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Display comparison and FoV tool

Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by jcarruthers, May 27, 2020.

  1. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Hi all,

    I made this to calculate FOV and compare different combinations of display sizes; hope it helps some people.


    Note that ACC uses VFoV.

    Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 10.40.44.png
    Last edited: May 27, 2020

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  3. vlado Cro

    vlado Cro Simracer

    Its missing 29" size in 21:9.
  4. grandepunto

    grandepunto Simracer

    ACC uses vertical fov.
  5. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Oops - yeah - brain fail - corrected it.
  6. André Silva

    André Silva Rookie

    Hi , great tool .

    Can you explain a bit some of your settings, like distance from baseline an baseline offset ?
  7. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Hi André — thank you!

    Baseline is essentially "zero", which is where the monitor is. Distance from baseline is how far your eyes are away from the baseline.

    You can offset each monitor to simulate moving them forwards or backwards.
  8. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Rookie

    Someone asked to add curved monitor option - so that’s included now.

    Also fixed some bugs with the screens sometimes rendering in an odd order. So now the red screen is always on top of the black - no matter where it’s positioned. Makes sense to me that the red is the comparison.

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