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Discussing AI (no reports)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Taylan Benker, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. I am new to ACC and i either need re-learn the tracks or learn them for the first time. After completing TC and doing a few stints i prefer to do quick AI races. It not only allows SA but CN and RC as well but hurts CC. I usually start with 80% and increase it up to the point i can merely keep up (usually 92-95 % is my current limit). Here are some quick questions.

    1- Do you think taking over AI is harder than humans too?
    AI does not leave their line or make mistakes. In tracks with long straights or turns that can allow multiple line approaches taking over is not a problem but in shorter tracks with very short straights and narrow margins i have difficulty taking over without a dive bomb. Chief Crew continuously says "keep pushing he wil make mistake" but he does not. I followed one with 0.2 sec for 10 laps but he did not. I tried to move next to him slightly force him to leave his line but he preferred to dive on me.???

    2- How do you cope with over heating tyres?
    During the practice i fine tune the ducts and pressures. During stint tests pressure usually stays at 27.7-28 but during AI races ıt looks like i need to brake more and harder when i start closer pursuit to take over. Slowing down or using less brake means i lose the gap, lowering the pressure is not the solution either as pressures decrease a lot when i do not pursuit closely.

    3- AI gives up and have no crush evasion instincts. Is it because of lower difficulty?
    - The car which had given me hard times for laps while at pursuit just gives up pushing once i pass. He fall several secs behind in one lap. The reason this bothers me is i want to practice defensive driving and in AI race there is no car behind me to defend.

    -In my first few races i was not aware that AI does not leave its line and i spinned several times. Although the following cars were further behind and could slow down to avoid crush, several of them preferred to accelerate and directly hit me at the same time. Thus my WBP sky rocketed within a few race by AI performing Combos over me. AI still occasionally bumps from direct behind without any reason, ie early brake, spin etc.

    Do these change at at 100% or are these another "As Designed" feature?

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    LATE4APEX Alien

    I'll start with,... "I tried to move next to him slightly force him to leave his line but he preferred to dive on me.???",... in your post.

    If you moved over on the AI car, YOU hit the AI car, not the other way around.

    Plus, if you were fast enough to catch and pass an AI car, you are obviously faster than that AI car, so once passed, you would logically expect the slower AI car to fall behind.

    On the "AI still occasionally bumps from direct behind without any reason, ie early brake, spin etc.",... you are correct, AI incorrectly does this in SOME circumstances.

    One last point, attitude,... will not end up helping you here.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2021
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  4. Normally if the car behind you reaches you and start to cruise side by side and you realize that he will take the ideal line during the turn you will back off, not insist to take the same line at the same time. Am I wrong? What i am saying is that AI does not.

    I did not understand this.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Why would you back off, this is a RACING simulator.
    Plus, you stated,... " force him to leave his line", by driving into AI ?

    Read your last sentence again in your OP..
  6. earlyapex

    earlyapex Hardcore Simmer

    Your part 3 where the AI gives up once you pass it is true, the fight is over once you get past them. This happens even at 100% AI skill setting unfortunately.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    As I posted,... ",... if you were fast enough to catch and pass an AI car, you are obviously faster than that AI car, so once passed, you would logically expect the slower AI car to fall behind."

    As in RL racing.
  8. Normally this makes sense. I just made a quick race. Just check the laps of the AI here. For the first 6 laps i pursuit him closely. At the end of start finish line of 6th lap i took over him cleanly. immediately slowed down almost a sec. he was even slower at the end of 9th lap. I intentionally slowed down and let him took over at the start finish line of 9th lap and he instantly increased the pace. I check the other AI cars in front of us and they were all consistent and there were no similar fluctuations in their timing between 6th and 10th laps like this one.

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  9. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

  10. Second test run. This time i took over in mid section of 7th and let him pass at the same section of 9th. he slowed 1 sec just in half lap and more than 3 in the 8th. As soon as i give him the lead he gain backed. Used exactly the same setting and this car was lapping around 1.41 in average during the previous one. ın both tests he started 1st and i started 2nd. So no one was slowing him down.

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  11. b3nje909

    b3nje909 Gamer

    I believe...

    The AI is more is of a practice aid, to practice over taking, clean lines etc.

    Ive noticed the same thing. Ai can be quick, but once you pass them they drop off massively.

    Also the ai seem to have very little situational awareness in some circumstances, but I think it's easier to remember the fewer bad outcomes like where they turn into you as opposed to every other pass where nothing eventuates.
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  12. baboon

    baboon Alien

    1- Depends on the humans :) The AI hardly ever make mistakes but they also never use a defensive line and once you are alongside them in a corner they will keep distance and slow down. Normally if you are faster than the AI it should be an easy pass if you pick the right spot.

