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Dear kunos

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Magun, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Magun

    Magun Racer

    "Are Kunos struggling with AC.
    When AC first came out, after the Tech' demo, I thought that at last we were going to have a track racing sim' that was going to be the very best.

    At about the same time GSC 2013 (now GSCE) was released on an early release deal; it was only on early release for a few weeks and the full program was then released after a few bugs were detected and fixed.
    Since then various updates have been made, inluding cars and tracks and recentlly graphics and sounds and a new tyre model with "flat spots" is coming very soon.

    They never made any promises on dates for updates; just a loose staement that they had a long term commitment and would be updating into the foreseeable future.

    I think people would be more happy if Kunos had not gone on about the 2 weekly update thingy; which we all know has long gone.
    Another mistake I think Kunos made with AC is that they tried to, "please all of the players all of the time." They have ended up with a racing sim that is a bit "not conventional" and it has not worked.

    Yes the physics, FFB tyre model etc etc are top of the range; but are challenged by GSCE and rF2 to name just a couple.
    It has a lot of the trappings of simcade stuff, with achievements and the like, which are not needed in a track racing sim imo...maybe the Steam connection can be blamed for that.

    It is early release and has been on "sale" several times and yes, I know this is not a new thing; but it is still a kick in the teeth for the supporters of early release, that bought on day one, because they thought AC was going to smash all other sim's and wanted to support it.

    I still play AC, 350 hours +, but I have to pick the bits as a track sim racer, much better to have a sim like GSCE, that is just "track sim racing" to go.

    I still prefer GPL to any of them. :)"

    I found this in the Steam Forum's. I questioning myself aswell what happen in future? You alway's say you want to surprise us. But finaly what you are doing is disenchant your People. You Guy's coud might fix some small thing's while working on biger Stuff. I see there is still progress and we get Update's. But with your Big Word's and Big Promisses' nothing happend. Its like you muck us around. You cant Promisse a Laserscanned Nordschleife till September and we are now at the End of it. It's Friday and there is no Update there is no Statement or comment's. You guy's fool the People that buy the Game with your 2 Week's Update rhytm.

    I like the work till now. Im happy with the Game but not with the Lack of communicaton and information of Procces. Go watch the Timeline where is it? We are in 2014 btw. Where is the Screenshots on Facebook for each 1000 Like's? Cant you plane in future and just stop promise stuff what you wont hold anyway? Or you just like to fool People all Day? You guy's just tell you do but you dont! And thats my Problem. You might fool me once but not fool me twice. Be sure i wont buy any DLC bevor this Game is Finished. Finished not 1.0.

    Hard word's i know. But there are some People they want answer's and holded promises and not beeing fooled all the Time. So take this as constructive criticism.

    Cheers keep working.

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  3. Pingus

    Pingus Simracer

    We just don't know how things are going at Kunos. What if the current build has dramatically improved ? They obviously decided to go quiet on what will happen in the future. Let's have some faith. Let's see what happen once 1.0 has landed, if it was worth the wait.

    The 1.0 step is THE major step you can't fail. Communication is one thing, I agree it's important, but succeeding/failing the launch of your game is quite a ****in thing. They obviously focus on the last part, let's give them that, they don't bull**** us with typical PR moves.

    I have faith, I haven't been disappointed by Kunos so far. I haven't seen a single step backward in the game's progression. I should higher my expectations you may think.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2014
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  4. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    We are officially living in the age of entitlement.
  5. kingdomblues

    kingdomblues Racer

    never happy...

    a little meditation for you can be useful :)
  6. TTM

    TTM Alien

    It's better to be quiet than promise something big and then fail.. I'm sure that there is news when there is something to tell...
  7. Jason101

    Jason101 Gamer

    No. It's not about entitlement, it's about communication, how many month's in now and we are STILL missing core features for any basic sim racer, (pit stops, driver changes mid race, career mode, championship mode, AI fixes, multiplayer fixes, day night cycle, damage, physics tweaks, proper flag rules for each racing discipline etc...etc) PLEASE not another content update with a new car or a new track. If all the core features are added in version 1 i'll eat my words and i'll be pleasantly surprised and a happy camper, but right now there has been scant information on ANY progress, please correct me if im wrong.
  8. Jason101

    Jason101 Gamer

    The thing is, core features aren't something big
  9. Maranello46

    Maranello46 Racer

    I don´t understand why some users only allow positive feedback for Kunos and Assetto. Not everything have been done well .

