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Dear kunos

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Magun, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Magun

    Magun Racer

    Facepalm if you cant say what your Problem is then stay where you are and start growing. Palm. Ignored.

    Edit: I think i request the Dev's to close this Thread. Just a ****storm that came down here and brought in all theses Troll's. If People in Age of 30 and more cant discuss like a Grown i dont know where it shoud end. Maybe watch New's and there is the answer.
  2. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    My problem is with the unappreciative and self-absorbed.
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  3. Enforcer-J

    Enforcer-J Racer

    Says he who used a personal laptime as part of an argument that only strengthened somebody elses argument!

    If anything, locking of this thread will stop you from embarrassing yourself further.

    You've played 500 hours... if you are going to spend that much time on a game in early access and then complain about it, you are going to get 'trolled'.
  4. Rodrigo Pires

    Rodrigo Pires Simracer

    a little buggy, but it works, not sure if it was revamped in rf2...

    in n2k3 you could do driver swaps, but it was a hack outside the sim.
  5. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    There have been countless threads like this, but idiocy/post ratio is sky high in this one.
  6. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    People often mistake "trolls" for users who hate or dislike the game, when its often the complete opposite. Many of the people who are clamoring for features or who get impatient over release dates are often the people that love the game the most, but they can see that it could be better.
  7. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

    Yes, we all know where the game could be improved.
    But calling it Arcade or Simcade because some treasured feature isn't included YET in a PRE-RELEASE build, is just throwing the teddy from the pram.

    Anyway, interested by this "event" they seem to be getting ready for. Though we already know at least 1 journalist is going across to play, so maybe some kind of press event?
  8. plaid

    plaid Alien

    Yeah. Works excelent on forums that aren't focused of official for one game or general game- or hardware-forums. In reality I never experience that either, if people act like that they simply get excluded from me and my social circles. In the official ones it sometimes like you said something about another persons wife or kid, while talking about a videogame, so a object not capable of feeling anything.
    I probably will focus on another forum for chit chat to have normal conversations with normal people. :D
  9. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Normal people? We are sim racers. :D
  10. Sakai

    Sakai Simracer

    Exactly, we are consumers. But what does being a consumer means? It seems to me like you think that a consumer is a worthless peasant with zero rights whatsoever, who has to calmly wait for gods above him to deliver what he wants. Frankly, i have a very different opinion on that, as does many others. Especially when it comes to early access, where consumers basically fund the development of a game.
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  11. megaCoffee

    megaCoffee Simracer

    I hope to lord jebus that the devs aren't reading this thread because it is genuinely embarrassing.
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  12. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    It's about time it was closed just a slanging match.
    Stupid stupid :confused::confused:o_O
  13. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    Rules for Sim forum posters...

    1. You may never ask for a feature or suggest a direction of development or risk the facepalm wrath of the developer's disciples. This is not Walmart dude.
    2. If you disagree with someone else you must have 45,000 facepalm memes for every occasion. Dish them out liberally. You can of course just write facepalm, but it is considered a little lame.
    3. Never ask for even a the slightest information or thy will be faceplamed.
    4. Never post anything that has even a similar thread from since 1997, thy will get facepalmed. Search function facepalm.
    5. If you tire of facepalming you can always use kiddie or child as an effective alternative.
    6. The bluriest photo or the most esoteric text in another language from the developers must be talked about and 50,000 theories suggested for the meaning of it all.

    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
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  14. Acextreme

    Acextreme Gamer

    Erm, I guess you are new to Kuno's style? Nothing you complained in the first post is new if you are from the netKar Pro era - lack of communication, no updates for eon, etc. In fact, I think they did remarkably well in keeping to their promise of an update every fortnight until some time ago which I didn't quite care to follow since I pretty much know that the leopard does not change its spots. Better just enjoy whatever and have surprises. I am not condoning their behavior and I agree with you there should be more communication but honestly, if you are from netKar Pro era, you will know the truth. :D
  15. GamerMuscle

    GamerMuscle Hardcore Simmer

    I'm sure no user or developer is against users asking for features giving feedback or saying what they feel about a product ( if anything its vital )

    The problem lies with people often writing in a way that comes across as they are having a hissy fit over not getting a feature or news when they want it, maybe its just a communication issue to some extent on both sides.

    As a developer its often hard to give defined dates and it takes time to manage a community and even if you do manage a community often you will get some users that simple "don't get it" regardless of how clear you are, smaller developers obviously have even less time to be dealing with individual community members and small development teams might not even have the skill-set or staff or time for managing certain types of users or specific user expectations.

    Other than kunos saying "we are working on AC and trying to make it the best possible simulator we can with our resources" what else would or could they say ?

    If they give dates for content what happens when they miss a date due to the realities of it being very hard to pin down release dates for R&D based code ?

    Even if for example you know or believe you know something that's in a companies best interest all you can do is recommend it because in the end its not your project you simply paid 17-25 or so for early access of the playable AC code that is published on steam and whatever they release as 1.0.

    Chances are a developer already wants to do or is working on X common feature especially with a simulator. When they have not and the game is lacking that feature its more often than not simply down to resources and time.
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  16. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    I was just making fun of certain people calling kiddies and facepalming liberally in every post, just having a joke.
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  17. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer


    "Tonight on WatchDog we investigate the questionable practices surrounding what are often called "Early Access" Games for Computers.

    Many customers are feeling let down after not being given full absolute control of the company for their payment for the game.

    We examine your rights and explain how purchasing an "Early Access" game should afford you the same rights as a company Chairman or controlling StockHolder.

    Tonight on BBC1."
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  18. GamerMuscle

    GamerMuscle Hardcore Simmer

    lol always happens on forums I think its just all round frustration due to how hard it can be to communicate properly though written txt so people resort to teasing and making jokes to elevate some of the pressure.
  19. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    If you have problems with the user Michael Hornbuckle, please solve problems in private. For your delight, I warned and banned Michael in the past, like everyone else. And Michael knows it can happen again, like everyone else. You're on the good way to be the next. There's a thin line between constructive critiques and nonsense whining.

    Thread closed and dark side mode enabled: next time will take measures without warning anymore, because sometimes it seems the only way.

    For your information, official communication channels are Facebook, Twitter and official website.

    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
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