    2- Once you have overheated there is not much you can do. But I haven't had the problem of more heat when following AI cars. Maybe your problem was because of changing track conditions?

    3- I haven't observed this @100% skill setting. But I find the AI behind me is always extremely passive and unable to overtake me. I really have to invite them to overtake by going massively off line. Often a train of AI forms behind my car when I am driving bad and be off pace.

    The AI difficulty setting is called skill but in reality all the skill involved is their laptime performance. In terms of racecraft it's quite poor.
  13. underd0g

    underd0g Racer

    I find that once AI has overtaken me I slow down as well, because once I go defensive I lose my pace. I really doubt this kind of psychological behaviour is in the AI code so what you see is probably due to law of averages.

    Neither of your examples show AI slowing down 'more than a second', to me it looks like they had a few good laps and rest pretty average or almost poor. As mentioned you were faster overall, that's why you overtook the AI. The AI was averagely slower than you, with the exception of a few good laps.
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    Agree, plus I would not think anybody would waste time creating code, to have AI "give up" after being passed.
  15. Turk

    Turk Alien

    While AI don't make mistakes that often(may depend on difficulty settings) they also do the same thing over and over again. So if you spot a weakness it will always be there. I find AI pretty easy to overtake if you have the speed, they won't fight you like a human will.

    Ya, they do seem to give up, I think the AI is most detailed when it's in front of the player. Once you've over taken the AI, and your faster there's no point dedicating processing power to that AI.

    Bottom line for me is AI are for practice. Multiplayer is for racing. When you use the AI for practice their predictability is a good thing.
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  16. cooknn

    cooknn Alien

    As much as I love ACC, life the last couple years has taken priority over the things I used to enjoy when I was younger. ie. racing on-line, tweaking setups, etc. Today I jump in fire up a Quick Race against the AI with a random starting spot, pick the Aggressive setup and race. It’s a freaking blast. I love this title! I’ve got the AI set so I have to work hard to catch them if I screw up. And they will pass me if I’m not on my game. Stefano did a masterful job at the logic that is integrated into the AI. For my ACC time it’s perfect.
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  17. b3nje909

    b3nje909 Gamer


    Just did a race against AI.
    92 and 100..
    Complete race with no incidents, get bonus points.
    Drive around course to pit instead of teleporting there.
    Get hit by random car on last corner....
    Lose SA point.... like ffs....
  18. J.Seyerle

    J.Seyerle Rookie

    I don’t think they understood you were legitimately asking this related to the labels messages get in the support bug thread. There was no attitude in your post. Keep racing!
  19. RDGNL

    RDGNL Simracer

    Stop worrying about your SA. Change the rating to only show CN or CC and enjoy the piece of mind and just enjoy the racing.
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  20. beckylou_1

    beckylou_1 Rookie

    I've just bought ACC last weekend and starting to drive with the AI to get my trust levels up and I can say that the 80% AI are dangerous.
    I'm racing 80% AI at zolder and they are braking HARD on a fast apexes at the start of the track.
    Which school of racing did they go to that has been instructing them to do most of their braking on the apex of a fast corner?
    I know that we should be following at a distance, and then out accellerate them on the corner exit but they brake so hard you literrally have to start from about 10 cars lengths behind them and time it just perfectly so they are leaving the apex as you hit it - and this is definitely not how people should be learning to overtake.

    A different way to slow down the AI has to be done; because no race drivers, even bad ones, brake that hard on an apex.
  21. I am now able to keep up with 93-95%/90 and follow them 0.2 sec behind in most of the tracks. Check their fastest lap at the end of the race. If they are much slower than your PB at free practice increase their difficulty to match it. Difficulty means lap time in ACC. Their end of straight speeds are somewhat same for all difficulty levels. What makes difference is their braking zones. At higher levels they brake much later.

    I do not think they brake at apex (for the first time). They even brake much earlier than usual brake points. If you see their brake light at the apex, that is normal. They do not trail brake smoothly but pumping. They do very slow in and fast out. If you brake late and carry much speed into entry you catch them in mid corner, either hit or rebrake to avoid hitting. More you race against them on the same track more you get used to their behaviors and adjust yourself accordingly.

    I too think the way rating system works cause you to develop some bad habits if you use lower difficulties (and when you are new you need to set it low). This would be a very long debate.

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