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Dear kunos

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Magun, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    Do you mean this?

    There is nothing wrong with it really. I mean I played with something similar for many years. However the car & tire physics and the ffb with Assetto Corsa is the best in the industry, truth to be said that you would get lots more out of the simulation if you had even a G27. In fact with a controller like this you'd get almost as much out any other sim-racing title. This title supports it and you are welcome to play online anytime with me, it's just that this particular simulation if you have a wheel has a special place in our hearts. I'm happy being an equal to someone with a controller but not their subordinate.
  2. TheBestBeast

    TheBestBeast Simracer

    All I can say this is simply the best game for the pad :) It's almost like you feel everything what is going on :D BUt it can't compare to FFB ofc :)
    It's crucial ofc to have a wheel but you have to try to drive with the pad :D It's really good :D
  3. TheBestBeast

    TheBestBeast Simracer

    Word :D Simply the best gamepad out there :D
  4. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    My Logitech Rumblepad 2 doesn't get near AC, I swear.
  5. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    Sorry if I get too excited. Will now chill out.........
  6. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

    I don't have a wheel, or pod, or dk2, so I know I'm not a real proper internationally recognized sim-racer and I've learnt to live with that particular sorrow in my life, but I do think AC is an amazing game and experience. Just as it is. Right now.

    What you actually mean is the game you WANT it to be has a special place in your heart. Some fantasy game that doesn't yet exist (not to say that Kunos aren't working their best to make it so) is what you cling to so hard.
    If this game genuinely had a special place in your heart then you wouldn't be calling it arcade and simcade on the games own forums!

    That's the difference. Some of us have already accepted and love this game for what it is. Not what we want it to be.
  7. Pingus

    Pingus Simracer

    I moved from a 360 controller to a Xbox one gamepad and I clearly have improved my lap times, with every car, on every track. The controls are much more accurate and the triggers (aswell as the sticks) are really nice, great stuff. Kudos to the Microsoft r&d.
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  8. Felice Pugliese

    Felice Pugliese Hardcore Simmer

    the physics simulation is definitely a key part but if everything else is not finished or arcade is pretty useless, except for hotlap mode. Then let's be realistic, I own all the best sim on the market today and I was signing up for iRacing until 2 months ago, according to you, what would these sim less realistic? perhaps it is understood that they menire feeling of ffb and little else but for the rest the realism you're looking for today is totally absent from AC until now, I talk about dynamic weather, real track, tire wear, swap pilot, day nigth, dynamic trajectory , mechanical damage and aesthetic, complete configuration commands, rules, flags, pit stops, and I can go on ... but it is no AC in the car physics, and then ... ?? So please do not say now that AC is the best of all when only looks better than the others but lacks everything else.
  9. Felice Pugliese

    Felice Pugliese Hardcore Simmer

    could have been very easily, but it was decided no, and this in addition to not understand is also difficult to forgive.
  10. I am utterly useless with gamepads.
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  11. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    A few myths...

    -The sim is arcadish, tough live with it. - It's not finished or even released yet, who knows (other than the devs and beta testers)
    -We are trying to bully Kunos - We aren't, just venting, suggesting, pleading, ranting etc
    -We hate Kunos - We don't
    -Kunos will listen to us - they won't
    -Kunos need to be protected from criticism by random forum people - They don't
    -We can't vent or say what we'd ideally like the sim to be in one thread with out be policed by some random dude - We can
    -The game is as it is and must stay that way - it could be different
    -People with game pads fully understand the game and what it is - they don't, please buy a wheel, but not saying it isn't enjoyable or you shouldn't play or you are a lesser person, but really you don't need to be playing AC any more than another sim
    -We don't have a right to ask for different features - We do (even if they fall on deaf ears)
    -You are dreaming of a fantasy sim that can't possibly ever exist - It could
    -If the simulation becomes more hardcore then that's bad if you like arcade(ish) features - Makes no difference, the arcadish features are in already, it's really case of adding more simulation type features or not.
    -If you like super hardcore features there is some other sim out there you should be playing instead - There isn't
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
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  12. Luca Zari

    Luca Zari Racer

  13. mike9572

    mike9572 Racer

    What about the warning about early access version? The one you saw and read (at least you should have...) when you bought AC. I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like: "early access means the development of an early access game might be slow and even abandoned. If you have a problem with that, you should consider not buy this game". Some clicked on "I accept (and buy)" and today are ranting about promises, schedules, "it's not normal that Kunos doesn't release what-when i want", etc. Funny.
    Grow up, guys. :rolleyes:
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  14. TCLF

