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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    Been a simracer since 10+ years, never been fast, but always "decent" mostly achieving mid to high finish and rare podiums thanks for consistency and avoiding crashes/mistakes.

    Switched to pc and acc, and I do not seem to click, while I was before 1 to 1,5secs off the fastest guys now on acc I'm from 1,5 to 3 off.

    I have no trust on inserting car and braking with this, and I'm totally bad with tuning (a big issue since when a friend sends me a setup I usually get 1 second faster right away).

    What I would want is to have some laptime goals to achieve on all the tracks. Not alien times, nothing amazing, but a time that can allow me to be a solid midfielder with a once on a year podium chance

    Playing with t300, racing seat, started simracing on gp2/gp3/gt5/gt6/pcars/pcars2/assetto corsa/ and now acc

    I really miss lap standing, time splits, ghosts, and any way to check how the others do their stuff.

    Thanks for any feedback, I'm trying hard not to lose my simracing passion so seeing some improvements may make me more back in the mood.

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  3. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Let me turn it around a bit. Laptimes is difficult to compare on various conditions, and also kind of tricks the mind.
    To aim for mid-field performance, I'd aim at 91 or 92 CN and around 90 CC first, running something like 30min hotstints. If you do not have the pace you seek after achieving those values, we need to watch a onboard video and talk about theory improvements.
  4. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I don't know what kind of training you've put yourself through, maybe you've already done this. I treat driving as a martial art. It's not good enough to just practice you need to practice the right stuff, otherwise your just practising your bad habits.. Get material from real world driving schools, from books to videos.

    However, that last 1.5 second isn't easy and unless your able to put in some serious hours your not going to match those times. They recon that professionals at any sport have put in at least 10,000 hours of practice.
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  5. EsxPaul

    EsxPaul Racer

    @Karsten Beoulve I know exactly what you are feeling mate.

    It's a hard wall that you come up against and it seems you can't get any faster, no matter what you try. I've watched all the laps from the faster guys and have just accepted that I can't do what they do without either losing the car or getting even slower laptimes. Not their fault, it's all mine.

    All I've ended up doing is pounding around, repeating poor habits, crashing and quitting. It never used to be like that when I couldn't care less about laptimes.

    I've decided to stop trying to emulate them because I don't have the same skill and would rather race offline with the AI set to a level where I can pretend I'm in some kind of race.

    I found that since I become obsessed with trying to be somewhat fast and then failing, my enjoyment for SIM racing is at the lowest point it's ever been, to the stage where I've been considering selling all of my stuff and getting away from the hobby altogether.

    I'm by no means saying that's the same case for you but be mindful that this doesn't spoil your fun like it has for me :)
  6. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Ah and I forgot:

    Have you checked the timetables? You have a complete lap overview for every driver entry, including splits and everything.

    Have you checked the ghost option in the Hotlap mode?
    Though I have to warn, you basically need to define your goal. Do you want to become a good hotlapper? Then go with the Hotlap modes, turn on the ghost and try your luck. Also the special events may be something for you, it's quite motivating to climb up the ranks.

    If you are looking for racing, the story is different. Hotlapping won't do you any favor, it's only teaching you to fail until you (almost accidentially) get everything together for a new personal best.
    Racing is about finding the comfort pace, minimizing risks and deliver appropriately. Lots more tactics and mental skills needed, but overall it'll enable to race others, and also have the quite satisfying feeling of being able to run 30, 60, 90 minutes without a spin or major mistake. If this is what you seek, do Hotstints for practice purpose and actually do what is necessary to optimize the stint time (races work exactly like this as well). Go slower than you (think) you can, but minimize errors. Again for training, I wouldn't let myself distract by AI or MP drivers, just do your thing. For fun, check out your new skills (that aren't potential laptime performance) with whatever you prefer.

