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Discuss rFactor2

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Ace Pumpkin, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    I would have to agree with this one, the quality scale is rather Dramatic and very displeasing to the eyes, ears and Buttocks. :(
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  2. Yeah. Some of the tracks are so horribly inaccurate that you kinda need to treat them as a new fictional circuits..
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  3. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    Aka One of the Lemans Versions, laughably bad compared to reality. lol
  4. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    rF2's strength has never been graphics or audio but, both are improving and the new lighting and shader's should help considerably once they are implemented. I feel rF2's real strength is in it's driving and racing dynamics, perhaps only exceeded by iRacing although, I don't feel iRacing FFB can match rF2's. rF2 has a certain visceral quality about it for me that makes it easy to want to keep turning laps and racing.

    There are some decent track-mods for rF2 but, they always seem rather dull due to the issues mentioned previously. Whether or not those mods are updated to reflect the coming updates are anyone's guess but, so long as the title continues to evolve, chances of that happening are better for it. Going forward, the best tracks in rF2 are likely to be native rF2 LS tracks if Sebring is anything to go by, and even the best track mods may fall well short of the new standard set by S397.

    There is a lot to be improved in rF2 but, I'm just thrilled to see progress being made. The new content shows the evolution and progress being made, both in graphics and audio, as well as handling and FFB. There are significant updates coming that should increase interest and build momentum for S397 and rF2 and, that may also benefit Reiza's next title as well.

    There are few truly deep-Simulations available today; S397, Reiza and iRacing continue to move deeper into true simulation territory and while they all offer something extra when it comes to a feeling of connection to the car, iRacing stands out in some areas by quite a lot. For example: The drive-train physics are extraordinary imo; the way the clutch engages, the engine load is affected by bumps, the way the component flex (shudder) can be felt when shifting is several levels beyond what RaceRoom offers, all while other titles may be completely devoid of such features.

    Of course, such things are best appreciated with a motion system but, the rarity of such an experience carries a lot of weight, especially in regard to the visceral one. It's such details that can make just turning laps one of pure joy and excitement for some of us. It's a layering of immersion that separates the leader from the rest of the pack where the visceral driving-experience is concerned. rF2 has the potential to reach that level if the developers understand the significance and appreciate the details that make such a difference. IF rF2 ends up being the platform that Reiza builds their next title on, rF2's success also affects that so there may be more at stake than it seems.
  5. We were talking about layout inaccuracies rather than the looks of the tracks, thou. There are tracks like Paul Ricard which actually looks decent but on every single corner you will be surprised because the corner radius or elevation changes are just so badly wrong. Let alone all the finer details like cambers and bumps... The graphics side of it is the least of the problem.

    Edit: And S397 new standards are close to the level other studios have been for years already. Even that is questionable if you think about the forever-built Zandvoort for example. Is it still work in progress..?
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  6. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    There are other tracks that compare quite well; VIR comes to mind but, perhaps that's a conversion from the AC one. I do agree that there are relatively few good mods for rF2 compared to AC but, I don't have that many mods in either case and try to use only the best quality ones. Still, what S397 is doing now and going forward is what matters most imo, and they still have a long way to go but, it's forward progress none the less. AC will be hard to beat in terms of quality mod's, maybe forever.o_O
  7. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    I am sure they are, just got tired of not finding them and ending up wasting my time on sub par simulations.:)

    Are you still talking about the mods, because my post was just about the mods.o_O
  8. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

    Even on those inaccurate layouts it is more engaging, communicative and feels better than anything else.
    Of course for those who prioritize mod track layout accuracy there are better choices.
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  9. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    I'm sorry, I should have clarified; my other comments were general gibberish and not a direct response to you post.
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  10. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    I just tried RF2 for the first time in my life and I didn't expect it to be that good. I usually play AC, ACC and PC2 (everything in VR only).
    I turned off all driving aids, jumped into a "Spark 1968" formula car and drove in historic Monza (Brianza).
    Couldn't believe it: I had an immediate flashback to the old "Grand Prix Legends". The feeling and the force feedback were truly amazing.
    I thought AC feeling was good, but this exceeded all my expectations (in stable 90 FPS in VR!).
    Didn't try much yet but these old formula cars are a blast! It was a fight and I almost experienced real fear (damn fast and hard to keep on track - like in old GPL-days).
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  11. dajdosta

    dajdosta Racer

    You could try also Brabham BT20 at Belgium Spa 66. This combo has become a cliche for rf2 recommendations to try, it is that good.
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  12. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    Yes, the open-wheelers are really great in rF2 imo, especially the classic's.

    The new content that S397 is producing is very good too and there are some very nice GT3 car mods (EnduRacers for one and the URD cars are good also).
  13. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    I just come from testing rF2 in VR for the first time.
    I chose KartSim content because I knew it runs very good on my system...

    I’m immensely impressed I have to say!

    Runs like a charm and feels very engaging. Lots of fun to me.

    I really hope S397 will get their act together to bring the howl sim to this level!

    Praise where praise is due, a big thumbs up from me.

  14. Iame X30 and KartSim tracks on the other hand are probably the best content you can find on the platform. Very well done excluding the rental kart! :)
  15. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    What has anybody against the rental cart?
    I like it, it is what it is. The real thing isn’t any better.

    But yeah, kinda sad that a 3rd party developer has to show S397 how it’s done...
  16. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Today I calibrated steamvr for the first time. Until now it looked like my eyes were on the level of the floor. But rF2 ran in a correct driver position.

    After the calibration I’m not sitting in the car anymore, but half a meter above the roof. I cannot get it back again for the life of me!

    Anybody in vr who can help please? It’s very frustrating since yesterday I had so much fun... well, never touch a running system they say.

    Thx in advance!
  17. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    What happens when you use the "Reset View" button for VR? It can be assigned in the rF2 View settings.
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  18. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Will give it a try. I thought it was the same as ctrl+space, which did nothing.
  19. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    Haha, I wanted to assign ctrl+space to „reset vr view“, but when I pressed the ctrl-key it was over and I got no chance to press the space-bar. From this moment on the ctrl-key is my „reset vr view“-key. :D
  20. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Works like a charm now, thank you very much!
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