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Dear kunos

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Magun, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Magun

    Magun Racer

    NICE! Just nice.
  2. petesky

    petesky Simracer

    Just gotta be patient I guess, no talk from kunos means more work...V1 will be done when it's done.
  3. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    Many of the things they are supposedly working on, I think are in a pretty good state as it is.

    I would prefer to see some progress on;

    - 5 second penalty throttle cut. This just needs to die a horrible horrible death in the fires of hell. A different penalty system, for me, is a priority.

    - improving the collisions in MP. Collisions cause the cars to overreact, and spin out needlessly. Cars should be able to rub panels without resulting in spin outs and pile ups.

    - improving the appearance of the older tracks, Nurburgring GP, Mugello, I'd add vallelunga in there as well. All these tracks look a step behind Imola and Monza.
  4. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    I have noticed this, however maybe its because of the environment of the tracks? Monza and Imola are quite closed in (guarding), narrower and have a lot of trees and buildings close to the track. I think the others dont have the same immersion because they have naturally scarce surroundings.
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  5. Felice Pugliese

    Felice Pugliese Hardcore Simmer

    I think the disappointment of the people here regarding the lack of communication is at this time directed mainly to the non-appointment of September with the dlc announced months ago and as a result no communication or referral eta future. Personally I think this is a more honest way of working, the releases "2week" have heavily influenced the development of this sim but allowed to keep the community always interested in ac. Now it's too late and you just have to wait and see what brings us this CR. I have lost hope for some important functions to sim racers also because many fans have facilitated this boy here with their stubborn faith and thick steaks on the eyes. not share many of the choices made by Kunos December to now but it is too late and hope to see on pc finally the most beautiful sim of all time disappears from day to day, I can say with certainty that if the final version will be the rule 5 seconds in the race as it is now applied, and other nonsense simcade disinstallerĂ² AC from my pc and go back where I always run, if I want a simcade really think there will be much better soon, if it had worked we would have a true sim now a masterpiece. hotlap good at all.
    Luigi Gianni Vollaro likes this.
  6. Pascalwb

    Pascalwb Hardcore Simmer

    2 week updates definitely slowed down development, but it was probably right thing to do, to get new people here. Let's see if they can finish it this year and then we can wait for other features in next updates.
  7. megaCoffee

    megaCoffee Simracer

    If you're willing to go back to less realistic sims, good for you. I cannot, because in a racing simulation, I value the fidelity of the physics simulation above all else.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
  8. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

    I love all these attempts to bully Kunos.

    "Give us everything we demand now, or your game is just simcade!!!":mad:

    Do you really think Kunos give a flying f*** that you think their game is simcade?

    And no, they shouldn't, because many more think the game is coming along very nicely, and are happy to let Kunos get on with it without a childish strop every 2 days because they haven't yet delivered all the features you DEMAND!
  9. I am still enjoying myself as I work my way through each track trying to get the lap times of each default car that I am interested in (basically the road car versions) within 104% of the WR (PRO) times. I still have three tracks to go, so Kunos have a bit of time yet before they need to provide me with another fix :D
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  10. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    I take your point, that probably is *some* of the issue. Monza and Imola are closed in by trees a lot of time, you are right. However silverstone is wide open too and that looks a bit better (still not great) than Mugello, Nurburgring etc.
  11. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    You've got it totally wrong. It's not a DEMAND, it's FEAR. FEAR that the final simulation isn't what we hoped, that they cop out drop the ball and leave us with the best car & tire physics and some great ffb and netcode and some nice graphics. FEAR they leave us in some purgatory with some very aracadish features such as the 5 second penalty, *****s driving backwards around the track in MP and some huge gaps in realism such as no tire flat spots, gravel you can't get stuck in and no flags or pit-stops and cars that won't even stall, with no time frame in which they are even finished.

    We bought in with promises of a 'highly realistic racing simulation' and with Kunos CV from Netkar that it might be a simulation.

    So how the hell can we poor addicted fools, addicted to the game with the best feel behind the wheel just sit on our hands and just say nothing? Even if there is practically no chance they are even reading any of this stuff.
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  12. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

    So they didn't make the game YOU wanted them to make?


    That's life. Get over it.
    You either make the best of what you have, or move on.

