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Devs roadmap.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ChapsF, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. ChapsF

    ChapsF Gamer

    Hello, i think that should be nice to have in the "news and announcements" forum any kind of roadmap, with something like a "working on" list and a "to do" list. I think that would be usefull, because some peoples want to help and if we know, we can have some trys on that your are working on. For example if you're working on pads, soo i'll play with a pad and report problems i encounter.
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  3. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    I think its unlikely that KS will publish a roadmap as such. Most of what they have done has been mostly in secret and "behind closed doors". Unleashing a roadmap (however helpful to the community that would be), would be a massive sea change in attitude.
  4. ChapsF

    ChapsF Gamer

    we'll Keep Secret :p, well ok.

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