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Discussing Driving Views

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Diablo_rf, Apr 8, 2019.


What type of camera view are you using?

  1. Interior

  2. Exterior

  3. I use both, depending of the situation

  1. This guy is onto it. I think AC and ACC use hFOV, rather than vFOV. If you use the correct vFOV it looks weird. The perspectives are wrong and the tracks look nothing like real life. If you use the correct hFOV it snaps into focus. Corners look the same as they do in real life. Accelerating and braking forces make sense and you no longer feel like you're in a stationary car parked in front of a massive screen.
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  2. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    I Always used hor.fov due to this, turn are top much close and different from Real Life view.
  3. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    AC and ACC both use vFOV.

    If you feel like you're in a parked car in front of a massive screen, it's either because your monitor is too small, or because it's too far away to run the correct FOV (and have it look and feel right).
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2020
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  4. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    I have a 49" g9 @ 65cm from my nose.
    Using calculated fov on iracing i have no issue and all looks Natural, i cannot Say the same thing for ACC. Undriveable for me, i'm Happy to see that i'm not the only One saying this.
  5. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    Then you probably have either iracing or ACC set up wrong.. Shouldn't be any difference if fov is correct in both sims. Hfov in ir, vfov in ACC.
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  6. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    Man, i use calculated fov for iracing, it's not wrong, using the calculated vfov in acc the common tracks looks different in this two sim.
    As i Said before, the turns in acc looks very close and tight.
  7. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    Unlike ACC, iRacing uses horizontal FOV. So I'm curious what values you ended up with for both when calculating.
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  8. People keep saying AC and ACC is vFOV but I don't know where it came from. Using vFOV has never worked for me and since AC I've used hFOV, or somewhere in between. This is not to see the whole interior as I tend to see only the top of the dash and rev lights due to my distance from the screen. It is to make the perspective of depth and distance feel right.

    I sit 366cm (12') from a 305cm (10') wide 16:9 screen. Calculated vFOV is 24*, hFOV is 41*. For my screen size and distance, 24* is miles out. There is no depth to anything so it is impossible to perceive changes in speed. Yes, I can brake at my markers etc. but the lack of depth perception makes subtle changes in speed impossible to see. Letting off the brakes you feel like you're on ice or iRacing because the speed of the car doesn't match what you are seeing.

    41* feels good. Trail braking in, you can feel how much speed you are continuing to scrub. Letting off the brakes you can feel the outside tyres dig in at the apex.

    Having said that, I only chose 41* as it is the hFOV after realising the vFOV didn't look right. If I just adjust the view to look fairly natural I find I can also use it at 32* ok without issue. Which is actually right in the middle of both values.. The one issue I've always had with AC and ACC is getting a natural feeling view so if I could figure out what I'm missing I would be really happy.
  9. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    It's not about opinions. Ac and ACC use vertical fov, that's just a fact. If you want the mathematically correct view you should use that. Of course anyone can choose to use something else if that's not what they're after.

    But using fov calculators and putting the horizontal fov value to AC/ACC is just useless, might as well use any random number.
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  10. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    Cockpit view or your not sim racing. Even in the rain when it's hard to see, cockpit view. If I want to cheat I'll play need for speed. If I want to sim race I fire up ACC and race as a real driver would race.
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  11. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    As I said before, either the screen is too small or it's too far away to run the correct FOV (and still have it look and feel right). In your case it seems to be the latter.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2020
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  12. SlowLarry

    SlowLarry Gamer

    Not sure what you measured or calculated there, but that sounds just totally wrong. 366cm is 3metres66cm, or 144'. And a 10' wide screen is 25cm wide, are you saying you are using a tiny tablet as a monitor?

    Edit: Now i get it. Its foot, isnt it? If you are really sitting that far away, there is just no way to set correct fov. Read what fov is trying to do. At 3m66 away, think about what it should show on the screen. Thats actually far ahead of your own car.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2020
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  13. I had another play on the weekend. I measured again and found the numbers to be 25 vFOV and 43 hFOV. Having looked closely I realise that actually the perspective was bang on at vFOV. But below about 30 vFOV your mind just goes nope and things look weird. What I thought was incorrect distances was actually just my mind struggling to cope with a tiny field of view. In motion is where the difficulty is, but that's only the same as if I were to black out all but a small amount of my windscreen and try to drive.

    I took some pictures to compare and from them you can see that the vFOV is definitely correct. I settled on using 30* as it is still close to the correct FOV but gives just enough view to not feel completley weird.

    hFOV (43)

    vFOV (25)

    hFOV (43)

    vFOV (25)

    hFOV (43)

    vFOV (25)

    Compromise (30 or 32, can't remember. Ultimately settled on 30 in the end, though this could be 32)
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  14. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    Minolin says it´s vFoV.

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  15. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    Awesome video :D
  16. PAPA JOHN 2

    PAPA JOHN 2 Rookie

    The majority of you people arguing for that ACC uses hFOV are sitting too far away from the screen and your screens are way too tiny.
    If you are 3.6 meters away from the screen how are you expecting to set a realistic FoV?
    The Porsche GT3 is around 4.5 meters long...
    Just set up some extreme examples in the following link https://andyf.me/fovcalc.html

    Honestly, there is nothing wrong with running an unrealistic FoV that you like. But alot of you have no clue what you are talking about.
    If you have a 24 - 32 inch screen over 100 cm away from your wheel base. Realistic FoV will look and feel horrible.

  17. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    As i Said before, i have a G9 49" @65cm from my eyes and with calculated vfov it's a problem to judge turns and distance. Probably the wrong thing here Is my brain, i'm trying to reduce fov by 1* every week in order to metabolize Better the change.
  18. Yeah if you look at the post with pictures above I realised I was completely wrong about ACC using hFOV. I think what I'd seen is that below about 30 degrees my mind really can't accept what its seeing is real. That's probably an effect based on not seeing enough. Looking closely at the pictures - with no motion giving that weird, distorted feeling - you can see the vFOV looks bang on, while the hFOV looks off. But 25 degrees in motion is just weird and gives the feeling your looking into a fish bowl. So I increased that to 30 degrees as a compromise. Around 30 degrees I no longer get the distorted feeling and it's not too far off the ideal 25 degrees. Really ought to just get a longer USB cable and get a bit closer to the screen really though.

    What FOV are you at? Just thinking you might have a similar thing to me, where very small FOVs just don't make sense. In that case I'd edge it up until things start making sense again. For me that happened about 30 degrees. You can't see very much but what you see feels ok.
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  19. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    Hi, that's the second time you've posted this.

    Last time around I said I was curious to know what values you ended up with for both iRacing and ACC.

    Without these values, nobody will be able to help you get clear on what is causing your issue.
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  20. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    Since i got ACC with the Beta 1 release i drive in hood view and have the time of my life with this sim, clocked in around 360hours. I don't care one bit what anyone says about any realistic FOV, Cockpitview and whatnot. I feel most comfortable in this view and have the most fun, thats what matters :)
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