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Discussing AI (no reports)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Taylan Benker, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Cholton1982

    Cholton1982 Gamer

    Ai for me has been very good , side by side through multiple corners without contact many times.
    Been bumped from behind yes but I've also been guilty of that.
    I wish for more errors from them.
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  2. Due to my irregular working hours i can not commit to a decent online league and single races in online lobbies do not give me the sense of improvement, progress etc. I too prefer AI championship mode for that. It does not matter if you are forced to or prefer to race AI, AI should have been better to increase your experience. I totally agree. That was the reason i started to ask about AI in OP.

    Takingover AI the way you described is considered exploit in gamers world and more or less it is the only way to takeover currently. IRL, you can not pass a driver much faster than you but they too make mistakes here and there which allows you to pass them and defend as much as you can. when they are level with me, accept 488 Evo with a very good exit speeds, I can hardly overtake on straights or outsmart them during corners etc. To make things worst, even if they do not form a train, they are pack of 3-4 cars with 0.1 sec apart. Unless I try to overtake all at once i can not slip between them. One of the most frequent overtaking advice for RL and MP is to follow closely, be consistent and keep your line all the time. They will eventually make mistake in one corner. Do not risk dive bombing or lose time by zig zags. This is impossible with AI. Even if you squeeze them they do not change their line let alone make any mistake.

    Just like here, in the forums of others sims the veterans do not want or care for SP, career mode, SP championship mode. As expected they the ones who are more involved and vocal (but not the majority). Developers assume that SP is less important and do not spend much time on it to improve. Once they realize that more potential customers want SP and more casual experience they try to turn it into an arcade. Which none of us want for ACC. I do not consider myself casual but at this time i am more inclined to SP. I hope Kunos will hear us out.
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    ACC AI can't be too bad, judging by the number of times some computer code is called "they". :D
  4. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed or even if this can be altered, but when the Last Lap notification appears it stop the the rest of the flag system being seen audible and visual i notice it even more running a led flag display as well..Also noticed, apart from leaving the pits blue flag doesn't work in practice or quali sessions, again don't know if this was built this way?
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  5. Axel Vogelsang

    Axel Vogelsang Simracer

    Is there any chance to change the AI participants of an offline race? I did a significant hardware update yesterday to run Spa with a full grid of 50 cars but the Mann Filter Mamba is still missing unfortunately.
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