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Dear devs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by nikolas88, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. nikolas88

    nikolas88 Rookie

    I would really like to see in game features like the following: 1. A realistic clutch 2. Engine start with a button. 3. A better collision system. Step by step.. take your time but keep them in mind. Ac can become the sim of the decade. Congrats for your work so far.

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  3. Blame

    Blame Alien

    Great advice, 10/10 never heard before.
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  4. Dominic Warr 2

    Dominic Warr 2 Simracer

    with it coming to Xbox One and PS4 they are most likely adding more features anyway.
    More cars is definately as the front page for the console announcement "Over one hundred high-performance cars"
  5. TDS

    TDS Alien

    Yes great suggestions
  6. nonnex

    nonnex Alien

    1.) Buy a clutch that has a realistic behavior then it will feel like a clutch. Its a hardwareproblem... mainly.
    2.) Assign a key to play a "Sound Engine Start" Sample of your choice in windows if you cant live without such feature. Otherwise wait.
    3.) Avoid collisions in every case.
    4.) Have fun, take your time, step by step, keeping that in mind you can become a great poster... one day.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2015
  7. nikolas88

    nikolas88 Rookie

    When i say a more realistic clutch i mean when you are stopped.. and you are in 1st gear the reaction of the car when it takes off is not as it should.. by letting clutch slowly car should be in motion.. even with no throttle at all. e.g in rfactor that feauture was simulated quite good and when you didnt do it the proper way , the car would simply turn off , like in real life. its a feauture that helps i think. Clutch when car is in motion has very nice behaviour and responsiveness.
    And nonnex 1) g27 pedals are decent 2) a media with engine sound is a nice joke 3) Sometimes especially in multiplayer crashes happen 4) its not my intention to be a great poster in my life... neither a guy that posts whatever bull$h!t just to add another post without having anything to say. Cheers and learn not to be rude when you are not offended.
  8. nonnex

    nonnex Alien

    C'mon, your OP was a invitation for such and I was not that rude, just a bit snappy.
    And now your second post reads better and more serious and we can start fresh from begining.
    So I say sorry and welcome.

    Yes you're right about the clutch and I have also noticed this.
    An overhaul of the clutch behavior in a more realistic way would be a good addition to the simulation. Maybe as an option like ABS TC and so on. Would love to have this as an additional grade a driver has to handle.

    What especially you don't like with the current collision model?
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2015
  9. nikolas88

    nikolas88 Rookie

    As far as the collision system is concerned i really dont like the fact that when you get hit from behind, even with low speeds a pinball effect starts and the race in many cases gets ruined. The car should receive more the energy from the impact in my opinion and not travel like a rocket to other vehicles. This would benefit mp races i believe.
  10. nonnex

    nonnex Alien

    Yap, the pinball effect was mentioned many times before. I think there is something wrong with the force calculations in the engine when a box is hitting another box. It seems that the box gains additional force from nowere in this moment. Its like if the bumpers would popp out like springs and push the other cars additionally.

    In racing there are many situations where cars "touch" each other slightly while slipstreaming bumper on bumper. Example "Nascar" racing and I never saw an effect like this there. ;)
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2015
  11. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    I you explore the ini files they do have an unassigned key binding for engine start but it does nothing as of yet.

    I would imagine they will add the feature at some point,maybe in patch 1.2.

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