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Discussing AC vs. ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Chieflongshin, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Chieflongshin

    Chieflongshin Rookie

    Hi all
    So I’ve been an Xbox gamer for a while and decided to commit to a gaming rig. I’ve gone for an i9 10900 and a rtx 2080ti.

    I had AC on Xbox and it has its limitations as you can imagine. I was up in the air about AC or ACC and decided on the older game. I was curious and haven’t found an answer yet as to whether there are mods on ACC yet in terms of cars or if it’s best to stay with the older game.

    Interested in peoples experience.

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  3. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Alien

    ACC has no mod support
  4. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    ACC only simulates SRO GT3 and GT4 classes. No modding possible. It has rain and 24h day night day cycle, a better network engine, a comprehensive driver rating system. In general, it is better than AC if what you want is multiplayer racing. AC is wonderful for its huge amount of mods and variety of things you can do, plus you can install Content Manager and Sol (both must-have) to get full 24 h cycle, way better graphics and a ton of other features.
  5. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    I have both. The mods in AC are good and you can take a drive in some historic cars etc...its fun.
    ACC is just a whole new level. It is a very focused sim and as such is far more advanced. It runs a more advanced physics and aero model with data recieved from the actual manufacturers. Its the most advanced sim for GT3/4 cars available commercially. But, there is obviously more to it than this when it comes to choosing which is right for you.
    The racing is always very close - the driver is always the factor in winning or losing, never the car, car setups are easier to understand and more in line with real life setup changes, and there is always good action online - remember the bit with all cars being extremely close (BoP).

    I find with AC, there are so many mods and so much choice that it distracts me from focusing on the racing element. I can drive F1 cars, GT, sports, Classics, LMP's etc etc.
    When I fire up ACC, I know I am going GT racing, I know its going to be very competitive too, because everyone else online is also going GT racing and the entire grid will be focused and competitive.

    I think both have their spot. One is full of mods, the other is a super-focused GT sim.
    If I had to choose just one, it would be ACC as I favour racing and industry-leading physics simulation over the content, although the mod content on AC is fantastic. Driving Senna's F1 car around an old Monaco track.....wow.
  6. Chieflongshin

    Chieflongshin Rookie

    Appreciate the replies so far thank you. I’ve never been drawn in by gt3 so not sure that’s the right one for me. I like dipping in and out of a genre too much. Interesting to know the difference. I was just curious as to whether anyone had cracked the mods yet.
  7. Turk

    Turk Alien

    While ACC might seem like it's offering a lesser package than the traditional throw everything including the kitchen sink at it approach. It works really well. I don't get to sim all that often, but when I do it's all ACC, the others don't really grab my attention anymore. It's on another level when it comes to immersion and it becomes less about what car your driving and much more about developing your skill as a driver. All the distractions are removed, all you can do is focus on getting better.

    I don't see it ever having mods, it would ruin the appeal of the title.
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  8. NemethR

    NemethR Hardcore Simmer

    Well, for me ACC is the game I was waiting for 15 years. Ever since GTR2
    It is a pure racing simulator, that has a quality over quantity approach.

    Sure, more cars, and tracks are always welcome, BUT the cars and tracks in the game are really well done, the Balance of Performace works great, and racing online is for me huge fun.
    I really hope the game will be as prosperous as the SRO series have been over the years.
  9. Odbball

    Odbball Racer

    In AC i don’t like GT3 racing. Multiplayer Always lobby after lobby of GT3 cars racing at Spa. Not my cup of tea at all.

    In ACC I love GT3 racing. It’s the closest Multiplayer racing I have experienced, and I think this is for 2 reasons, 1) you could only drive GT3 cars so everyone gets competent in them, 2) you can have up to 30 drivers in a session, and this happens regularly. In a 30 driver race there are so many cars on track you are always racing against someone, even if it’s for 25th place.
    2 more pluses for ACC -
    - when was the last time anyone saw 16 cars get round the first bend at Monza in AC? Unless it’s a league race never. In ACC it doesn’t happen every time but it happens because of the Safety rating system.
    - players in ACC finish their online races. In AC 16 start the race, and in 10 lap race you can end up with me and the winner. In ACC players don’t just quit, you get more SA points for completing, so you get close racing all race.