    Crying in forums, or calling Kunos names, or trying to goad them with "simcade" taunts is going to achieve a HUGE NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. You won't change a thing.
    Go play "super-uber-sim-that-all-games-ever-should-be-a-clone-of" if that makes you happy instead. And take this as a lesson to never buy a pre-release game again.

    Or maybe just let Kunos get on with trying to make something better, something different, something that takes time.
    Dunno, just a thought.
  13. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    Wow, prickly old poet.
    He he loves his Arcade Simulations.
    That there might just be one next generation racing simulation on the market that might actually what it bloody well said it was going to be really annoys him. He's hoping for Forza for PC to play with his XBOX freaking controller, these other dudes asking for a Racing Simulation, spoiling is day, what *****les. Not as if there are like freaking loads of other games out and coming out that would suit his needs perfectly.
    Magun likes this.
  14. plaid

    plaid Alien

    @poet and @Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Correct me if Im wrong, but you seem to have very different opinions one some things and you probably will not archive a consent.

    If there's nothing to archive then stress, maybe you and overall the whole community could simply except it, if we sometimes have different opinions instead of fighting about who is right, no matter if its the fanboys, rather neutral people and people who are more negative about AC.

    Instead of get getting depressed about some negative reactions - you better should be able to deal with, if you release a product to a wide audience - they probably enjoy the cars they got delivered, besides working on the game. One game of many that will not be the holy grail for everyone.
    If the devs think critic or complaints are unreasonable they probably ignore it, but they probably don't need people who defend them either, especially if its a topic you can argue about and something is really wrong to some degree and other potential customers get insulted.
    For real: If people get pissed, cause someone got a negative opinion they disagree with, the forum could be closed and replaced by a Like-button.

    I try to understand every persons opinions here, but how offensive some can get is beyond me.

    BTW: I don't want to play the local authority, especially cause you both are 10 years older then me, its just that I wish we can enjoy the forum as we enjoy the actual game...ehrm, ...open servers aside.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
    Magun and Erwin like this.
  15. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    You make some very fair and evenhanded observations. Nothing I can disagree with.

    The thing is I'm passionate about this simulation, what it is and even more what it could be. I refuse to have some guy who can't even invest $200 dollars in a ffb wheel try to silence me and shout me down. If Kunos listen to anyone at all I would be surprised. In fact they should really ignore everyone and do what the hell they want.

    However the few people like me who share my opinions have the right to express those opinions without being talked down to by some fake forum police fanboys. People that have no real passion for the simulation, because let's be honest practically everything on the market suits their needs. Why they feel the need to come here and derail the possibility of the most realistic racing ever with yet another Forza/GT/Need for Speed clone is beyond my comprehension.
    donShere and BMASTER like this.
  16. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

    No worries man, not stressing here. :)
    I've now seen the light.
    This Arcade game obviously completely sucks and we should all hate on Kunos until they deliver NKGTRfactor3 and nothing less.
  17. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    I know it's HARD for you to understand with your bloody gamepad, there is no NKGTRfactor3. Obviously you cannot appreciate the best ffb in the racing industry. This is it.
    This thread has nothing whatsoever to do with you. It is just some guys venting over what they hope can be in the game and what they would prefer. Nobody is hating on Kunos or even able to bully them on a moderated message board anyhow, everyone loves them but might prefer the simulation to have extra features that may or may not be included. Your observations and thoughts are not sadly required or useful.
    donShere likes this.
  18. plaid

    plaid Alien

    Well, I probably know now, that it would be bloody bad idea for me to join a forum for politics, where the influence of the topic is massive for one or more country, in opposite to a videogame or sim.
    I will take vaccation in the Mario Kart-forum. :p

    @Luigi Gianni Vollaro
    I visited other forums and its easier there to discuss about sims on a factual level, without some topics being a tabu.
    I don't like it, too, if I my person or sanity is questioned, simply cause I articualte unpopular thoughts. While the influence on the devs will probably be limited anyway.
    Whatever: The internet seems to make humans worse. I would think twice to go out of the door if even people of the age of 30,40 or 50 would act like on the internet.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
  19. TheBestBeast

    TheBestBeast Simracer

    And what's wrong to play with the pad??? Please explain me and enlighten me...
  20. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Nothing's wrong with using a game pad. But I can't possibly imagine using it in a sim. I'm driving a car here, not flying a spaceship. And you can't discuss ffb never experienced it. I think using a wheel is crucial. But if you like your pad, use it. All good here.
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