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DLSS support for ACC?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by claudiopolez, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. claudiopolez

    claudiopolez Simracer

    DLSS (Deep Learning Supersampling) sounds like a pretty hot tech, giving gtx2080 an almost 100% advantage over gtx1080 and its comparable traditional TAA (temporal antialiasing).

    I know that ACC will be among the first games to have raytracing support for the new Nvidia cards, DLSS would be super nice to have as well. Not least for VR, where performance and frames per second are vital. Pretty please Kunos! :)


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  3. AntoFPV

    AntoFPV Gamer

    With VR actual performance, this question becomes interesting?

    This will potentially make the NVIDIA RTXs interesting.
  4. Everyone talks about rtx while this seems to be the real deal for this generation of gpu. I'd be interested as well in hearing sth from the devs. For example, is this a technology that can be implemented later on, maybe after v1.0 is out?
  5. earlyapex

    earlyapex Simracer

    If a game supports TAA, does that mean it automatically supports DLSS?
  6. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Doesnt DLSS only work in 4k? also tests I saw showed it was upscaled from 1800p, I dont know how much the "deep learning" and "AI" is marketing BS but I suspect most of it. You can likely run ACC with TAA in 4k downscaled to 85 and get much the same results.
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  7. hendrixxx352

    hendrixxx352 Rookie

    I Hope for DLSS too...
    because planning a RTX 2060 witch allows better Performance with Raytracing...

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  8. hendrixxx352

    hendrixxx352 Rookie

    Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    DLSS is the more interesting feature as we know AA in ACC isn't great so this may look better and perform better. ACC wasn't listed as a DLSS title only RTX but by the look of it all RTX titles will need both to have any hope of playable fps even with a 2080ti above 1080p. This could make the 2060 more attractive over the rumoured 1160 especially as RTX on the 2060 seems rather pointless at very low fps. The key is will the RTX and DLSS features actually be used in enough software to warrant the price premium over 10 or 11 series gtx cards.
  10. GrimGreener

    GrimGreener Rookie

    I've been doing some reading on how DLSS works. I think for VR it will make a big difference - like 30% or more FPS. What actually happens is the game is rendered at 60% of it's target resolution but then the DLSS circuits get it back to full resolution. This is done by the dev working with nVidia to get samples of the lower quality and a full rendered output in differnet scenes. nVidia then run it through their supercomputers to get the AI trained and release a config for the card to use. There's some crazy examples of what the AI can do - you can remove someones eyes from a face pic and it will put some back in. So adding a bit of fine detail where there were jaggies should be simples. Can't remember which site it was did sone detailed frame by frame analysis and looked at GPU load - and they found the first frame after a cut scene took a hit, but then the frames after that ran smooth. For a sim where you are just lapping a moving circuit this should be fairly easy.
    What's also more intersting for VR is Foveated rendering. Pimax have just implemented Fixed foveated rendering on their headsets given it has a large FOV it can get away with it. ie you get full textures in the centre, but lower textures the further out you go - as this was something else added to RTX cards in the VRWorks libraries. There's an eye tracking module due once they've sorted out the 8k shipments to backers - so we may yet see hi res, ray traced, DLSSd and foveated rendered 90fps in ultra!
  11. th3o

    th3o Simracer

    Looking at this, it's actually pretty great if it would carry over into actual games:

  12. FrancoisB

    FrancoisB Gamer


    This new anti-aliasing method can be integrated into ACC?
  13. John Caetano

    John Caetano Racer

    Why wouldn't devs want to take full advantage of performance gains like this? Look at all the praise the recent forza game got for it's well performing game. I would hope all take note of this and follow suite....
  14. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Someone has to implement it and the devs have their hands full with making the game itself first.

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