    My advice - get AC ultimate edition for a tenner, AND buy ACC, book a week off work, send the mrs and kids to the mother in laws, come back and tell us how you got on!
  10. unpierrot

    unpierrot Racer

    About ACC, if GT3 is not your cup of tea, don't forget the GT4 DLC. These cars doesn't handle like GT3.
    But as Odbball said, buy both AC and ACC :)
    ACC because it's one of the best racing simulator on the market (edit : and your rig is able to handle it in its full glory).
    AC because ACC doesn't contain Nordschleife.
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  11. Burnleyhome

    Burnleyhome Racer

    AC for me was too much choice.
    I did the career and the cars drive so different, it was hard to choose which one I liked.
    I settled on GT2 cars for fun, but then with all the different tracks, I would drive around my favorite 20 or so, unfocussed but having alot of fun.

    For an hour playing AC, I would drive the same car on maybe 5 tracks. In ACC, it would be driving a single track.
    In AC I would practice a track, but after a spin or 2, the itch for another one of my fav tracks starts and I bounce to that.
    In ACC my practice is focussed either on fastest time (tweaking lines), or being consistent (same lines).

    I never really did multiplayer in AC. The few times I was trundling at the back as I was unfocused at practicing and too many mistakes.
    In ACC, I love the CP races. Public races is great racing.

    Two very different games. For me I haven't touch AC in close to a year.

    You had AC on XBox. Did you like driving around cool cars, or the multiplayer racing?
    If the multiplayer racing is what gets you, do you mind spending hours on a single track to get the laptimes so you can be better at multiplayer racing?

    Remember, this is my opinion and you're not me.
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  12. Turk

    Turk Alien

    It's amazing how quickly an hour passes in a CP race. It's a much better experience than a 20 minute race. For the most part that one lap hero mentality is gone.
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  13. FriendOfJah

    FriendOfJah Racer

    Hi NemethR - I couldn't agree more. I loved GTR2 and ACC is definitely its successor for me too.
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  14. SlowLarry

    SlowLarry Gamer

    You buy yourself such a neat gaming rig and now you are broke? Cant afford the 40€ for ultimate edition assetto corsa + 75€ acc+dlc?

    AC is a really cool driving simulator. Its tons of fun coming home from work and pick a great car out of literally hundreds works of love and drive some laps on the Nordschleife or some of the other really cool tracks like Sandevoerde, Longford etc. just for relaxing. But i always liked the competitive side of online racing too. This is were AC lacks a little, especially in non-league racing. I found it a pain in the *** downloading all the cars, skins etc before going on a server. Something was always missing etc. None of this happens in ACC. You pick your car, pick a server and you will have a race. After a while youll know which servers bring competitive clean racing and which one will descend into brawling chaos. Many leagues are driving ACC and in the last months we saw an ever growing community doing events like 12h of Bathurst etc. On top of that ACC even features a decent AI!

    So, go and buy both, just to be on the safe side. Otherwise, pick what sounds more like your idea of fun, but seriously, buy both... ;)
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  15. NemethR

    NemethR Hardcore Simmer

    I had a great Experience today, and thought i share it with you.

    ComPetition Race at 20:00, Server 2, Monza

    Dry practice
    Wet Qualifying - Qualified in 8th (out of 20)

    Race starts in Wet, Light rain, and then the weather forecast is less rain, and finally cloudy.
    Its cold, and late afternoon.
    I set up Wet tires, and 1 pit stop...
    But then I had this crazy idea to start on DRY tires, after all, in 10minutes, its only very light rain, and in 30min it should be only cloudy...
    This was like drawing a card at 19 in BlackJack :)
    But experience (in game) indicated, this might just work.

