONFIG= ;left blank, unsure if required at all

    Then there's the goals, which also don't seem to work all the time (for position, lap time, etc)

    Anyone who has some helpful additions or can solve why some stuff doesn't work?

    Right now I would like to make an eight event series where players cannot choose the order, but I can't seem to create it that way without the game doing weird stuff (showing other events, loading a replay on "Start Engine")

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