    TCLF Alien

    "This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development."
  15. Hanzales

    Hanzales Racer

    Here is my short one. Not saying AC is the best of all, but for me it feels the best of all others.
    I'm owning all the racing titles too (maybe all of them) and a lot of content in Iracing (subscribed for years, cancelled a few months ago). Last months I'm enjoying mostly AC. It's like 80% of time spent in AC and 20% in all other currently playing titles (RF2, R3E, pCars, P&G and HistoriX mods). Looking forward for all of the upcoming features too, but even at this early state I'm enjoying Assetto Corsa the most (ever) and that's only because of feelings while driving those beasts ;o) And cannot imagine what will be here in let's say next 2 years.
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  16. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    Kunos can give me whatever they want.
    But also...
    I can want them to give me whatever I want. Doesn't mean anyone should listen to my BS.

    35 Euro is like a pint of beer or two in Norway. I could not care less about the money. I'd pay ten times as much happily, just the direction of the underlying sim is a concern given the potential to be the most realistic, most fun sim ever, we're just sayin' keep it real Kunos.
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  17. A.r.e.s.

    A.r.e.s. Hardcore Simmer

    is there a wireless solution to the xbone controller on PCs?

    To this I say, if you can update the front page with v0.22 and the fixes that followed, you can update the world about the closed beta. I don't think it's appropriate to keep new purchasers in the dark about that one. As well, IMHO, if you can update the front page about game update and hotfixes, you can update you users about the plan of an early access title.

    Kickstater is implementing rules to combat lazy developers(not saying Kunos is) and prevent to release of unfinished products with no end in sight. Valve will likely do the same soon, as it is becoming a problem on their own storefront. This game not being crowdfunded(believe Stephano said that) is interesting. They have earned a lot of money from the sale of this title in early access. If that money was used to further develop the game, then it is crowdfunded to some degree and the community/investors deserve updates, legally speaking we have paid for a part of the game/software we have every right to check it's progress and terminate the project if we(collectively) see fit. If the money is to be used for DLC and future content(one of which we know is in dev), then we deserve updates about that. If the money is purely profit for the team.....well good for them, I have no reason to be updated on anything. Software dev is much like any other development process. If investors are involved, they legally have a right to check the progress of project and decide at the end whether or not to release/move ahead. If the team is self funded as they suggest, they alone have that same legal right. I wonder where all of our money has gone? Vacations were taken a month a go so who knows :rolleyes:

    My $0.02.

    I love AC and will play it for a while still, but this lack of communication over the last month, with the implications incited only by Kunos own DLC release estimate, is dissappointing. Theres still a few days left in Sept for a release or community announcement about the future, but really? "

    "Hoping to be released in Sept!"

    **Very last day of Sept**
    "Nah, sometime soon tho."

    Not exactly the most professional approach. And going into a closed beta for some undetermined amount of time could mean absolutely anything. It could mean the release is close, it could also mean its a ways off, pCars was in closed beta for a year or more if I'm not mistaken.
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  18. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Posting the updates log isn't the same thing as announcing updates to come, one can do the first, but the second doesn't necessarily have to occur even if it doesn't take time to write it and announce. But they already said the updates we are going to get, which is improved sounds, improved gfx, 3d models, physics etc... We know they are working on that during beta, is not like they left us in the dark about it, but they also don't have to report to us line by line the changes are gonna make; don't forget if they intend to surprise us with features, is better to keep it as surprise rather than demanding to know the detailed progress. You say as we paid for early access we have every right to check its progress, but they also have every right as a company to keep stuff internally rather than putting it all out. Like I said, they told the "investors" everything they needed to know about what they are working for game release, but why are you (you in general) demanding to know every detail of the changes/updates being done.
  19. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    If by "lack of communication" you mean "they announce things I dislike" such as closed beta, no update this weekend, squezzing to implement stuff and so... then you're right A.r.e.s. ;)
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  20. Pingus

    Pingus Simracer

    Not yet (I doubt it will happen anytime soon since MS announced the "Xbone controller for Windows" bundle and it comes with a cable so...). Had a 2.5m micro usb -> usb cable so it's ok.

    Sry for the off-topic.
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