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Disqualification for ignoring required minimal driving

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Nil racing, Aug 1, 2020.


Why am i DSQ in championship mode ?

  1. Bug

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  2. Driving style

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  1. Nil racing

    Nil racing Rookie

    Hi, everyone i need some help with this. I constantly receive this message in championship mode @ end of my race in Zandvoort (race 2). I'm disqualified for a strange reason : ignorance required minimal driving wanting. It's annoying cause i've driven very carefully and avoiding contact with others. Is it a bug or anything else ? Let me know if you already have the same problem. Thanks for your help.

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  3. MatDrg81

    MatDrg81 Rookie

    I think that you not respected the minimum stint per driver. you have a minimum stint (normally there is a timer, in high left of the screen) and the engineer said "box,box" with a message in the HUD to say that at the end of the lap you have to do the pit stop. if you do the pit before or after is not valid and you are disqualified at the end. if you saved the game in the middle of the race and reloaded in another time the timer stint in my xbox one x disapperaed as the message that says if the pit is valid or not, it's probably a bug.
  4. Nil racing

    Nil racing Rookie

    Thanks for your reply. It's a bug for sure
  5. Dante Jimenez

    Dante Jimenez Rookie

    not a bug, here is the solution

    No its not a bug you need to exit the pits on the fast (left lane) you should never go straight out even if you are on the fast lane, the game wont say anything about this but it is not a bug it is just that people are no exiting the right way
  6. Nil racing

    Nil racing Rookie

    Hi, Dante. Thank you so much for the reply man. It'll help me a lot.
    Dante Jimenez likes this.
  7. MatDrg81

    MatDrg81 Rookie

    hi Dante, thank you for explanation and video
    Dante Jimenez likes this.

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