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Driving Technique Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Rabbitsensei

    Rabbitsensei Gamer

    I would suggest that you use normal practice mode for training, since you dont have tire wear in hotlap mode and the grip level also differs from normal.
    The understeer issue could be because you might brake too late and have too much speed in the corners. But im no expert on Spa, so have a look at your own replay and see where youre not using the whole track and where youre turning the wheel too much.
  2. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Could always be different steering ratio :p
    But in general whether through setup or driving style, he uses less steering because his car is turned more. That is, you both have the same slip angle of the front tyres, but you have to turn steering more since the whole car is turned less.

    Now while it does seem like he has more aggressive setup, you could do the same line with yours too. You'd have to enter the corner with more speed (at the point of brake lift he is 10km/h faster) or later so you have speed or space to lean on the rear tyres properly and rotate the car.
    Also entering the corner faster allows for keeping the car longer on the brakes which allows you to "bank" some oversteer in the rear tyres (he lifts the brakes slower, gaining more yaw momentum from it than you). This bank reduces the effort needed for front tyres to rotate the car, leaving more grip for cornering.
    So while normally understeer is attributed to overspeed, in this case it's the lack of speed that is causing it. :p

    Also, you are not using full potential of the brakes. It's not a big deal, but getting that red brake bar reach max travel could net you 0.05-0.1 over the course of the lap.

    As for CC it does feel a bit strange to be in low 70's with that kind of driving, but i haven't driven Lexus in ages. It does seem that you are not pushing rear tyres enough. Or at least do not control their slip well, keeping them near the limit only for short periods of time, and sometimes going over the limit for a moment. This would reduce the CC, but idk by how much.
    My advice for practice would be to get the car more oversteery (to a point where it feels slow), by softening front roll bar and/or reducing rear wing. And then take it easy on slow corner exits and focus the practice on being smooth and consistent on entries/mid corner. After you get comfortable go back to old setup and drive it harder than normal (but keep taking it easy on exits). Likely both CC and laptimes will see improvements.
  3. rdmracer

    rdmracer Rookie

    To me it feels like you're pointing the car towards the apex way too early. This isn't a bad thing in chicanes in general. But I think it might be a bit too extreme resulting in you having to turn too much.
    And practice trail braking, please.
    As an example, I have a lap of Bathurst, watch the brake trace at turn in. It's a little bit too constant now, instead of a smooth curve, but I am working on smoothing it out. But you can easily see what I am on about.

  4. mystek

    mystek Gamer

    #Nao - yesterday I played a little bit with this CC bar in top right corner showing how good You are in different sectors and I noticed that turning too much steeringwheel is not a problem (It shows me just maybe 2 or 3 times that I'm turning too much steeringwheel), I had a lot "ok, but too aggresive" or "ok, but too messy" (when I hit kerb or grass for example). There is a problem, now I know :)

    About setup - I changed front swaybar to more... stiff and now car is more oversteer than before, I stiffer a little bit bumpers and softer rear bumpers (because I saw that car on exits is much oversteery when I push throttle - even when I thought I do it smoothly car tries to rotate), I changed casters as well to lower, to help car turning in in first phase of corner (it helps a little) nad decrease differential preload to about 100-120Nm because car was understeer in fast corners when You are challenging them with full throttle, or when You are exiting from them (from mid or high speed corners). Of course I did only cosmetic changes, probably aliens setups are much determined. I have wheel pressures set to ~28,7PSI because I observed during race after let say 10-15mins pressure is going down a lot.

    Anyway I setup my cars to races 20-30mins, because in quick races in multiplayers races like this are most common. I know very good drivers had a lot of setups and they are using dynamic brake bias during race as well and probably many others things which I don't know :))

    #Rdmracer - hmm, that is good point, I'm observing it as well, for example on Monza on first chicane I hit many times first kerb, because I thought car is moving fast and I will overshoot this first corner. Same on Spa on Eau Rouge I many times hit too much kerb during right corner, it slows me a lot. Generaly Spa circuit is good example, because is really fast track, cornering on high speeds and yes, I turn a little bit to fast to corners. If I turn wheel too fast means: I could be on brake a little longer (could slow down car a little bit more), not fully turned steering wheel in first phase in corner + too big speed = car understeers a lot and it means I'm overslow car during mid corner. I'm working on it :)
    rdmracer likes this.
  5. mystek

    mystek Gamer

    New patch, new points. After 2 days (some Hot Lap mode on Spa, 3 races on Multiplayer) my points jumped up a lot:

    Total: +389 (9049 now)
    TC: 0 (92 still)
    CN: +9 (93 now)
    CC: +19!! (91 now)
    rest without changes


    Probably this patch resume all points and now look much "normal", because I didn't see anyone who had TC, CN and CC points completely different, I mean like I had before. Usually all of this points are (not directly) connected. Show me guy who is constant in driving without car control ability :|, or constant in driving without knowledge about race lane.
  6. Rabbitsensei

    Rabbitsensei Gamer

    TC rating is easy to get on 99 check the tab and see on which tracks youre missing stars and just do 4 clean laps to get it to maximum. The rest of the rating will jump as soon as you start to do competetive races and some of the Hotlap events. It will rise your Competetion and Pace rating. Also be aware the rating will fluctate quite a bit depending on the track and what youre driving. I jump betwen 80-95 cc/cn rating constantly. I wouldnt worry to much about these two ratings, when they're that high. Focus on race results and your own consitency, like can you hold a pace for a 60-90min race?
  7. mystek

    mystek Gamer

    I observed my CC rating go down again to 88 :| strange, because I had 2 races with a lot of "greens" in top right CC rating. Don't get it, seriously :). Anyway it is not so important due I'm able to fight for top 5 in every "quick join" race on Multiplayer. Uhh, I didn't play 60-90 min race yet (don't have much time), my maximum was about 40mins from 1h race but I had to quit. I think this is more important than those 2 ratings (CC and TC). I know TC is easy to get, but when I have time to play I don't want to spend it on single player like Hot Lap mode or Practice, I bought this game and changed my internet connection to play MP definetily :)
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