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Discussing Driving Views

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Diablo_rf, Apr 8, 2019.


What type of camera view are you using?

  1. Interior

  2. Exterior

  3. I use both, depending of the situation

  1. Stains

    Stains Racer

    Looking at pics like this make me so happy that i went triples ! You think its fine until you try ;) Sorry mate but i think you need to start saving :p and just so you know , my 1080Ti needs some settings compromises for 1080p triples ! Not much but cant just max it , same settings as my 4k monitor , lots of epic but a couple mediums (PP , effects , mirrors)and offs (blur and fog) .
  2. Andrex

    Andrex Gamer

    I use only cockpit driver view, to be the fastest I am to old (56) :)
  3. OlivierMDVY

    OlivierMDVY Racer

    You're right, let's keep the default cockpit view
  4. nrc689

    nrc689 Racer

    I thought ... what's @OlivierMDVY doing in my room?
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2020
  5. OlivierMDVY

    OlivierMDVY Racer

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  6. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    Why the cockpit view in acc looks different from iracing?
    I drive in iracing without any problem, i can see all the turn as in Real Life; in acc the turn appears tighter and more difficult to approach. Is there any setting to help on this?
    Currently i'm driving with the driver position very close to the ws to reduce the effect but i'd like to view the rear mirror Better (i'm on 49" uwide).
  7. You would need to show us screenshots of both so we can see what all about? Same FOV and camera position should give the same results
  8. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    I don't Remember the fov, and apparently, the turn looks the same in both the picture.
    But during the drive, ACC has less Speed feeling and a more sense of turn closing.

    I'm pretty new in iracing and i noticed from the First Time i played, any problem to Place the car where i want. In acc i'm still struggling with the cockpit view, from the Hood i fly and It looks very similar to Real Life.

    Attached Files:

  9. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    @Gupise - In case you were not aware AC/ACC uses vertical FOV and I believe iRacing uses horizontal FOV..
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  10. Yes they use different FOVs but I think they are the same in both pictures, but why so big FOV, it lookes massive, do you use any triple screen or ultra wide?
    Well, it looks like the camera in the ACC is moved strangely to the front (probably to see less dash I would assume)
    Anyway if you are using so high FOV not on ultra wide or tripples, (and even for ultra wide it looks to big for me), things in the distance are gonna be very small, just look at the exit of that turn, you can barely see it, because those objects are so tiny it hard to track them and know where they are, also there is a thing of camera movement on bumps, camera roll and pitch and so on
    I would advise trying to calculate FOV (because I don’t believe your screen to be so huge for this one to be the calculated one)
    and trying to adapt to it, I know it feels weird at the beginning but you will find shortly that it’s about knowing where stuff is not necessarily seeing it (think about it, you don’t see thinking that are beside you in front, you see them changing positions from in front of you to beside you where you don’t look, but you know the movement and are more aware of it)
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  11. Atak_Kat

    Atak_Kat Racer

    I also use a 49" super-ultrawide. And your view does look strange to me.
    - I suspect your FOV is set too low. What you describe (less sense of speed and strange behaviour when turning) sounds like it. On mine, I can easily see left mirror, where you cannot. I guess it depends how far the monitor is from your eyes.
    - The picture also looks distorted a bit. I wonder if you have adjusted the 'projection correction' in the view settings? Because messing around with that can distort the picture
  12. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    Coanda frankly speaking, i don't know what It Means
  13. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    Guys First of all thank you.
    I'll try to calculate the correct fov, do you suggest a specific tool/site?
    @Maciej Malinowski i'm using a 49" uwide

    @Atak_Kat i messed with prospective correction
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  14. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Simply put ACC calculations are worked out based on the vertical plane and iRacing is worked out on the horizontal plane therefore the degrees setting you put in each sim should not be the same. Linked below is a great calculator that gives you both vFOV and hFOV values + a little bonus, it has a great setup comparison tool for ACC & fuel calculator. For more in depth info on FOV and optics there is a stack of info online..


    FOV Calculator

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2020
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  15. Gupise

    Gupise Gamer

    In iracing the fov Is almost ok, in ACC i'm very far from that calculation, this can explain why i'm less comfortable with ACC. I Hope to improve my feeling now.

    Attached Files:

  16. Yeah now I see the ACC is stretched more than I racing and then probably to negate that you mover camera forward and that’s what make me think they look the same at first glance, in both you can see the whole windscreen
  17. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    @Gupise - Are you using the cockpit or dash camera?
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