    Everything that Magun says is true, as well as the quote.

    I hope that Assetto will be the best sim in the following years, but somethings have to change.

    But as I said in other post, is a problem of expectations. Either Kunos has not known how to communicate or some of us We haven´t understood the aim of this game or maybe both.

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2014
  10. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    Theres positive feedback and negative feedback.

    Then there's whinging about a product that hasnt measured up to expectations of a version that hasn't been released yet.
    Backmarker likes this.
  11. prolarone

    prolarone Gamer

    To be honest I think we DO live in the age of entitlement. I agree that KS needs to communicate slightly more often though - more sneak peeks and things like that; we also know that they're working their asses off so well, there's that. I don't mind a short wait if the improvements are substantial.
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  12. Jason101

    Jason101 Gamer

    Core features guys core features, is that to much to ask as an entitled paying consumer ;) sure it may not be as sexy as a new track or car, but hell a full length race with full rules would make my day hehehe. Kunos please speak up, make it so and ease my worried mind. btw not bashing just concerned
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  13. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    We are not missing core features for any basic sim racer, any basic sim racer only needs a track, a car, and a timer. What you suggest is for advanced sim racers who want a bigger immersion to mimic real life racing.
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  14. Jason101

    Jason101 Gamer

    sure Quffy but right now AC is a hotlap simulator with iffy AI maybe the blancpain Nords dlc will have all these features built in? who knows ergo lack of communication
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  15. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    Some of the core features mentioned were never even promised when you bought the game.

    You know what you will get in V1. If they dont keep their promise then you can have a whinge.

    And even if they dont, you paid $30 for hours and hours of enjoyment.

    There arent too many bargains like that in this world, and we are all damn lucky to have the privilege of being about to complain about these things.
  16. Filippo94

    Filippo94 Alien

    Wrong, a racing sim needs all the features mentioned above, a driving sim needs only car, track and timer.

    I'm enjoying AC as a driving simulator, but as a racing sim it is simply insufficient. I, personally, can't do a race with just cars, tracks and times, I need also rules, then maybe strategy, so pit stops and weather and so on. I can race against AI because they try to follow the elementary rule of staying in the track, online it's now always as there, and penalizing everyone miss a braking zone exiting from the track it's not the best solution.

    All obviously IMHO.[/i][/i]
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  17. This is a list of things that YOU think a basic sim racer needs....5 out of the 10 things you listed aren't even planned for 1.0 and some of them might not be implemented ever....but let me guess, it is also Kunos's fault that you didn't research what you were buying.
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  18. Then please explain to me how it is that I race people everyday using AC
  19. Maranello46

    Maranello46 Racer

    I would be totally happy paying more for a better sim (it´s all I can do)!

    I´m not going to ask for more without pay their work!
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2014
  20. According to many here, iracing has the features that qualify as a better or more serious sim and they will be more than glad to take alot more of your money...look for a promotion code to get started and go have fun!
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  21. Filippo94

    Filippo94 Alien

    I don't have to explain anything about you, that's just my opinion as specified at the end of the post. Differently form lots of people I always speak for myself only, except specification.

    Maybe because I don't like racing, as my hardware is really incapable about that, but I raced really few times against AI, and even fewer online, compared to how much hotlap I've done. I just can't enjoy it, and getting penalized because I don't have analog brakes it's just too much for me.

    Do you race with your friends/in a league or only in public unknown servers?
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