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do i need nvidia surround?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ShimonART, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. ShimonART

    ShimonART Alien

    hi guys and girls
    i just got 2 cheap 21.5inch monitors for gaming and working (digital painting and other stuff)
    i only got 2 screens plugged in right now because they only had 1 screen in stock so the 3rd screen should be plugged in by the end of the week . my main center screen is asus 22inch 1680x1050 and the other 2 will be dell 21.5inch 1980x1080 . plugged into gigabyte gtx 770 with 2 dvi and one display port .
    now the main issue i have right now is when i do nvidia surround it only gives me 2560x1024 and both screens are really low res and ugly , how do work around this slight mismatch with the center monitor and do i really need surround ? is there a diffrent better way to do this ?

    thx in advanced and hope my english was good ;)

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  3. demetri

    demetri Hardcore Simmer

    You do need nVidia surround turned on to run across 3 monitors and those monitors need to have the same resolution (and the same size if you don't want to have mismatching images). I'd strongly suggest using the same model for all 3 monitors. That's what I did recently: bought a pair of used monitors on ebay, the same model as the old screen that I already had.
    So your best option is probably to get rid of 22" Asus and buy a 3rd 21.5" 1920x1080 monitor.
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  4. André Finke

    André Finke Racer

    Thats not completly true! You can run AC without nVidia surround across 3 monitors by changing the Screen resolution in the grafics.cfg. In my case (with 3 1280x1024) to 3840x1024. But your 3 monitors will act as 1 big monitor. So you cant correct the bezel or the angle auf the side monitors. My Gtx 480 doesn't even support 3 Monitors. For the 3rd screen i use an cheap external graphics card.

    But 3 Monitors with the same resolution are recommended. But try it with the .cfg setting. Set it to 5040x1050 and then try to reduce the screen resolution of the side monitors in the windows settings till the proportion will match with the main monitor.

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