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ACC Blog DriverProfile / Rating (ACC 0.3)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Minolin, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton Racer

    I think the difference between the 2 might be the amount of steering input turn just a bit to much and you get the (too hard) popup use less steering and run a bit wider and you get the (Perfect) popup maybe lol .:confused::confused:o_Oo_O
  2. fabT

    fabT Hardcore Simmer

    I think the update changed a lot the way CC is handled.
    Basically i can't see much "overdriving" now and CC is rising as well.

    See picture, last 5 bars are v0.4 sessions.

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  3. fabT

    fabT Hardcore Simmer

    Just out of curiosity: is TO capped at 10.000 or it can go higher ?
  4. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    UI space is expensive :D
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  5. Grasem

    Grasem Rookie

    Does the TO rating actually work reliably? Mine stays at 0 no matter how many times I reload the page.

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  6. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    wow this is strange. will look it up
  7. Grasem

    Grasem Rookie

    Thank you
  8. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    My CC was always lower then I thought it would going by PC 99 RC 99 CN 90 but CC was around 60 first build got to mid 70's last build but after a day went to 94 with latest build even while just learning the track so not real great control.

    I did one 30 min AI race starting last bumped 2 or 3 ai for their brake tests I obviously failed. :p

    I did a few small grid mp races and SA/RC seemed to not be effected yet.

    Will we get more info for these ratings in the future. RC is odd mine got to 99 early and seems stuck. I only race ai in special events or custom races with 100 strength 80 agression from the back gaining a few spots but rarely winning.

    For races if we could choose SA to be visible it would be handy. RC really gives no info other then pass the guy ahead and defend from the one behind. This is pretty much the goto strategy in all races I think. ;)
  9. My CC rating also jumped up massively with 0.4 ...

    Doing the hotstints at Misano where previously on the Bently Hotlap event I'd hit 98-99 PC my CC numbers were in the low 70s. Ripping around in the lambo now they've jumped up to 92. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Before when it was at 71 I was struggling to see how to get much smoother...

  10. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Heres mine I just got the Pace to 100 :oops: and the CC has gone up massively since the first builds at least. Maybe I am just feeling the cars better then I was but I just got top time in the 30 min hotstint, still got a darn penalty with one silly wide t11 and got tyres a bit hot so had to back off mid stint. I haven't raced AI much so safety will likely need to wait til its in effect in MP as clearly its not yet.

  11. kiril_r

    kiril_r Gamer

    Here is my stats, I also have the same jump:


    Although, I see nothing wrong, we are just a bunch of Aliens ( :D:D )
  12. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I definatly am no Alien, but I didnt think my car control was as bad as it said when I was around 60.

    Now I can attack hard while keeping it clean and the rating is getting closer to my race pace.

    I had to get a screen of my 100 pace before the Aliens put me back in the proper place. :p

    Maybe I will test an AI race weekend to see if I can improve that safety rating. I was regularly at 0CP rarely over 7 with mr,so I wonder how that will go on a sprint weekend if I keep it fairly clean.
  13. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Your observations match my expectations, which is good - but obviously the jump in CC is way too big, at least for some.
    Looking at Marty - it's almost fine, but the large improvements are displaying CC is too easy now. Sadly this isn't really doable without affecting you, we need data and examples to find the correct shapes.
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  14. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I suspect RC may be too easy too atm but this may change once mp is effecting rating. My AI settings 100 strength 80 aggressiveness may explain my ratings there. Ive had some rubs but nothing massive so SA is a bit low. RC got to 99 quick and never moved. Always started last so cant lose any spots from there and each pass probably helps as do slow AI backmarkers. :p

    I think my fair CC would be closer to my CN, as is looks like it may go to 100 and Im far from perfect. Dont think Ive ever made a perfect lap in any sim or real car. So if it rates 100 overall this should not really be possible if I would never rate my best lap there. There is always room to improve for me.

    PC is fair enough as someone has to lead like someone has to win a race. Some puker has probably already taken that off me. :mad:
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  15. fabT

    fabT Hardcore Simmer

    I agree Minolin, i'm no alien yet my CC is at 97 already and rising.
    TO over 9300 already, rising as well.

    Looks a bit excessive.
    I consider myself a decent driver, but not worth this rating.

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  16. Grasem

    Grasem Rookie

    Short update:
    My TO rating works after the hotfix, but unfortunately my times are not saved in the leaderboard. Or more accurately, only the first round in the hotlap event was saved, everything else after that somehow not :(.

