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Default graphics settings

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SkinnyCyclist, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. SkinnyCyclist

    SkinnyCyclist Rookie

    When you first time start ACC, are the graphics settings a (reasonable) calculation based on your system, or is it just a default preset?

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  3. Demo

    Demo Racer

    I do not know but, I've found all the settings to the maximum level. So I tested the this settings in practice mode and was practically unplayable.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
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  4. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Definitely not calculating settings by your system.

    And I'll write it here again, blur should be off by default.
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  5. nanucq

    nanucq Racer

    On mine, all was maxed out and it works Flawlessly.
    Then I just removed "Motion Blur" and decreased "Saturation" from 100 to 80 and I got a very pleasant configuration.
  6. nanucq

    nanucq Racer

    sorry, double post
  7. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Shadows to Low to Med since shadows are eathing FPS in every game :)
  8. Cantago_NL

    Cantago_NL Gamer

    The strange thing is, I compared AC to ACC, and AC looks much better regarding the anti aliasing. And if you ask me, that is the most important setting of them all! It looks like I am playing on a PS3 now... And solutions coming you think?
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  9. Neil Bow

    Neil Bow Rookie

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  10. Scorpionx01

    Scorpionx01 Rookie

    My settings for 980ti @1400mhz and 4k
    Temporal AA high
    Shadow high (medium brings not much more fps)
    effects high (on medium there are no raindrops on windshield)
    Post prozessing low (Medium eats fps and is only darker)
    Foliage and textures epic

    Sunny weather 20cars 65 to 70fps (Not when you start the Race, later you have this fps)
    Storm 20cars 45 fps

    So dont drive in stormy weather with slicks and this settings
  11. Stains

    Stains Racer

    Id love a detailed description of all ini file adjustments available for UE4 ACC ?
    Anything that will work for the VR implementation to keep graphics quality but gain fps because I can tell performance is going to be tough for VR !
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  12. grimdanfango

    grimdanfango Gamer

    I agree entirely. Motion blur makes absolutely no sense in games. Motion blur is an artefact of long exposure recording... and when simulated for TV/movie CGI, will give a more "realistic" feel, as it will match the limitations of recording equipment (24-30fps, and thus a requirement for long exposure times and the resultant motion smearing to not feel juddery).
    Following this lead, games implement it, presumably assuming it will give a more "cinematic" feel. Perhaps it does... but it also smears motion cues that your eyes would otherwise use to interpret and fill in motion between unsmeared still frames. It will make a game feel sluggish and laggy.
    For a racing game, it shouldn't really even be an option. If you want smoother motion, you need a higher Hz monitor, not motion smearing.
    VR is even better, with a combination of 90hz and low-persistence OLED display mode.
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  13. Alex2

    Alex2 Gamer

    In ACC reflections are missing. All looks like a comic on paper. AC & shader_patch looks fantastic!
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  14. matz_AUT

    matz_AUT Hardcore Simmer

    I have the same impression on the Anti Aliasing. I think this is some kind of limitation or way of how the UE4 engine does anti aliasing. Also right now, in ACC, the graphics are very soft, so as if to tone down the jagginess of the image. When sharpening the image by scaling up the resolution in game, or using post processing injection like reshade, the image in turn also gets more aliased. Something with UE4 AA is at least weird.
    My impression currently is, that one needs very potent hardware to make UE4 engine shine, at least in an application like sim racing, where all kind of lines are being drawn across the whole screen and good anti aliasing can make a real difference.
    After all ACC is still in developement, so I will wait for the forthcoming EA releases, to see if and how the rendering improves, but my gut feeling is that UE4 engine, for this kind of application needs high resolution.
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  15. dermonty

    dermonty Hardcore Simmer

    Absolutely agree on the motion blur. Its nice to have in a Photo mode but not during the game. The motion blur comes automatically from your eyes and with high FPS and fast movements.
  16. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Has the game an undocumented fps counter?

    I have a smooth experience, visually, while leaving everything at max, only shadow one tick down, and saturation increased to 110.

    How was it with AA and AF in VR (for next month), did you set them on or off for crispier vision? Off, I think, right? I always forget what does what.
  17. Same here this is a must for a low spec pc like mine.
    Performance and stable 60 fps at all times is the most important thing for me.
  18. Cantago_NL

    Cantago_NL Gamer

    I agree. I have a lot older and new games that run fine (even on older UE engine), but in a game like PUBG (also UE4) I feel I have the same problem. So could be UE4. Have to say, with 2560x1440 pixels I don't think I need a higher resolution monitor. I do think UE4 needs a very good PC to run smooth. Especially because lowering the graphics settings does not do a lot to fps, and does not completely change the looks, like for instance GTA V does. Looks like there is a very small window of adjustment compared to other games, including AC.

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