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Discussing GT4 in ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by GONKO, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    From what I remember, the understeer/oversteer when braking is more to do with Brake Bias, try shifting a bit more to the rear.
    Brands is quite a bumpy track, I tried a custom setup in the R8 when I was first practising as the rear left was overheating. When it came to the race, I stuck with the aggressive preset. I was both faster and smoother. I forget lap times now, Maybe try 1 click down from max aero, increase ride height slightly. And probably want stiffer springs and higher dampening. Your actual lap looked rather smooth. Maybe try a slightly later turn in at Stirlings (Turn 8), to clip less of that inside curb, seems to be MR that prefers early apex there.

    Don't want to try practise that right now, as I'm prepping for InGear's next GT3 90 min race at Paul Ricard haha.
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  2. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Thank you, I'll give some of that a try. I've been using between 1 and 3 wing so far without a huge amount of difference between them (possibly too far from the limit at the moment to notice it.) I didn't try higher as I thought it might be more understeery. Higher ride height is worth a try, maybe more rake would help? I don't mind a bit of oversteer I just want less understeer so I can attack more. I tried slightly more rear brake bias but to no avail, I think I went down to 52 from 54. I could try even further to the rear maybe. I'm still not sure if I'm getting the odd lock up or if it is abs but if I'm slightly more aggressive braking into druids e.g at the brake marker board rather than a little before it just won't slow down, I think it is probably the abs kicking in and reducing brake performance.
  3. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    That's true I did find, braking with less force was better in the end, Audi has bad brakes. Indeed not letting the ABS kick in makes up time. I found braking just before the bridge was right, bang down 2 gears, coast to first apex. Down to first, straighten the car then bam on the power. But that's in the Audi, MR.

    I have a feeling, you maybe able carry more speed through paddock hill bend too!
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  4. timkoul

    timkoul Rookie

    Hi anybody, how do you deal with tires overheating? AMR in Brands, both outside (left) tires are constantly yellow. I reduced camber to 3.2 - 2.6 then got 0 toe in front and 0.12 at the back, still overheating....
    And laptimes suck high 34s, low 35s.... I can't make the car move around this track, seems that either the car or me, cannot communicate....
  5. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Revenge is never a good idea.
    Keep calm and carry on.

    In this video a sim racer got punted from behind because he can't pass a GT4 smoothly. The main fault is on the following GT3 but he falsely blames it on the GT4s. He takes revenge by doing a pit maneuver (not in the video, sry) to the GT4 which caused his accident and even crashes another GT4 (me) on purpose after the finish line.

    1. His rage was misdirected
    2. His blames are on the wrong
    3. He crashes totally unrelated guys
    4. His SA definitely was getting a hit because of his actions.

    Don't go crashing my car
    I couldn't if I tried
    Honey if you go wreckless
    Baby I'm totally that kind

    Don't go wrecking my car
    I'll take that roof off of you
    Honey, when you knocked on my door
    I gave you a punt

    Everybody hates it

    When I was in front
    I was spinning you

    Everybody hates it (everybody hates)

    Right from the start
    I spun your car ooooooh oh, I spun your car

    So don't go breaking my car
    I will go breaking your car

    Learn to overtake GT4 and don't blame them for being slower than you.
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    LATE4APEX Alien

    So the idiot has trouble passing a GT4 with a GT3 car,... with ease, how the hell did he expect to pass a GT3 car, a loser. :rolleyes:
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  7. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    Generally, It's the responsibility of the faster car to overtake cleanly - given that the slower car isn't erratic by weaving or brake checking of course.

    I had similar issues to start with in the Audi R8, rear left was always overheating, reaching 110C in instances on the inside. I tried to tune this out, which it did to a degree, but it compromised the car on a whole.
    In the end, I went back to the aggressive preset, and tried to be smoother with driving, opened the brake ducts a little as well. Perhaps try braking with less force, try coasting a bit more, limit wheelspin
  8. timkoul

    timkoul Rookie

    How did this affect your laptimes? I mean back to the aggressive preset and driving as you mention, was it slower?
  9. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    I was actually faster than all the time before in weeks practice :D
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  10. Paule_NLC

    Paule_NLC Hardcore Simmer

    I noticed an issue with the bmw gt4 rain tyres on light rain. Raced on Misano the tires heated up to 35psi starting from 22psi and got fully red in the first lap. Anyone else got this problem?
  11. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    @Paule_NLC so this should tell you better having slicks with that light rain until it gets heavier...
  12. Nev Roberts

    Nev Roberts Racer

    I've been doing the GT4 Championship with the McLaren and at 5 of the 6 tracks the left rear tire overheats within a few laps, irrespective of track temperature. However at the Nurburgring it doesn't and there's no obvious set up changes [I use the aggressive set up with 2 clicks shorter steering ratio]. I'm not good at setups but did try a few things at the other tracks to no avail so would love to know why the Nurburgring is different.
  13. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    If the track status is damp use slicks, the game usually says when wet tyres are optimum. Also may need increase TC levels to compensate loss of grip.

    From my understanding the mclaren rear brakes is tied to TC and uses torque vectoring so they will heat up more. Try opening up brake ducts, and ligghter braking applications or try trail braking a bit more to reduce the braking needed
  14. Nev Roberts

    Nev Roberts Racer

    Hey kirk,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Not sure how the brake duct numbering works is 5 more open than 4 or more closed? The aggressive set up has rear on 4 and front on 5. I do trail brake and reckon I brake lightly [sometimes wonder whether too lightly - I never jump on them]
  15. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    From memory increasing the numbers opens it, Think there has been a couple of threads or posts on this car about that.
  16. Nev Roberts

    Nev Roberts Racer

    Thanks kirk,
    Found some posts but have tried most of the suggestions without success, I've only been doing sprint championships with 30 min races and a pit stop roughly half way, the tires do last the distance, so it's no big deal. Just thought there might have been a quick and easy answer.
  17. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    The regular Ingear Motorsport series I race with on Tuesdays are 30min races with no pitstops. Tyres are usually never an issue, with exception of the first few times in the Audi. In the end, I just changed driving style. I think that's the simple answer, minimise over driving the car, not letting the car slip as much, take care getting on throttle, gentle steering inputs and mind how you brake. After I changed that I was quicker and had no tyre issues. I can hop in the GT4 and give it a test and see if I have any issues too.
  18. Nev Roberts

    Nev Roberts Racer

    I'd be very interested to hear what you find.
    The reason I posted the query in the first place was the overheating didn't occur at Nurburgring but it did at all the other tracks in GT4 Championship.
  19. kirk heath

    kirk heath Gamer

    Sorry took a while, well I tried maybe an hour at 2 different tracks. Brands and Zolder - I didn't seem to have any heat issues from what I could tell. I'll try again shortly
  20. mau92

    mau92 Hardcore Simmer

    I've seen that GT4 is starting to slowly fade away as the time went on. There's just a few GT4 servers with barely any players, the mixed servers are virtually GT3 servers and in CP races you are lucky if you come across 1 or 2 more GT4 cars... It would be nice if Kunos addresses this (I know it has been asked before). Maybe limiting the amount of people allowed to join with GT3 cars (Might result in GT3 servers with few cars) or having GT4 CP servers. Right now the only GT4 racing I've been doing is with my league and nothing else outside that, which is a shame because I really enjoy these cars.

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