    Will give the whole thing another chance tomorrow, maybe the Leaderboard will work properly then :D.

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  17. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Hardcore Simmer

    i think now is important to know by @Minolin what is the REAL range in TO, i mean, here an example (read it for what is, just an example not a suggestion or whatever):
    in iracing, the irating's system goes from 0 to ??? but in reality people are classified in a range from 1000 to 9000 about (obviously excluding some exception). So this is a wide range and it works well, with the majority of people stay between 1500 and 3500, above that people start to be real fast drivers and so on, below that there are very poor gamer...

    What will be the final goal in ACC? We know the the whole system is capped to 9999, but what will be the min we can have? (this about pure math of the system).
    And than, given the theorical range, what will be the real big range where people will sit in?

    I think that even without data, you already will have and idea about this.
  18. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Mh not really, RC is a purely relative thing. But I agree that it does not yet have it's final form, so what it actually expresses is necessarily what it will be in the end.
    But having 99 or even 100 RC does mean something.

    Well it is still quite like that; a real 100 CC lap is super tough to get. What I'm using for adjustments is the functions that tell what 50, 90, 95, 99 CC mean. 100 more or less is always the same.
    Given the broad range of skill out there, in the best case we end up with 100 = perfect lap, 0 = worst thing that can possibly called a "lap". Inevitably this means all of you guys will be packed somewhere in the higher 90s, while each single point means a lot there; 95 will always be a lot better than 94, and 99 will be a whole world better than 98.

    Let's face it; the data necessary to describe the perfect lap is super easy. First the model works in a "disctance from perfect", the only adjustment needed is to get rid of some physics noise and also special corners where perfect means something different than the math would think. This is where reality comes back; e.g. Spa T1 requires non-perfect execution (by model) to make a perfect lap. The corner has a bump which makes the car compress into, so you want to (slightly) sideways slide into that bump to maximise your speed.

    But we have been there; watching the aliens like Enzo, Hany, Kamil - the upper range CC stuff was working perfectly. Only 2 laps have been 100 CC in the whole event (one was the #2 lap).
    The current algorithm is a bit worse, because we invented changes in order to optimize the corner-wise feedback. It's ok, I knew this could happen but feedback for medium drivers is more important than accurate detection of unrealistic aliens. And it just needs time to understand the data, and make the necessary adjustments. We've been there, we will come back to that state.

    Yap, agree. In a way the approach was to raise you guys a bit, so the ratings make sense in a line - which means PC must go down a bit, CN up, and (now) CC down again. In the best case averages end up close to each other, so we see drivers with 90 +-3 through all Ratings. This will allow to understand where your best and weakest bits are - but again this takes time, changes, observations, repeat.

    I'll try to find time to look into this

    Vey good question, tough answer. So in a way our TO rating is also open ended, but it's hidden. So there is a 9999 upper limit.
    But what performance this 9999 actually expresses is completely dependent on the competition, because PC and RC only express relative strenght. It's the same to iR, except that we have an additional layer around, wrapping the numbers to a 0-100 scale.

    So 100.0 PC/RC means "highest score", whatever this is. In iR, this may be 4212, or 3892. Without comparing your 4172 iRating to other drivers, you wouldn't know how good this is at all - that's why we imply the others in the calculations.
    But that also means a 9108 TO rating could mean "best in the world" today, and tomorrow it's "well yes you're ok".
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  19. GRFOCO

    GRFOCO Hardcore Simmer

    Yes yes, that's ok.
    What i ask, is maybe another thing.

    Is possible have drivers with 2000, 3000, 4500 and so on, or you already know that (for example) below 7000 is impossible to go?

    I know that maybe i'm not able to explain in a proper way, in the end i would know if the system will put the big average players in a range of about ( example) 1000 or 2000 or 9000.
  20. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Mh ofc. we will see a mix of progression and skill; everyone will start with a 0 value, which doesn't express the lack of skill, but the lack of milage in ACC.

    Let's construct an example where we have a super bad driver, that - despite of the lack of any talent - drives 5 hours a day for a year.
    I would assume he will score 2 / 3 track medals on each track; additionally he may be around 30 CN (while his max was 51 by chance and luck) and 25 CC - the rest is 0 because he'd never unlock the PC rating with his CC skills.
    This would equal in round about 1741 points, most of that for the grind of the Track Medals.

    As usual, the numbers will skyrocket even on small improvements early on, so doing it a bit better has high visibility (the same for becoming even worse) and hopefully gives lots of motivation to go on.
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