    So I started on dry, raised the tire pressures by like 3 PSI. (To have a proper tire pressures in cold)
    Set brake ducts to 1-1 (to help heat the tires)
    Brake balance to 52% - front (to help keep the front brakes from overheating)

    Well, I had my 8th place till the first corner, where I spun. (Ended up last)
    After that, I tried to just stay on the track, ABS, TC, TC2 were set really high, the car was super slow, but I managed to avoid spins.
    Track started to get slightly faster.

    At around 45mins left (the race is 60mins), the first people started pitting.
    They lost aprox 1 minute.
    More and more people pitted, the track dried more and more, and my front brakes started to overheat. So I moved the brake balance more towards the rear, to 50%
    I also reduced TC and TC2 to help me accelerate better out of the corners.
    (Did this continuously during the race, whenever I felt, its a bit dryer)

    Looked good, we were at around 30 mins, the night slowly fell, and it turned into a night race.
    I was already 10th, tires started to come to life (were too cold till now).
    Brakes again started to overheat. Moved brake balance to minimum (47%)
    The car started to "wiggle" in the braking zones. :D

    At 20 mins I was 5th.
    The last survivors on Wets pitted now.

    I was 3rd after this, and the guy behind me (Almeida) was catching me bigtime.

    At around 10 mins, my brakes started to overheat again, nothing more I can do, so needed to brake early...
    I figured, if I can not get a bit faster, the guy behind me will catch me, so I had to PUSH, and watch out for my brakes at the same time...
    I overshoot the 1st chicane... a lap later I overshoot the 2nd chicane.
    We had 2 mins left, 2 laps, brakes were red, Almeida was catching me 3-4 secs a lap.
    On the last lap I again overshoot the 1st chicane, despite the fact I was braking almost 50 meters early, but they just overheated, and lost brake power...
    I received the last warning for cutting the track, although not intentionally, but still.
    On the last lap I had to manage the gap (a whole 3 secs) to the car behind.
    It was super hard, I had to push, but had no brakes, had no safety margin (final warning).
    In the end I managed to stay 3rd , the gap was maybe 1.4 secs.

    Overall it was a great experience, very hard race, and I absolutely enjoyed it.

    THIS is what makes ACC unique for me.
    It simulates everything*. This is why these "tactics" can work.
    And for me this is why ACC stands out form all other racing games.

    * It does not simulate everything (would need a supercomputer for that), but it does simulate things up to a level, I would call crazy :D
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2020
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  16. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    Random weather offline, always starts with a wet track why cant this ever be looked at!

    Thats not realistic to me.
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  17. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Given the amount that was spent on that new PC is it really a choice of one OR the other? Why limit yourself? AC is fantastic for its verity and it can be any type of driving sim you want from casual cruising around to serious league racing. ACC tends to focus more on serious racing, and is more advanced.
    Both are extremely good and both worth owning
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  18. Chieflongshin

    Chieflongshin Rookie

    Not a financial choice of one or the other no, I think I can stretch just . I was intrigued by acc being the newer product but never been a fan of gt3 as such. That said I do like a good race. I’ll watch some more vids . I’ve bought ac as returning to pc after years of locked down console games I am enthused by the content available.

    Appreciate all the insights.
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  19. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    Hmm im going the other way after years of beta, early access PC games. Getting a PS5 come xmas and looking fwd to it. Yes ill miss AMS2 as thats the only current sim thats got any hope for the offline racer. Im praying that comes to console eventually like pc2. But my days of unfinished half broken games are soon behind me. Im too old to mess with ini files and what not.

    Me thinking ACC was gonna be up there, but esports is the key now.....
  20. unpierrot

    unpierrot Racer

    Console also suffers from unfinished and bugged products. I don't think it will be better with the next console generation.
    And if we talk about AC for example, there is no mods for console owner.
  21. Chieflongshin

    Chieflongshin Rookie

    Part of what has driven me to pc. I’m not sure I’m anywhere near good enough for esports though I’d like to try. I’m not the quickest racer at the moment but I’ll get out of someone’s way to have a clean race if they’re quicker.

    I’m looking forward to having some regular and interesting driving experiences on ac and pc

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