    Mh why? This should be a spare time thing, don't try hard on something that isn't fun to you. Check out other things, and come back when you feel the need for the smell of virtual fuel again?
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  7. semil

    semil Rookie

    I think special events (leaderboards) could be that you are looking for: equally to everyone (combo of car+track+weather+grip) and different modes (hotlap for pure performance, superpole for speed, hotstint for consistency and speed ofcourse). And only you set the goals: top-100, top-50, top-20, top-10, etc.
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  8. seb 6th gear

    seb 6th gear Simracer

    Like Turk said, practice is only good if done correctly, maybe you should try to start practicing with fresh mindset and pro driver advices like Scott Mansel from Driver 61, a good list of tutorials, some stuff might be familiar already, but some could be misunderstood or forgotten, always usefull to go back to the basics when feeling lost.

    It is divided in small and digest tutorials, I can only encourage you to have a look at them:

    100% sure it will help.
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  9. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    Just to clarify, i'm not depressed due to ACC or simracing. I have other issues (mainly work ones) and simracing was until not too long ago they way i would enjoy and relax myself.

    I'm around those values, i think consistency is lower due to some league racing in constant rain lately.

    Not willingly to became an alien, just to get somewhere i can have some pleasant midfield racing instead of being too afgr from the top or to lonely to have battles

    I'm trying to avoid feeling that lost to get that bad thoughs of selling or stopping :D
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  10. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    You mean the weekly challenges? I did try some, but most of the time i get little out of them due to having fixed cars/meteo. The oly one i enjoyed a lot was the new NSX one (incidentally i think it was my best result ever) since i feel good in that car and can deal very well with it.
  11. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Then it's likely that we may spot something that can raise your QoL significantly by watching 2 laps onboard with you. Or your targets are unreasonably high :D
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  12. Turk

    Turk Alien

    This is another area where long races are better. It becomes less about being the fastest and more about getting to the end.
  13. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    What would be two tracks that can be useful posting? SPA and Zolder? I do not mind posting the best lap i can deal.

    Also what conditions to set to be sure of having a repetable or useful for feedback laps? What view should i post them? Inside with speed and all datas visible?

    Oh and i'm sure my targets are not that unreasonable :D No way i can think of getting around to 100 or top 200 or targetting that...
  14. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    track/conditions do not matter at all - but please do not try to post your best lap ever. It's 2 regular laps that will be most useful.
    view should be just what you drive in, better to just do a live screengrab (eg. with shadowplay) and jump in and do two laps. If it doesn't ruin your performance, wheel and pedal UI should be visible.
  15. Max Doubt

    Max Doubt Racer

    Download cemu and play Mariokart 8 in 4K, it is seriously fun especially if you can play multiplayer with friends. Also good if you enjoy other game genres, mix it up a bit then come back to enjoy!
  16. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    ok I'll record it now, maybe i'm doing something evidently and inherently wrong.
    I used to play wipeout and nuking faster people lol :D
  17. Piret2000

    Piret2000 Racer

    Do you have excel? Cause I've made a program that makes exactly what you want, you input the best time you have seen in a track and it gives you times till 105% of that time, in 0,5% intervals
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  18. Thug

    Thug Hardcore Simmer

    Don’t think of mid to higher racers being 2 or 3 seconds faster. break it down to they being 100th sec faster on this corner, 10th sec faster in that corner.
    All these 10th and 100th sec add up.
    Try to look at each corner (entry, mid, exit) separately and see where you can improve.
    A later entry may be faster. You can brake later turn in slower, but gain more speed on the next straight if it’s long enough.
    Listen to the car, see if the wheels are locking up when braking, losing traction when cornering or spinning when accelerating. You may be going in too hot or trying to come back out too quickly.
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  19. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    I took a couple laps messing around and then 2 more or less pushing a bit. I admit i had too much fun while at it so not sure they can be of help :p
    Hugaroring, 100% base setup safe. Fastest was last lap before i stopped recording at 1.49.254.

    Last 2 laps are starting at 8:00 mark to avoid wasting time
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  20. Karsten Beoulve

    Karsten Beoulve Simracer

    I wish i had ways to do that, i heard there's motec but you would need people to upload their laps and get to understand all the telemetry stuff
  21. Piret2000

    Piret2000 Racer

    You apply the throttle too early, and because of that you have to turn the wheel more than necessary, try delaying a bit the throttle input! Not in all corners though, just in hairpins/180° corners

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