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Discussing GT4 in ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by GONKO, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    Is GT4 now a viable choice on the competition servers, i.e. are Kunos putting all the GT4 in one split and are there enough people in GT4 registering?
  2. geanito

    geanito Gamer

    I get what you say, on my scenario, I race in a league for years, where most of players are very competitive and committed. By no means I'm an alien, but most of the times I'm within the top 10 on the grid.

    For sure it's a car that is trickier to drive and set up properly, but on certain tracks the difference is brutal. To a point where on a grid 30+ cars I was in 20th something on the qualify on Suzuka.

    In straights, the KTM is overtaken like nothing.

    As two examples of the how different is the performance on certain tracks:

    Suzuka qualify results

    Zolder qualify results

    Also you can see during the race that the KTM is extremely competitive. I'm not saying that the KTM should be the fastest in Suzuka, as an example, but it seems extremely off the pace.
  3. lero

    lero Gamer

    In general those quali times on both tracks are some bit off the pace that can be achieved in each car, so conclusions can't really be drawn from those. KTM can do atleast mid 2.10's at Suzuka in those conditions and some cars can definitely get into 2.09's. So indeed for ultimate quali pace KTM can't really fight at the absolute sharpest end of the field at Suzuka, but it falls well in line against some of the other cars in the field like Ginettas and Alpines. Also qualifying is hardly ever where the KTM properly shines. It can keep the laptimes steady through the stints and it gets stronger and stronger compared to the other cars as the race advances.
  4. geanito

    geanito Gamer

    The Qualy time absolutely is not a conclusion. And that's not my point. The qualy only reflects how much you can extract from the car in an ideal scenario. The real "average" performance is during the race, where the car is far behind compared to other vehicles. That's where I say the performance is well bellow the rest of the grid. As I mentioned, I wouldn't expect it to be fastest car, but it seems to be extremely off the pace in race.

    Same applies for Nurburgring. Where on the real race it can follow or leads Porsches. BMWs, McLarens and on the game it's more than a second slower easily.
  5. lero

    lero Gamer

    I can't really agree with it being over a second slower, a bit off pace maybe on those tracks, but by a much more reasonable amount. I do have a race with the league at Suzuka in a couple weeks, so I'll see how the KTM fares then. The major thing with it is that the setup needs to be adapted track to track more than on the other cars to get the absolute best out of it.
  6. geanito

    geanito Gamer

    Yep, the setup definitely needs work. And trust me, I spent I **** ton of time on it.

    I'm curious about how your perfomance will be to compare with mine. If possible please record the race.
  7. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    I find they do average out between all the cars. We did a GT4 only series once, I took the Audi start off with as I wanted to learn Mid engined cars. Even though it's brakes are terrible, and a somewhat basic TC system. It was actually pretty decent and I was able to take the fight to the guys at the front. On pace alone at the likes of Brands, I was within or just over a second slower. Admittedly, it does seem the Aston has the edge slightly everywhere. I have raced the M4 since, and I think that's my fave GT4 as it seems to be capable at any track to be a front runner. I did a multiclass at Oulton park recently and by the end of the race I was lapping in the 43's which is fairly decent I think, and laptimes were faster than a couple of the GT3s ( think they were rookies). As others have said, the Aston is a breeze to drive, and has such a wide margin for error you can see why, races feel more like a cruise than a race.

    The Ginettas (I imagine the Xbow and Alpine too) are perfect for the small twisty tracks that Britain has due to it's acceleration and agility. I am rather surprised though the 570S doesn't seem as formidable as it was in the real British GT, it's good but don't see many people using it in leagues. Which I find odd as there were multiple mclarens in the title battle. Unless, this a kind of car that needs a lot from the driver to get the best out of? I tried it in a couple of races and found myself having to dance on the throttle to get the car to rotate, felt rather odd at the time. I have a series coming up - CSM which will have multiclass. I have picked the AMG for that and I'm looking forward to it actually. I think they AMG is a good package same engine as the aston, maybe different gearing as you said, but it should be capable and maybe due to it's gearing you have to try a gear higher than what you think it needs maybe? I think due to it's chassis and shape, may need slightly stiffer setup to get the car to rotate more.

    I find it very odd you were struggling with tyres at the end of 30minutes though, they should last a good hour stint. Were you having a lot of oversteer and scrubbing? Maybe try reducing the toe values as they scrubbing too much?
  8. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    I did a lot of tests in the meanwhile, and the Aston is a winner everywhere. At least for my driving style, that is!
    It seems it never has any oversteer or wheelspin and always put down its Hps, while the mercedes has all kind of issues and often has you driving on eggs.

    On merc i had lots of understeer and very bad chassys rolling that i guess were killing tires. On some tracks i was able to stay very very to the ASTON, but it was a real chore to do so compared to how easy and predictable the Aston was all the time.
  9. BluuSpydeR, Liakitsos and Tundra like this.
  10. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    Nice review, I think driver style plays a massive part with these cars too. I tried out for the BGT esports recently with the qualifiers at Oulton Park, my local circuit that I know well.
    Funny thing is, I tried the cars I thought to be best there - Cayman, Aston and even my favourite the M4.
    I was really trying to push all of them, the cayman is nice I can see why. For whatever reason, I was much slower (over a second) in the first two compared to the M4. So in the end, I stuck with the M4 and tweaked setup and managed a PB of a 1.41.7 - I was proud of that which was much faster than any previous times I set in any car, and was still 14th fastest overall for the M4s haha.
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  11. Clivew

    Clivew Rookie

    Tell me about it!

    I did a 1:41.088 in the Mclaren and was 10th. The top 2 were both young pro’s in a team. I’m just an old guy (53) with around 300 hours total in ACC. lol
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  12. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    I'm 30 with 1000 hours now and still solidly silver haha. Still proud of that time but RCI world tour is main focus currently
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