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Drifting without stability control

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by TheLuggeria, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. TheLuggeria

    TheLuggeria Rookie

    I've been trying to drift with a wheel and not doing too well. Then I decided to try with stability control. I can drift well with any setting from 25% to 100%. But as soon as I turn it off I spin out and/or can't hold the drift. Sorry for so many drift posts :D. Just how do i drift with no stability

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  3. #skillz #inputlagisevil #needsmoreframerates
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  4. alex72

    alex72 Alien

    Yeah, skills. :) Its not that easy in real life either unless you have some experience. But there are a lot of AC/real drift videos on YT to check and be observant on the wheel/throttle action.

    Basically you have to be fast on the counter steer move. You have to find the counter move that wont get your car to spin in the direction you turn. Then you have to apply the correct amount of throttle - which is dynamic to the situation. In the beginning i couldnt drift AT ALL in AC, but now im getting some good slides and also some nice catches when im not supposed to drift but catch the car as its about to slip. It takes some time to get to that point though if you havent drift a lot before. Also because we usually keep changing cars constantly. They all behave differently so to get good it could be good to stick to a car and practice.

    If you use Vsync make sure to have "pre rendered frames" set to "1" to minimize input lag. I run with FPS limit instead so i have no input lag. And at the end of the day im not really the guy to help you because im not really that good. All i know is that you can drift in AC without SC but it takes some experience like in real life to learn, and of course it can make a difference depending on what wheel/pedals you have. My DFGT can do it but it doesnt send the wheel back quickly to center so i have to man handle it to do that while a more expensive wheel will do it for you thanks to very fast/strong return spring action. And of course if you are on keyboard/gamepad you better have L33T M4d skillz. :)

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