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Discussing Driving Views

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Diablo_rf, Apr 8, 2019.


What type of camera view are you using?

  1. Interior

  2. Exterior

  3. I use both, depending of the situation

  1. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Hardcore Simmer

    I suppose, we are all here, because simracing, is a fair place, where everyone is equal with their cars, and only that matters is your skill and talent.
    But most of us, love racing simulators, because they make us immerse in to the game, make us belive, that we are driving a real racing car, that we are sitting in the cokpit, feeling the car through our hands, thanks to FFB, and experience the moment that a real racing driver have in real life.
    And where does the driver sits? In the cockpit? Or on the hood? Or maybe he is looking on the car above it?
    You will say: "no, he is sitting in the car"
    But why then are we using external views? Why are we ruining our experience?

    Because it is faster! And convinient. And easier to see things...
    You see, we always use things that makes life easier for us. It's what mankind is working on its entire existence, it's in our essence.

    Every copetetive driver, in any game, will tell you, that an external camera gives you an advantage, because obviosly, you simply have better view, you can't argue with that.

    At this point, many of you will say: "oh common, we are here to have fun, everything should be convinient for everyone, just use what you like, and stop complaining about it"

    Well, I would like to have fun, because the game is brilliant, everyhing (almost) is how it should be, but I can't!

    Let's imagine ourselfs a racing situation in rain.
    We have two types of players:
    1) The ones that like to immerse themselfs, and use the cokpit cam.
    2) The ones that want easy stuff, they don't want to bother with the visibility issues that come with the rain, they are here just to have fun.
    And who you guess will have a better chance of wining?
    If I'll want to win in this race, I'll be forced to use the external view. So I'm forced, to ruin my experience, immersion, just to have the same chances as everyone.
    In a close competition, you use every bit of advantage that can help you to win the race. And if that is a 40% better view, then that is a 40% of a better chance to win the race. Who won't use that? Yeah, only ones that don't care about wining.

    So my question still: is the racing fair for everyone?

    Ok, you will say: "The game will have the option to force the cokpit camera, so just play on thoose that use it, and don't ruin the fun for everyone else"
    Well, you see, I'm not here to ruin your fun, but the fact is, that 80-85% of the leagues and servers (and in most cases the best ones), will not force the cockpit cam. Beacuse obviosly, they want more people!
    This is our essence, if there is an easier and more convinient way of doing things, we won't make it harder.

    To be honest, I'm really surprised this topic wasn't been discussed on the forums, or at least properly discussed.
    And I might know why. Because many of you here, wants to just enjoy the game. And ACC is giving many options to do that. I can't blame you for that. You have all the right to do so!
    But people like me, who wants to have fun and being competetive at the same time, being in a car, can't do it, because we are forced to use external views.

    So I would like to hear your opinions.

    I know the options to use external views won't be removed from the game (it's not iRacing, for the good or for the bad), and it should not! But I hope you guys, will remember why are we here.
    And you will ask your server admins, and league coordinators, and even Kunos, to at least in their official events and competitions to force the cockpit camera view. Or at least look at it, as an assist.

    Thanks for your time! And hope, everyone is so exited for the upcoming start of the blancpain gt series, and the life of ACC as I am!
    Cheers lads! And good racing for every one of us! ;)
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019

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  3. Only cockpit view. Other cam just to replay.
  4. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Hardcore Simmer

    Glad to hear that, but I know many fast drivers that are using the external view, just because of the advantage that comes with it...
  5. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    I use cockpit view, but I have been thinking about hood cam, which allows me to see much better, specially since I use only 1 monitor.

    But seriously, just let people use whatever they want, forcing camera settings is just bad. And again, I hope the future of multiplayer is not these lobbies, but a good matchmaking system for official events.
  6. ▣ HiTzz

    ▣ HiTzz Gamer

    in my opinion, making this as assist and make it an option for server admins along with traction control assist(not to mix with TC in car electronics but artificial in menu options) would be the best solution.
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  7. Cockpit view only for me. However, as I made a post here a while back, I’ll ocassionaly do practice laps in external and get right up on the kerbs and then watch the replay in cockpit cam so I can see how driving on the corners should look
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  8. Sometimes i just want to drive gt car around the track slowly and take a look around, make short videos, take screenshots. Then i am using exterior camera. Level of details and car model quality does matter much to me.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  9. begging to have the option force cockpit views on the dedicated server.
  10. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

  11. I'd hate for the crazy effort that goes into modelling car interiors to go to waste... so cockpit cam everytime, specifically in VR :)
  12. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    I actually only use external view to check if my lights or indicators are enabled if there is no indication in the cockpit xD Don't think I could actually drive like this :confused:
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  13. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Chase cam with a steering wheel is the most disorienting and nauseating thing I have ever tried. No disrespect intended. If someone wants to go through with that garbage just to have "fun" more power to him I guess. But your comparison between two drivers one interior view and one exterior only works if they are both below average joes. I will bet my left nut that any good driver will have no issues driving from the inside and competing with a chase-cammer. I don't believe in this "advantage" you speak of that inherently comes with a chase cam, unless someone has the spatial awareness of an amoeba and can't make out the dimensions of the car in the virtual space in order to place it on track properly. :D
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  14. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    The exterior cams kind of spoils the game, but I know console players prefer those.
  15. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    I don't think anyone with a wheel would use chase cam, people with controllers use chase cam. When I think about exterior view with a wheel, it would be hood cam or bumper.
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  16. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Cockpit cam. Id ban all other views whilst racing :D:p
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  17. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Fairly sure its already in the server files to lock views but most likely not yet enabled. There are also server side settings for minimum spray levels and other such features so people cant just disable spray and get an advantage.

    Personally it doesnt bother me what view others use even though I only use cockpit. I see there would be an advantage in the wet for external views, but its just a hobby.

    I do it for my own entertainment and dont look for advantages, others can do as they like as really it doesnt matter even if they have an advantage and maybe beat me with it.

    As we will likely have server side options to get pretty much full control of this everyone should be able to run the game/servers as they like.
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  18. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    Interior. This is a simulator, so I intend to simulate the real thing as much as possible. In the real life the drivers aren't sit 3 meters behind the car and 2 above the ground. External view kills the inmersion feeling. I'm also a big supporter of the creation of an option to force interior view in multiplayer and hotlap modes.
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  19. Adastros

    Adastros Racer

    interior for me, and exterior just for the sound sometimes,but not in race or just vs AI
  20. Mitja Bonca

    Mitja Bonca Alien

    Personally I use cockpit view only. And I know I cannot be any faster from any other view, I would say even slower.
    That I don't talk about immersion when using 1st person's view, amazing, simply amazing.

    I would also say, its a matter of what you get used to. I see from cocokit all I want and need. BMW has the "worst" (you see the least out of it) cockpit view of all current cars, but still sufficient for me (btw, does anyone know how to change cam height in cockpit - just up and down? Cannot find that shortcut).
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  21. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    escape / view settings
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