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Does anyone change brake balance while driving?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Mike1304, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    Since v1.3 we get infos on loading screen concerning the car controls, for example that we can change brake balance with buttons on wheel. My question: who is really using this and in which situations
    - change balance only during practice or even during a race?
    - changing balance before arriving at specific corners?
    - changing balance how often per lap/race?
    - when moving balance to front/back
    - isn't this a thing you save in the setup and NOT while driving, or is the change saved in the setup?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015

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  3. GTHQ_koop

    GTHQ_koop Hardcore Simmer

    Euhmm..no :)

    1 time during quali to never touch it again...
  4. I'm adjusting on the fly if I feel a change in car balance because of the fuel load or tyre degradation.
  5. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    I used to do it on 1 of Codies F1 game. It can really help being faster.

    Never bothered in another game :p

    Also changed it on Race series games from Sim Bin when tires or brakes started to fade in :rolleyes:
  6. I hate the concept of "on the fly changes", so I don't do it.
  7. Very, very rarely.... Not on AC at least.
  8. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

  9. Mike1304

    Mike1304 Alien

    Haha, sorry for this. I already changed it. Thank you for the info and the funny pictures! :p
    I think I need a break now...;)
  10. kevje

    kevje Racer

    Mostly when I start my first drive of the day in a Practice of Qualifying setting, and when testing setups of course. More often than not I feel that the brake balance is set too far forward and it makes cars brake slower and give corner entry understeer. I try to find the limit where all 4 wheels are used to the limit and also giving me a little bit of corner entry oversteer. Also when Im in a race and Ive locked up the front inside tyre too often I might move it back despite creating a bigger risk at spinning out under hard braking.

    TLDR; I use it mostly when setupping, and only during a (long) race when something feels wrong or has gone wrong like destroying the cold inside tyre ^^

    Oh that reminds me, @Kunos please let us change the brake balance setting in the setup per 0.5% or by whatever amount the in-car brake bias setting lets us change it... Sometimes I forget the Huracan works best with 0.5% more to the rear than I can set it to in the setup, and I keep wondering what I changed the previous day :p

    edit; This post of mine yesterday also relates to brake bias changes:
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  11. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    Hahaha np :p
  12. LetsTestDrive

    LetsTestDrive Simracer

    I change it whenever I feel like it needs to be changed while driving. I remember a qualifying session when Schumacher was adjusting the brake balance dial for almost every second corner.
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  13. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    I change mine all the time, from corner to corner, or if tyre wear is getting worse at one end. So if the rears are going off I move the bias towards the front etc.

    On my wheel I have two of the 6 button mapped for brake bias, with them labelled BIAS FRONT and BIAS REAR.
  14. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Brake balanbce: not so much, but that is becasue I do no long races in AC.

    TC is another thing, where available I reset it not rarely while driving, and experimenting when hotlapping. In another game I use to adjust TC frequently when TC is available, over the full race length (40-45 minutes), to compensate for tyre wear-out.

    I'm no fast driver, but I could easily imagine that for really good drivers, skill and experience in changing brake balance and TC on the fly really can help them to either be faster, or to stay competitive even with car conditions degrading. For me, it is not about being faster, but making the car easier to be kept under control.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  15. dermonty

    dermonty Hardcore Simmer

    In RL for example in Formula 1, Michael Schumacher said in an Interview that he changes brake balance in every corner. ^^
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  16. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Yes it's the same now, you hear of them changing it several times per lap through the whole race.
  17. Tophercheese

    Tophercheese Simracer

    Depends on the car and track. Sometimes I will set it to the value most comfortable for me and leave it there. Others I may change it up to 3 times per lap.
  18. dr47watson

    dr47watson Gamer

    On non ABS cars I change it often in the first few laps on a server. Small changes, to adjust balance for whatever grip/tire setting the server is running. In my experience racing real life karts with front and back brakes I found that brake bias adjustment was an important and often used tool to balance the kart for the changing grip conditions you get as track grip improves over the course of practice, qualifying, and races. I find the same thing for AC. Over the course of a race with tire deg I might change it during the race if the front or back starts to lock up too easy.

    I have it mapped to a one of the rotary potentiometers on my wheel (Fanatec BMW). When I buy another wheel I'll look for one that has a thumb wheel I can map it to, in order to easily change it for specific corners. An example of where you might want to do this is the Bus Stop at Spa vs most of the other corners - if you are driving an aero car that changes balance when braking from high to low speed. Most of the other corners at Spa are braking from high to mid speed and you don't run into the same kind of braking issues that you do at the Bus Stop and so different brake settings per corner make sense. Here is Crashtor messing with the bias for different corners at Barcelona (whenever he takes his left hand off the wheel): And here is a pic of that cockpit showing the bias adjustment lever he is messing with: https://scarbsf1.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/5williams_cockpit.jpg I just used Pastor because I found a pic of the bias lever and a vid - Search youtube for onboards of any F1 driver in the last 15 years doing this.

    Current F1 cars also allow diff settings to be changed on the fly. It would be cool If AC had that feature too!
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  19. kevje

    kevje Racer

    Is it just me or does that snapshot from the youtube video show an incredible amount of front TOE in :eek:
  20. Its probably just the perspective, the wide angle camara sort of exagerates perspective, making things closer seem much larger.
  21. dr47watson

    dr47watson Gamer

    It is Anti-Ackerman steering geometry; the outside tire is steered more than the inside tire. The idea is to put less slip angle on the lower loaded inside tire. Pretty much a racecar only thing. Google anti ackerman.
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