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Discussing Unreal

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by el_goe, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. lottalava

    lottalava Racer

    There was a video from The Extra Milles, in which he made some adjustments and got a good very high resolution VR with ACC, I will search and post here.
  2. lottalava

    lottalava Racer

  3. rpm

    rpm Racer

    Currently ACC VR feels like a Star Trek Holodeck to me. These are early days yet, but give another 2 years of EU engine modifications (and a better HMD resolutions) this title might be the defacto standard for a matrix prototype. All you would need is an intravenous.
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  4. Koly™

    Koly™ Racer

    ACC has the best graphics, sound and FFB, just go on, and port all the Assetto content to the UE4....
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  5. RDGNL

    RDGNL Racer


    Seeing that the majority of VR users “complain” about the same thing: the blurriness caused by the temporal antialiasing resulting from using a deferred renderer, is it an option to compile a separate executable using the forward rendering enabled purely for VR purposes or will the downsides be too large to overcome?

    Right now I use either the epic preset without any AA to alleviate the blurring, or I use the high preset with 150% VR pixel scaling. Both are unfortunately not optimal for VR. The TAA simply puts way too much blurring on the image to the point where I would personally prefer a forward rendering engine with MSAA and cut down light sources and shaders for VR, if possible.
  6. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I think it's going to take more than two years. VR is running into the same old problems in that its more trouble than it's worth. I'm sure that hardware engineers are working as hard as they can to make the best/fastest hardware on the market, and software engineers are working as hard as they can to take advantage of that hardware. Then VR users come along and say "do it again", as if it's an easy thing to do, to just double the work load.

    New headsets aren't going to fix the problem because it's the same problem, there just isn't the hardware invented that can run them at a reasonable cost. Until headsets are cheap, and the hardware to run them at high resolutions is also cheap VR is going to be a niche. It's too expensive to be mainstream, and at the current rate, it's going to be a long time before we're going to have the hardware to run headsets that people will accept.

    The niches it does fill should keep it alive until then but it's going to be a struggle for the people that have adopted it, because we're basically making unreasonable demands of the hardware, software and companies involved. VR gaming may even always be niche, it can't really replace traditional couch gaming and may always be a separate thing that doesn't appeal to the majority of people as anything other than a novelty.
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  7. rpm

    rpm Racer

    I play exclusively on VR. Nothing wrong with it that is caused by UE.

    Just set sharpness to 150% and pixels to 130%. You need at least 1080 ti. Everything on high, 15 opponents. Should be perfect 45 fps.

    But yea, VR is niche.
  8. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    I love how ACC turned out in UE4, it's basically the level of graphical fidelity i was expecting. If i had couple wishes free for future improvements graphically i would say:
    1) Better spray in rain conditions
    2) More pronounced headlights during night replays and longer drawing distance of the headlights ingame in general, or for that matter light sources in general
    3) A bit more sharper image in the distance
    4) When it's getting dark, to have a more linear darkening of the image instead of little jumps in brightness. Thats currently what prevents me to use time acceleration, its quite an immersion breaker.
  9. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    that is a very good point and headlights were working much better in a beta early access release (was it v0.6?), where they were more pronounced, more bright, and more realistic to look at in replays. I suspect this has been dropped due to performance issues?
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  10. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    I think any visual thing that's not where it potentially could be is because devs need to take performance into consideration. Its definitely not like they would not be able to deliver it if they wanted.
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  11. nox67

    nox67 Rookie

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  12. Turk

    Turk Alien

    ACC VR was pretty much what I expected it to be. I'm running it on a 1070 and I've pretty much everything on low, but it's playable for me.

    I've just ordered a 2070 super it should be with me next week and I'll install it at the weekend. I can live with 45fps, I do want to increase graphic fidelity though, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot, especially in the wet. I don't really expect Kunos to find much more optimisation out of the UE engine. If I was willing to play on a single or maybe even a triple screen setup I'd get much better performance but that's just not an option, it would make the rig to big and difficult to break down when I'm not using it. VR is a much neater way to race. It really cuts down on the size of a rig.
  13. nox67

    nox67 Rookie

    the VR is more confortable to play, the WAF is a important parameter too for me , and triple screen in the room is not possible!!!
  14. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

    "Should Kunos drop Unreal"

    No they are just getting the hang of it now :p
    Imagine throwing all of that progress in the bin and having to start over again. Just needs some more progress on VR but I'm sure that will improve over time too.
  15. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Maybe they should. UE4 is a performance hog, and VR in ACC is still not up to par. With Custom Shaders Patch AC1 still looks pretty great (and still improving all the time), excluding some things like the cardboard trees

    I kind of hope AC2 would return to form with Kunos' homemade engine, and full & accessible mod support like AC1. Mod support is big part of why AC still had 4200+ player peak inside last 24h. Of course it needs to beat AC + CSP, but CSP will never support proper rain physics/aquaplaning for example, and the audio of ACC is on another level (although I don't know how sustainable that is if there is again something like 100+ cars in AC2)

    In all honesty I hope Kunos would hire Ilja Jusupov, Peter Boese and rest of CSP crew to help with AC2. But I'm not too certain that will happen...
  16. Gopher04

    Gopher04 Simracer

    To be honest I have to disagree, out of all the sims I use, I get the best performance through ACC along with the best looking as well..
    I think bit by bit Kunos is getting to grips with the engine and the future is lookng good.
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  17. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I think the same but the impression I got from interviews was that UE4 is just fundamentally bad at rendering stuff that's moving fast. It's fine for a character that's walking around a scene but not so good at showing a scene moving at over 100mph.
  18. Jacobs

    Jacobs Racer

    Not UE4 itself. It's only about temporal anti-aliasing. It's too slow for racing games (KTAA is faster, looks much better but still not perfect). Not only UE4 using TAA has this issue. UE4 in VR has its own issues and it's not about moving image.

    Anti-aliasing is only problem for me in this case. You really need to upscale a lot to have crisp image and still MSAA would be better than that. Without decent GPU you are stuck with TAA or pixels jumping around with FXAA or injected SMAA. For me it isn't gamebreaker and KTAA looks good enough for me but you can clearly see the difference in AC or when upscaling ACC resolution a lot.
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  19. esox71

    esox71 Alien

    Do you mean in nvidia control panel?
    What settings? Would a 1080ti be enough?
  20. Turk

    Turk Alien

    It doesn't really make any difference to me which one they use. As long as it has good VR performance I'll be happy.
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