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Driving in FormulaAbarth

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Gray Fox, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    Yeah, it's just a case of figuring out the terminology and how to show traces in the way you want. It'll even do damper histograms (although it shows two front dampers, one of which is nearly the inverse of the other).

    Am sure you'll get the hang of it!!
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  2. Bigbazz

    Bigbazz Racer

    My best so far (Abarth at Vallelunga) is a 1:32.3 with increased aero, shorter gear ratios to compensate and default everything else. I don't really have a clue what I'm doing past very basic setup but I tried the setup from the previous page and I couldn't even drive the car let alone do a fast laptime, so just went back to default and to be honest I think it feels really good.

    I find the car can't touch the curbs at all, it loses so much speed when you touch a curb. I'd be interested in driving a nice neutral setup better suited to the track, but I think with some more laps I can probably do the 1:31's with the default.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  3. My best lap is 31.0, so 30s should be doable for skilled people. Here I attach my onboard lap and setup. Still not entirely happy with it, as I'd like to have more bite but without messing the balance.


    Attached Files:

  4. Bigbazz

    Bigbazz Racer

    Thanks a lot! Though I found your setup harder to drive I managed a 1:31.8 on my first flying lap with it, cornering speeds and turn in with this is much better, though when the back end starts to go there is no saving it, doesn't suit my driving but I suppose faster is faster, no arguing with the clock!

    Thanks again.
  5. Avoletta

    Avoletta Simracer

    Someone knows the best time for fAbarth at Vallelunga IRL?

    Impressive driving (as usual) David!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    Yup, I liked that. Haven't really found fault with it, but needed a smidgen more rear brake bias for me. I don't use auto-blip, and I don't heel and toe - because I don't in real life either. I am left foot braking though, which is naughty as I can't in my own car. Down to 31.74 (and have done about 10 laps in the 31.7-31.8s virtually in a row), with a theoretical best of 31.3. Quite pleased with that, as I've found sims hard to re-adjust to.
  7. the car has autoblip enabled as designed weather you ike it or not, i wish it could be disabled it, at least in previous build it could not be disabled, is it diferent in this new build?
  8. TheDyingScotsman

    TheDyingScotsman Hardcore Simmer

    LOL don't be silly. No auto-blip in a formula car = disaster

    you would not, can not, disable it in the real car, therefore you shouldn't be able to in the sim. I am not sure how to explain why you shouldn't and can't do it...maybe someone else can.
  9. TheDyingScotsman

    TheDyingScotsman Hardcore Simmer

    Left foot braking in a car such as this is not naughty dude! it's the right way to do it!
  10. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Official real life record for this car on race trim in a race is around 1:32' but you need to take into account the just 2 sets of single compound tyres that the drivers have as per rules and also that they then must do 3 races during the weekend with those same set of tyres.

    In the ACI CSAI official italian school for single seaters that has HQ at Vallelunga and uses our simulator, a young russian was doing the course and he sat on the simulator and after 10 laps he did a 1:30... Instructors (who can lap in 1:32-1:31 in real life and sim) said "damn school boys so used to videogames..."
    Then the young guy, stepped into the real F.Abarth and in 4 laps he posted a 1:30... Everybody was baffled and we expect to see him soon in F1. Damn can't remember his name, but I'll ask Marco, maybe he remembers.
  11. Damn, that's fast :D Did you compare his game - real life telemetry ?
  12. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Daniil Kvyat, next Toro Rosso official driver.
  13. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Yeah the istructors did it was near identical and they were baffled how he could brake so later than anybody. Everytime he would start braking at his usual points they expected him to go straight head on bang on the wall.. he would just turn in and do the turn faster than anyone.
  14. Ales Nocar

    Ales Nocar Hardcore Simmer

    What was his opinion on AC? :)
  15. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    No multi-quote.

    I don't left food brake because my feet are too big to fit under the steering column. I can just about squeeze it under for green flag laps to build some brake temp, but I can't race like that. The Tatuus tub is pretty much a copy of a Dallara tub, and the steering column layout is the same.

    The real Formula Abarth doesn't have autoblip. Just a cable going to the throttle. Checked my datalogging, and you're right, you can't turn it off in game - that's a bug.
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  16. JocoG

    JocoG Simracer

    Damn, nice info Aristotelis.

    Motivation to try this car track combo again :D
  17. TheDyingScotsman

    TheDyingScotsman Hardcore Simmer

    OK my bad, I thought it did, but it does make sense since it's not a paddle shift. It's a sequential though right?

    P.S. Finally got my first sub 1m32 lap - just. 1m31.928 :)
  18. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    Just found how to multiquote I think.

    Yes, it's a mechanical sequential. Suspect the car will have an ignition cut system - probably a load sensor on the shift cable, but possibly a paddle behind the steering wheel - to allow flatshifting up the gears.
  19. TheDyingScotsman

    TheDyingScotsman Hardcore Simmer

    So theoretically we should be blipping without the clutch on downshifts right? If that's how they do it in real life then we need it to be like this :)
  20. Tristan Cliffe

    Tristan Cliffe Simracer

    No, clutchless downshifts, without throttle blipping. It's not an issue (although some heel and toe recommended in the wet into slower corners). Clutch is only used from a standstill.
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