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disabled person

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Herouard, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Herouard

    Herouard Rookie

    i can't setup Brake and throttle with **** up and Shift Down because a can't use crankset

    I have a T150 Thrusmaster

    is it impossible or should i change the steering wheel but which one is compatible

    thanks a lot for your help
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  3. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

    same problem. I´m in wheelchair. Have Logiteck G25. Can´t set brake and throttle
    With keyboard it´s not funny.
    Game and graphics are amazing!
    Big thanks for help!!!!!
  4. Herouard

    Herouard Rookie

  5. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

  6. Herouard

    Herouard Rookie

    In assetto Corsa Competizione you can't assign every button
  7. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

    yes, I can´t understand! Do you recommend this 3drap?
  8. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Racer

    ACC requires analog input for throttle and brake, so you need something that can be assigned as an axis.

    Some of the more expensive products have dual clutch pedals on the wheel, which would be very good for this. As example something like the fanatec advanced paddle module. But this is quite expensive, maybe you will find some more diy options.
  9. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

    I will try this 3drap. Fanatec wheel costs more than € 1.000,--!!!!!

    I don´t know why the don´t have normal settings like all other racing games
  10. Herouard

    Herouard Rookie

    i buy 3drap but you have to wait i received it and test but it cost nothing
  11. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

    I just orderd one. Don´t costs so much. I like ACC
    Still play much project cars 2 and WRC 8
  12. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

    Hi, I just received the 3drap hand controller. But I don´t know how to install it?
  13. cyberpad

    cyberpad Rookie

    This is really ignorant of the developers not to even consider such a simple change to the game. In F1 2020, Forza Horizion 4 and many other car racing games, this is not a problem at all, especially when the gearshift is on automatic, throttle and brake can be mapped to the gearshift lever (shoulder buttons) on the steering wheel very easily!

    After all, ACC Gamepad User (even keyboard users) can also throttle and brake with buttons "without potentiometer", so why is the remapping of accelerator and brake to buttons on the steering wheel not allowed here?

    @Acc Developer: Do you have no time or just no desire to support people who have a handicap with legs or feet. This is really a shame!
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  14. schwede81

    schwede81 Rookie

    yes it is a real shame! Every other racing games can use any button. I have the 3drap hand controller. It looks quite good. But I still hope ACC will change this settings! With a small patch it wouldn´t be a problem!!
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  15. cyberpad

    cyberpad Rookie

    BUMP, because ACC hotfix 1.6.6 is out now.

    What? Remapping of accelerator and brake "to buttons" on a steering wheel, "to play without pedals"
    Why? To support people who have a handicap with legs or feet.

    @Acc Developer: Do you have a workaround via this json controller file. Can't be that hard to enable the remapping of axis to buttons, also for steering wheels, just because this remapping is already possible with Gamepad and Keyboard without axis / potentiometer, so without pedals.

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