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Crew Chief Beta

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Thx1137, Jul 21, 2019.



    Funny, I was wondering what CC said the other day.
    I too finished a race and was told I finished last yet there I was celebrating a win.
  2. Hobi

    Hobi Rookie


    another weird action:

    I had created a race weekend - 10 minutes of practice, 10 minutes of qualifying, 30 minutes of racing - immediately after the start the pit window opens and is open for 20 minutes (as far as I can remember)

    After 15 minutes CC says to me I have to pit this lap - the pit window is closing in one minute ... My opponents still boxed in the penultimate lap...

    CC ist Version and ACC 1.1.2

    strange Things! But I still love CC :)

  3. Hobi

    Hobi Rookie

    sorry! the pit window opens was open for 30 minutes - directly after the first lap until the last...
  4. Rolz

    Rolz Alien

    sadly gone back to in game until pits are sorted
  5. Hobi

    Hobi Rookie

    can you please explain? English is not my mother language - I don't understand what you wanted to say :-(
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  6. I believe he is using the available spotter that is already in the ACC game.... instead of using Cre Chief, until the pit notifications are fixed in Crew Chief.
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  7. I'm using both atm. CC is the one to go at 100% volume and the ingame spotter at 25%. Just to cover the missing messages of CC.

    No offence but also the ingame race engineer/spotter is full working some day I don't think it will be that immersive like CC.
  8. Hobi

    Hobi Rookie

    ah, ok thank you!

    @After _Midnight I agree with you, specially these "pearls of wisdom" from time to time makes it more "livelike" :)
    After_Midnight and Rolz like this.
  9. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    Those "pearls of wisdom" cause me to crash......
    I have been doing great in a race, Jim comes on and tells me so, cue smug expression...guess what happens on the next corner.....yes...I bin it...
  10. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Pride comes before a fall. :D
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