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Damn that Touge power :D Akagi Mountain Onboard

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Bekalolz, May 21, 2014.

  1. Bekalolz

    Bekalolz Gamer

    I love this map <3 :D
    Nico01 and Radfahrer like this.
  2. bikkits

    bikkits Gamer

    weeeee, rad.

    I'll have to try the map out. Can't wait for a few more hill runs/climbs.
  3. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek Alien

    what are you pressing on that shifter console? handbrake?
  4. fkkamil

    fkkamil Hardcore Simmer

    This is handbrake for sure.
  5. alex72

    alex72 Alien


    Isnt that "behind view". :D ;) And yeah i agree, fun stage that one.
  6. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    You´re nearly driving as drunk as me, mate !
    Well drifted, man, really very nice :cool: :eek:

    Wasn´t that "Outboard", Alex ? ^^
  7. Nico01

    Nico01 Hardcore Simmer

    great map ! but i was unable to find it in this forum !

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