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Current state of AC and the future

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Salad Fingers, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    So, now that Kunos is about to release ACC, what will happen to AC? Will it continue to be developed? ACC sounds very interesting but very specific - I quite enjoy the variety of cars and tracks in AC. And what about the modding community? Are you guys planning on moving to ACC?

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  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I dont think they will update it unless someone find something really game breaking thats need to be fixed but thats about it.
  4. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    I'll just miss the "all-around" driving SIM type that AC is. I guess the mod community in ACC might make up for it, but still.
  5. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    You are not alone. :) But AC wont die because ACC gets released. We'll see what the modding community can come up with, fingers crossed that they will be able to mod it.
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  6. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    Talking about mods... I want the Ariel Atom as in the avatar of Salad Fingers LOL
  7. I've said it before but worth saying again - there is no self-destruct code in AC to make it unplayable once a new title comes out. It will continue to work as well as it always has, so no worries there.

    As for mods? No one knows yet. Modders will flock to whatever the 'best' platform is.

    But 'best' comprises of many factors - From a graphics and physics standpoint is obviously gonna be ACC, but from an ease of use standpoint, AC might still be the best option, we will have to wait and see. Will it be possible? Impossible? Difficult? Easy? What compromises will have to be made, will the UI play nicely with mods, etc etc. Its all a bunch of unknowns at this point regarding mods for ACC, so no point even wasting time thinking about it.

    All I know is there are plenty of people (me included) who still have a lot of mods they still want to create, so regardless of what happens they will end up being released somewhere, somehow.
  8. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    I'm sold on ACC having a newer engine and also implementing night and rain. Also I'm pretty sure their physics improvements will now be only on ACC, possibly creating a good amount of disparity between the two. Which is why I was hoping we could "open up" ACC a bit. But yeah, too soon to ask those questions.
  9. Turk

    Turk Alien

    AC is still a great title for modding, so I don't think that's going to end any time soon. We've seen time and time again modders are able to resurrect games if the mod is good enough. But Kunos are done with the title. They could always release some sort of DLC for it but that seems highly unlikely.
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  10. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    True, but I'm worried about its physics slowly becoming obsolette, especially since we're talking about the same company that will keep on improving their engine on the newer title.
  11. Turk

    Turk Alien

    AC is becoming slowly obsolete, but it's still a good physics package, it still provides everything you need to enjoy driving it. It's going to be the foundation stone of Kunos sims going forward and really all that will be happening in the future is a refinement on what's gone before. So it will probably be relevant for a long time to come.

    The bottom line is AC is still the best sim to go to for road cars, and that will be true even after ACC is released. Until Kunos decide to make AC2 or a road cars only version of AC to compliment ACC, or some other company makes something on par or better, AC will be relevant.

    It's up to modders to give it any new life now.
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  12. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    Anyone who's on the UP and UP about current mod situation with AC....AKA Content manager and the Wizard we call Ilja, would know that AC 1 Ain't going anywhere ANY time soon.

    AC1 is basically the replacement for RF1 of this era and will live on for MANY MANY more years to come
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  13. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    "AC slowly becoming obsolete" ?
    I don´t really think so, but let´s just take a look at that in about 18 months or so, after ACC has settled in .
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  14. tabis

    tabis Simracer

    Assetto is still alive and it will stay alive for casual racing
    or for league events like this one:

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  15. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    I think I worded it a bit wrong by saying AC is slowly becoming obsolete. My line of thinking was that there will be a new AC game which will take the physics and tire engine we all loved and make it even better, which in turn might make AC feel "outdated" in comparison. I guess time will tell.

    In any case, I'm definitely buying ACC. I love Blancpain and I love AC, and a more "structured" experience with online leagues etc just makes me drool. I think I was pretty much sold on Kunos back when AC was still early access. I'll grab ACC blindfolded.
  16. xystof

    xystof Hardcore Simmer

    Sad thing is that because of GT3 racing in ACC alongside with much better hardware needed to run it smoothly my interest is minimal...
    And actualy I feel burnt somehow after 6 years of intense driving in AC TP, EA and final product.
    AC was just my dream game and was always about going sideways in street cars and putting smile on my face. So despite my deep love for Kunos I'll probably not buy ACC on PD and I'm not quite sure if I'll buy it in future... Thanks to great optimization done by KS I can run AC with my 7yo hardware on 70~80 fps with high details settings and I don't need more powerful PC because I just don't play that much games at home anymore... and buying new stuff for 1500$ or more just for 1 game with GT3-only cars doesn't make much sense to me :(
  17. TTM

    TTM Alien

    AC will not die until proper sequel for it. We won’t get any updates to game from Kunos, but modders will keep game alive.

    Hopefully someday there will be AC2, because Kunos is shown with ACC that they can make game with UE4 and own physics engine, so nothing will stop them to make ”AC2”. ;)
  18. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    If you would have followed AC staffs posting you’d know there are no plan for an AC2!
    ACC will be eventually upgraded content wise, most probably by DLC...
    Pray for a CLASSIC CARS pack at best....
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  19. TTM

    TTM Alien

    Ok, thanks for info. I haven’t followed any posting related to AC sequel or ACC for while, so i have probably missed many things/news.

    Hopefully there will be way to make mods for ACC, because otherwise interest to game will go down under 1 year from release.
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  20. AccAkut

    AccAkut Alien

    you sure about that? I understood it as ACC being the immediate test balloon for the UE4 switch and a closed content game. Then afterwards or parallel we could get other titles on the same engine, maybe with crossover usage, but no DLC system as we have it for AC (like a GT4 DLC for ACC is possible, but a streetcar DLC pretty much not as it does not fit the initial guideline of ACC).
    So maybe standalone ACR (Assetto Corsa Rally) or even ACCC (Assetto Corsa Classic Cars :p)
  21. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Kunos don't really tell us their plans until they are at an advanced stage. So their could be an AC2, my guess is they are going to stick with racing for a few years at least though.
    But I'd hate to think they'll never make another road car.
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